Thursday, 27 December 2012

Baby 70 Part 1- Thank You.

I swear, if I have to see my sister sucking faces with another guy, I will come over there and personally sew them together. My names Parker Everard, I am the youngest of three triplets, and Im officially known as the geeky one. My sister Annie is the rebel, and Beckett (the most perfect guy in the universe, to everyone except me) is the boy-wonder.
Right at this moment Im sat on one end of the couch, while my sister and um…-well we dont know his name- are on the other end. Beckett is sat on a chair to the left of us. Were supposed to be watching Love Actually, but Becketts texting, and Annie is distracted. Of course, because of this, I cant concentrate on one of my favourite films. I give it another five minutes before I storm out and go find Haven, or someone wholl speak to me.
I wander aimlessly around the house for a while, and eventually make my way to the girls room. Carmen and Evita are sat on a bed, talking. Oh. Sorry. I say. Ill leave. I turn to go, but Carmen jumps up. Please stay. Id very much like to talk to you.
Up until this point, Carmen and her sister (I guess theyre both my sister legally) have kept mostly to themselves. Im, surprised to notice, now that Im talking to her properly that she has a slight Italian accent. Of course, with a name like Carmen it must have been obvious. I wish to do something very special for Skye. It is nearing Christmas, and I want her to enjoy it. Your mother did not have to take me in, and I never expected she would adopt me as she did. What ways are there of showing my gratitude?” 
I think for a while, and Carmen plays with Evita before I click my fingers. Ah! I say, clicking my fingers. She is a challenge mother, so we should give her a day off. She can go and see a show in town. I know Phantom is on at the theatre, its her favourite. Carmen seems to be very excited about this, and grabs me in a bone crushing hug. Thank you muchly, oh Kind sibling! she says and she rushes off to arrange everything. Im left once more to my own devices. Whats the worst that could happen?
Apparently, the worst that could happen is that I could find a now child-aged Haven and be asked if I will play a game of water balloons with her. Across the quickly erected fort, we throw water filled balloons, and more often than not I am the one hit in the face.
The entire time I am out there, I can feel like somebody is watching me, but when I look around nobody is there. Its so strange and eventually, I tire of being creeped out and return to my bedroom. There, I am left alone to read my book in peace. I am happy to say that I did and Frodo destroys the ring in the end.

I am sat on my bed watching my favourite musical on DVD when it happens. Carmen and Parker knock on the door, with Haven, Evita and Annie not far behind. Carmen walks in first, followed by Parker and the rest of her siblings. “Mother.” Says Carmen. “We have a gift for you.” And she holds out a pair of tickets. “What are these?” I ask. Annie takes over the speaking role. “Tickets to see Phantom over in Bridgeport. We knew you’d always wanted to, and with Christmas coming up, we figured it would be a good enough reason. Your flight is in about 8 hours, and Paisley and Electra are coming with you.” The motherly part of me is worried about who will look after my kids, but it’s a three day trip, and Carmen is almost 18, easily old enough to take care of her siblings, and there are always the babysitters if they need help. Just how much trouble can they get into? “Thank you. Especially you Carmen, for this wonderful opportunity.” 

Carmen blushes a deep shade of red and Annie and Parker high five. Haven, who has so far been silent, shouts “Woo!” and runs off.
With the plans which have been made for me in mind, I pack up my bags and remove the dye from my hair, bringing it back to a natural blue and we go grab Paisley, who is sat outside her house on her suitcase. “PAISLEY! Isn’t it simply wonderful! “I shout. She raises a brow, but nods all the same and hugs me closely. Beckett drives us to the airport, and soon enough we are on a plane to Bridgeport and curled up beside one another in first class seats.

“Flight 106 to Bridgeport will be landing shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing.” Says the voice of the flight attendant, waking me from my light sleep. I shake Paisley. “Wha-?” She asks, groggy from the six hour flight and I think a two hour time change. “It’s time to land.” I say, and Paisley reluctantly sits up and tries to look awake. I know how late she was up last night caring for all manner of younglings, so I feel terrible for disturbing her slumber.
We leave the plane and in the airport waiting area we find Electra waiting for us. She rushes up to us and prods me in the face, while Paisley cowers in fear of her life. “Hi. My fellow Brit.” She says. Paisley giggles. “My Avengers are all but Assembled!” I shout, realising how we’re all there. Except for Calista. And Laura. And Natalie. Okay. So the Avengers aren't really assembled, but my Bruce (Paisley) and my Hawkeye was there. I of course, was there and my Avenger was Stark-come-Loki, so you can imagine the problems Electra and I had, with her being the egotistical one. But my being the rich one meant we competed for Stark. But then of course, I was also known for being evil and trying to take over the world, so we had a fair few problems to deal with. 
After our unusual greeting, we hug and make our way back to our apartment for the next two days. The view from the top is wonderful, but after a quick look around, we encounter a problem. There are only two beds in the entire place. “I’ll share with Paisley.” I volunteer, and Electra accepts it, as is her way. Paisley sighs, and I giggle.
That night over dinner, Electra points her fork at me and says, “There’s something different about you.” She pauses for a second to swallow her mouthful. “You seem happier. Paisley does too. I’ve not seen either of you this happy since you were both dating. But you both broke up about…the same… time.” Electra slows. “You and Paisley?” She asks, excited. We nod, and Paisley takes my hand under the table. “EEEEE! I’m so happy. Natalie owes me a tenner!” I put up a hand for her to stop.
“You and Natalie were betting on my and Paisley’s relationship?” I ask. Electra nods. “Yep. Nobody can flirt as much as you and Paisley and not end up dating.” Paisley chokes on a mouthful of her dinner.
“I did NOT flirt with Skye.” This time it’s my turn to do the glare.
“You so did.”
“Shut up! I need all the news. How far have you gone? Can I trust you to share a bed and not have kinky lesbian sex? Who else knows?” She fires questions at us. “Whoa. Slow down Lecci. We kiss, that’s all. It’s a waiting till marriage thing. Of course you can trust us. Paisley’s such a good little… uh…. Christian? Mormon? Atheist? And almost nobody knows. Only her family and my kids.”
After we finish the dinner, and after much interrogation from Lecci, I manage to escape on log on to Skype. It was part of the agreement of our going away, the kids update me every night. Paisley does the same, and Electra will more than likely be chatting to her fiancĂ©, Alex. I say chatting. I kind of think I mean the other thing. 
The call processes for a minute, before loading and I get a shot of Haven waving at me. “Hi mommy!” She says. “Guys! Mom’s on the computer!” She shouts, and her siblings come running. They all give me their greetings, before wandering off, and leaving Carmen to talk to me.
Carmen- Hey Skye. Mom. Whatever… I’ve got loads of news. Strictly speaking, you left us two days ago.
Skye- That’s great Car. How is everyone?
Carmen- Just fine. Haven dressed herself. Initially, she wanted to be a pirate. Then she was an American Indian, and now she’s a pirate again. She says that’s what she wants to be when she grows up. And we’re doing our chores. I fed the fish. Parker brushed Slender. Merda. Gotta go Skye. Mom. Uh, yeah. Stuff is… happening.

Part one is done! I can’t be bothered writing any more right now, and it’ll probably be in three parts. There’s a lot to happen. Laters readers!

Friday, 14 December 2012

A Present For A Parker and Baby 69

First of all, ;)

the important people know what I mean. 

Second- Happy start of Advent Everyone, and um... happy Decembeard. And stuff. 

The first thing I did when I woke up that morning was talk to Carmen. She had loosened up considerably over the night and was much more willing to speak to me. I learnt that she had been living on the streets since she was thirteen, which was about when her little sister was born and both her parents had been murdered. Because the police never found the bodies of her family, they never looked for her, and she had been left to end for herself. 
"Would you like to stay with me full time, and for me to adopt you?" I ask. Carmen nods strongly, and hugs me, before quickly pulling away, looking like she had thought that wasn't allowed. Trying to calm her fears, I hugged her myself, and then went on my day-to-day business.  Most importantly of that was packing up so that I could move to Sunlit tides when Paisley went back. After that came laundry, food, kids, and skills for Evita and Haven. 
I was pretty occupied for most of the morning, until Baldur came running into the garage, looking like he might cry if anything too drastic happened. "Mom!" he shouts, and I raise my eyebrows at him. "IheardweweremovingandIdn'twannagobecauseIjuststartedgoingoutwithAmeliaandI'llhavetoleaveherandgotoHawaiiandIdon'twannago." The words come out in such a jumble that I have no idea what he's actually saying, so I get him to slow down and say it again. "I don't want to move to Hawaii and leave Amelia all alone."
So, before we leave, I agree to allow him to age up and move out. Here he is:
Then, to help with the moving, I age up the triplets. 

Annie grows up to be very rebellious. Everything she used to do willingly for me she now protests until I threaten her with punishment, except caring for her younger sister Haven. She loves that child like no other. 
Parker is just as quiet and bookish as she was before. She has to wear glasses now, but in my opinion it really fits her new look. Her favourite thing to do is play with the new dog. She nicknamed him Slender because he's always following her around. 
And Beckett. Hes the most unusual of all. On the outside he's the typical jock. He is very athletic and sporty, and he's trying out for the all teams at Sunlit Tides high school, but he's also very smart. His school work is excellent and he always gets A's and does his homework. And he is dating one of the more unpopular girls, a testament to his kind heart and ability to see beauty everywhere. But my favourite part about Beckett is that he is so very loving towards me still. 
When all that is finished, and packing is done, we jump on a plane, Paisley beside me in the front seat and jet off down the country to Hawaii. As soon as we get there the heat is sweltering, and while I would never tell Paisley this, I hate the heat. I am instantly glad of my tank top and cropped trousers, which at least allow some heat out of my body. Carmen and Evita seem to enjoy it though, and straight away she is happy and cheerful. I may never know her past, but at least I can help her enjoy her future in a very sunny place. 
After we arrive at our house I leave the kids to explore and get used to the new rooms, and Paisley and I make a little trip to the AI clinic, where I am inseminated by this guy:
After our trip, Paisley returns home over the street to her house, and I return to mine. When I'm there, the children are nowhere to be seen. I look around for a while, however and find them in their special room, which I nicknamed 'The Crib'. When they see me come in, Beckett and Annie grin and continue to dance.
Safe in the knowledge that I know where my teens are, I decide to go and find Haven. It is the perfect time to teach her to walk and talk. With that in mind I walk into the nursery grab her and walk outside to the area by the pool. Here, I sit her down and teach her to walk, and talk. Thankfully she has already been potty trained.
I wonder if Evita has been taught these things, because she did not seem to be very vocal when I last saw her, and this leads me to wondering where she is. I text Parker to tell her that I'm going out, and set off looking for my adoptive child. I find her not long later at the beach closest to our property, she is sat down, while the younger is a short way off playing in the sand. I sit down next to Carmen, and we remain in companionable silence for a little while. "She love the beach." says Carmen. "My mother. It was always her favourite place. I had a picture of her sat in the sand in one of those big hats on my mirror. Then I had to leave, and I never got to get it back." she continues. A silent tear trickles down her face, and I slip an arm around her.
As if to interrupt our gathering, Evita toddles over (she can walk, clearly) and pulls on her sister's hair. "Sissy. I wanna go back." she says. Carmen glances at me, and I nod. "C'mon then short stuff." she says, jokingly to her younger sibling. We set off on the short walk home and arrive not long afterwards at our new homestead.
Almost immediately, I am met by Beckett, to ask if we can put up the Christmas tree before dinner. I agree, and the next hour is spent singing along to various Christmas songs while younglings dart about left, right and centre. And if I may say so, the house ends up looking pretty good.
I'm interrupted just before dinner with a sudden urge to vomit, and rush to the bathroom just in time to avoid getting puke on the new carpets. I can just imagine my face had I done this. Then, as if on queue, the baby bump appears.
I prepare dinner without anybody noticing, and then we sit down to a simple fare of pasta and meatballs. It is a nice meal, punctuated with occasional conversation, focused primarily on our new home. And following dinner, after a long day we all prepare to bed down for the night.
The next two days pass as standard. Paisley and her kids visit a couple of times, I sleep a lot, and watch some TV. Then, around 10AM on the third day, I go into labour and give birth to Baby 69- Victoria Viven Everard.

Sorry this is so short. I sort of... petered out at the end. But new children, yay!