Monday, 14 November 2011

Baby 40- I’m Berry Pleased To Meet You- Berry Babies-


I got a call from Rose, asking me to come over, so over I went. We were talking and:

Rose-“Right ma. I’ll cut to the chase. Leilah came over earlier, she threw up and told me she’d been attacked, possibly, well you know- the -R- word.”

SKYE-“Oh god. Is she alright, how did I not notice that. Who did this to her? WHO DID THIS! Because I will find the little Shit-hole and personally castrate him. WITH A SPOON!”


I was growing hysterical. I’m really glad I wasn’t pregnant.

ROSE- Leilah didn’t know his name, but we know where he lives. And I’ve got a little idea planned for him. Do you still have the playboy costumes from the time you and the moms went out to the strip club as a dare?

SKYE- Probably, Rose, where are you going with this?

ROSE- He wants woohoo, we’ll give him woohoo. We’re going to get dressed up, break into his house and just be there. We’ve got to stay perfectly still, and then as soon as his back is turned move, the just leave. He’ll be thoroughly creeped out, and technically we haven’t done anything to him.

SKYE- Are you sure you’re my daughter and not Einstein’s, ‘cos baby girl, that is GENIUS!

After that I had to leave, I had a new father coming round. His name was Butterscotch Rosehip, and he was a berry cool looking sim! *get it?*

So I arrived home and he greeted me with, I’d only just seen him up the driveway and we’d been talking a few minutes when I surprised him with a kiss.


He was flattered, and I’m pretty sure he blushed when I whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we take this upstairs?”


Things quickly got heated, one thing led to another, soon we were cuddling…


Of course we were never safe just cuddling when the challenge mom’s came to town, so soon we heard a lullaby.


Of course there was the expected heartbreak at the gate when I told him that we could only be friends.


I’ll never know how Jesse got into the garden, but he must be pretty smart, he was looking away during this incredibly personal moment.


After he left I went to check on Leilah, I had some suspicions but what I saw confirmed it. She was sat at the piano singing a modified version of Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri.


Find it here in full:

It took so long for me to feel alright.

Remember how to put back the light in my eyes.

I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed.

Cos you destroyed my defences.

If you come back, you know that I’ll get you back.

She turned to face me.

L-Mum. I’m sure.

Me- Good. You gonna be OK?

L-I think so. But mom, I don’t wanna be alone.

Me- It’s OK.

Later that night she began showing. I told her if she wanted to practice she could look after Jesse while I supervised the kids in their club, “The Basement” It was a playroom for them, and they were focusing on logic today.







Avery was going for Chemistry, while sensible calista opted for chess.

Of course Avery singed himself, so I told him to go and shower. I swear, one day that boy is going to get himself into trouble he can’t get out of.


I left them, figuring the worst that could happen would be another singeing. I loaned Leilah a pregnancy book and went and sat with her, she was sucking it up like there was no tomorrow. I’d seen her earlier talking to Jesse, and was confident she was going to be a good mother. It was Sunday night, and tomorrow she’d have school.Screenshot-27


When I asked her she said she wanted to continue to attend, up until she was due to give birth, and I agreed, but not before warning her about the other girls and how mean they can get.

You should have seen what they were like to me as a teen because I was already considering this challenge.


Nevertheless in the morning Leilah was up as usual, getting ready to go to school.


****Leilah’s POV******

I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about returning to school this morning. Especially since I knew Tracy would be there. Tracy was the school’s head cheerleader, though I’m surprised she hasn’t been kicked off it now for being ‘too’ flexible, if ya know what I mean. Take last week, you should have heard her and Artie in the toilets, you could have guessed what she was doing, even without the CCTV from the noise she was making.

!!!!!!!!WARNING EXPLICIT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




But anyway, when I arrived and she saw my bump she immediately started insulting me. “Been having a little too much fun over the weekend Everard? What do you expect, your slut of a mother isn’t setting such a good example now is she?”


Of all the people, SHE was the one it came from. Just thinking about it makes me want to rip the hair from her head. Stupid BARBIE DOLL. It was unexpected when one of her cheerleader friends came and stood up for me. Seems I wasn’t the only one who’d heard her earlier.

“Just shut up Tracy. God knows how many times you’ve had to take the morning after! You and Artie barely take your hands off each other.”


Of course Mrs Johnston wasn’t much help. Poor woman, I think theres something loose in her head. She was out chasing butterflies of all things. Screenshot-31

Soon enough it was time for lesson though, and we left the corridor for the classroom. I don’t know how she found out about the weekend, but she did. Probably Mom. “Class, calm down. I’ve some very important announcements to make. Leilah had a very traumatic experience this weekend, and I know most of you would probably have hidden away from everyone. I don’t hesitate to think you’d probably have aborted by now as well. But she didn’t I want you all to think about what’s happened to her, and act accordingly.”

I didn’t think Tracy would be any different, but she went very quiet. I leaned on the wall and thank for the rest of class, I was glad it was a short day, only that lesson, Miss had an appointment, and I could go home. Everyone else just sat in shocked silence.



When Leilah came home we spent some quality time together. We went and painted out on the deck.


Avery got on with his chores, the latest of which was to feed the lobster. Screenshot-43

He asked me if we could buy a tree house and I agreed, so now there is a castle in our back yard. He and Calista Hadley fight over who gets to be king or queen. Today was his turn.


So she was queen of the house. And princess of the garden. She strode past me head held high and got me to play along.


I must say your majesty, you look simply ravishing in red. most definitely your colour. I was definitely going to miss her when she left home.

I prepared some spaghetti for us, since it had been a while since a family meal. It went down well, there was only one plateful left, and I put that in the fridge for tomorrow.


The war museum had commissioned a Remembrance Day picture and Leilah had decided to paint it. She was a more skilled painter and the baby had really set her creative juices flowing. She was painting what looked to be a solider in front of his home. I was impressed, I’d never really got the full idea of her talent before.


Over the next couple of days we both grew, and spent a lot of time together, just watching the kids play.



Of course all this was broken with the shock of a double labour. We both felt out waters break within a few minutes of each other. And so, without further ado I introduce….


Poppy Everard- Baby 40 and Novembre Everard- Grandchild 7








A/N I told you I would Calista, and I’m still alive. and just a note to everyone else who reads, if you DO read I would love a comment, I’d like to know how to improve or whatever. And any names, fathers or otherwise are welcomed.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Baby’s in trouble, call in the army.

First gift
"Come on then Babies, you've got to grow up to come trick or treating!" I said. Calista, Avery, and Jesse:
Avery- Looking Suave And Sophisticated.
Calista Hadley-The Sculptor, designer and genius I remember her father for being.
Jesse is a little bundle of joy.
It was time we went out and enjoyed ourselves on Halloween night. We went all over town, unfortunately my camera ran out of battery, so I only got photo's of the first house! We went to all the challenge Moms and we saw them all in costume.(The ones from last post.)
Leilah always starts acting strange when she gets tired, so I knew she should go home when she started doing this, and sent her home
Leilah’s P.O.V
She really fell for that, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER, didn’t she. Thank god I've finally got away from the family to do something really fun. It's really important Mom doesn't find out about this. But I can trust you, right? See, I've got a bit of a secret hobby, it's easier to show you rather than tell you, so.....
Yeah, But let's get one thing straight here, I have NOT got a problem with alcohol.
It's normally so calming, but today I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched. It was impossible, because nobody knows about this place, I built it myself. But I really felt like there was someone here with me. In fact, I had since I returned home....
Neurotic Cartoonist
Hello, Leilah.” came a voice from behind me. I turned in my seat to see a man, his face hidden behind a mask stood behind me. He grabbed me by the wrist and shoved me against the wall. I pushed at him, trying to get him off me.
“’C'mon Leilah, we had a deal you know. You said I help you build me this, I get whatever I want. Well, This is what I want.”
“No, You can’t have that.” Screenshot-6
“You don’t get that authority, sorry Little Girl.” He said, and then he kissed me. I shoved him, off and slapped him.

He injected something into me during the fight, then left. Just like that.
The next fay I wasn’t feeling so hot. I threw up a few times, and I was having EXTREME mood swings.

What was wrong with me?…

Leilah- Hey mom, there's something I need to say to you. But I'm not gonna tell you yet. I want to be certain. SO you'll have to wait.
Skye- What on earth?