Monday, 28 March 2011

More baby 24,25 AND 26

Today I came home from China. I was buzzing with excitement and pleased to be pregnant. For the whole flight I was feeling nauseous though, so when I got home I had to go puke. Whenever I got morning sickness My hair got in the way so I decided to cut it down. It was taking too long on a morning anyway. After I was sick there was a little worry when the toilet half broke, so I upgraded it to self-cleaning. After that I got a bit hungry so I went to have dinner with the boys. they were all a bit jet-lagged so decided to have a nap, I went to check on her boys and could tell that Einar was in pain.

His scars ached sometimes and he would wake up screaming. It was since he returned to our old house, and the beds there. He wasn't sleeping right and I had a plan to help him. I was building a new home, far from the main road. After that I sat and drew for a while, until I was interrupted by the arrival of a baby bump! I called the doctor and I was having TWINS, not only that but twin GIRLS! I decided to call them Collette and Cossette, just in case it was triplets I also decided on Odette. I recieved an invitation to Selena Moore's party, so I decided to attend. 
When I got back the twins had to age up. I had a small birthday party, just us and then we went to go and have fun on our own. We would be spending lots of time as a family when the baby got here. 

I was upgrading the washer when the contractions started. They were coming thick and fast, so I knew this would be a long labour. I was worried after Einar's birth so I went to hospital so the professionals could look after me. After a long 8 hour labour I can now introduce the three newsest triplets...
Odette- 7lb 4oz- 20inches
Cosette- 6lb 8oz- 17inches
Colette- 8lb 0oz- 20 inches

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Baby 24

Today the triplets were going to become young adults and I was going to get pregnant again. I worked long into the night and finally got everything set up. I got a call from Felicity, she was at her long-term boyfriends house and they wanted to age up together so I invited him to the party.
"Sure, you can come." I told him later when I met him he shook my hand like a true gentleman, mainly because he was. He was....
"Felicity" he said "You are my life, love and everything. Without you I am nothing. You can help me make the music of the night and to love me, is all I ask of you. Will you stay with me forever?" and Felicity said, "Of course Erik. I love you." And she asked me to make a video of their life together, with photo's I'd taken. There was too much love to just fit into 1 image. I gave a copy to Phantom as well, so they can always watch it again.
So after their small private marriage Felicity and Phantom moved out. They decided to move into his house, which was just down the road from me.
Then I said goodbye to Grace and Fallyn. I was surprised at how much Grace looked like me, but then I was surprised that any of my kids looked so much like me.

Fallyn married the President of the United States. They met when she was doing some security work for him, and now she's married to him AND his head of security. because of her job, I'm not allowed to post pictures of her, but I'm, sure you'll see her on TV sooner or later. Grace wants to be a Superstar athlete so she moved out nearer to the sports stadium and the gym. Fallyn left to go to some international affair in Afghanistan. So I had to invite the next father over. His name was The Ridlu. He had green skin and blue and white hair. When I rang I got a message saying he was out of town for the month, could I call back. So I got on with some chores. While I threw away newspapers Xavier did the laundry.

We'd all been fishing earlier as well and the fish had made me crave sushi. Thinking of sushi made me think of Asia,and that brought us to China. It had been a long time since I had a holiday and an even longer time since I took the kids, so I checked on-line and booked us some flights to Shang Simla. Just before we left I had to go turn on the sprinklers and look after the garden. Just as I was weeding I maxed out my Gardening skill and learned how to grow an omni-plant. WOO HOO!
But then it was onto the plane and off to China!
 Xavier's POV
Dear Diary,
Today I decided to go on an adventure. I had to go and collect some gems for somebody. To begin with I thought they must have been really lazy and worthless, but then I saw why someone else had to do it. The girl who needed them had broken both her legs. She was unable to walk unaided and had to complete her project. When I gave her the gems I was astounded! She was so pretty it was unbelievable. Her hair was jet black and her eyes were crystal clear pools of Tanzanite blue. I fell in love with her on the spot. She needed me to come back in the morning so I headed home to sleep. Upstairs I could hear a lullaby so I figured mum must have found another guy to be in her challenge.
Skye's POV

And Xavier was right, I had. His name was Shen Su, he was a cancer patient who was going through chemo. When we got upstairs I turned around to pick something up and when I returned to face him he had completely different hair. Apparently he had been wearing a wig because his natural hair was too thin, but he wanted me to know what I was letting myself in for. It was WHITE AND BLUE HAIR!!! I was so pleased because he had lovely eyes as well that would really go. So we got down to business. On the first try we got the lullaby and I was very excited because that meant an adorable little baby or babies was on the way!! Downstairs I had been very careful to make sure he didn't have AIDS or any other STD, I was always very careful about things like that.

Just after he left I got a call from Xavier. he wanted to age up so he could marry the love of his life. He wouldn't tell me her name. But I gave him permission, and he became a fine young adult.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Family Update

This is Brayan. He's the eldest of the twins and looks just like his Dad. He has only a hint of blue in his hair though.

And this is Einar. He was younger and you can probably see his scarring. Those are from the surgery he had as a baby. He also looks just like his Dad, but he has a bit of my hair.
Today I taught them how to walk...
Woops! Careful little guy! I said as Brayan fell over just as he finished learning to walk.

3 guesses what that little cutie will be doing when he grows up. From the look of his first few words all he wants to do is start a family.
And ,inevitably, potty...
I guess you can tell from my expression that this is my least favourite job. UUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!

I was surprised when I saw this though...

This is Felicity teaching her baby bro to talk. We'd spent all morning training at martial arts and now all 3 of my girls were at the same skill level, blue belt! I went downstairs to get he washing when I realised it had already been done, Xavier isn't allowed to do it so it must have been my girls. Why are they being so helpful. I don't know, guess I'll find out eventually. They are meant to be ageing up soon, into Young Adults, these 3 are going to be missed, even with all the banter and fights they had. They love each other really. I hope all my kids get along well, but I really also hope to get a BIT of sibling rivalry because always being perfect annoys me a little. When these 3 do move out I know who the next father will be. He doesn't want to be named but he has green skin and blue/white hair. 

After we'd finished with the boys we went back into the basement and I maxed out my martial arts skill. I was black belt! But now of course we had loads of laundry to do so I had to do it. I must have walked up 12 flights of stairs and down as many.

Updates from my kids:
November has married someone called Abigail. She is a vampire and they have 3 children. Tania(f),Kareem(m) and Shawna(f). 
Ameythist is still going out with Parker and she has 1 child. (f-Richelle)
Ben and Maxine are expecting.
Spring and Wei have 3, Lowell(m), Aspire(f) and Bryant(m). So I have a grand total of 7 Grandchildren, plus Ben and Maxine's!
Meanwhile work is slowly progressing on the island. My house for after the challenge is built with a playground nearby and so is the beach. Ryn is head designer and I'm glad to say it is all very flat meaning no falling down hills or having to push our little car up mountains like nowadays.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Worries for Baby 22

Today was the first full day with my little babies. I will keep them the same age so they have someone to play with when they are older. The triplets could see I was a little worried and were really helpful. They did the laundry, cleaned the counters and cooked breakfast today. I figured they would want to age up soon but they always were helpful anyway. My suspicions were confirmed when Fallyn, the bravest of the three cam and whispered in my ear. "Mum, can we age up. To help with the kids and all that stuff. I'm fed up of being a kid and school is just so easy. I'm 12, I think I know what 3x3 is." 
"Ok honey. What kinda cake do you want." Ummmm STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE! My girls replied. I glanced down at little Xavier. "What about you bug boy what do You want? I asked. "cwokwok" he replied. He had a sweet tooth after all. 
So I aged them up.
Each made a wish and blew out their candles. First Fallyn.
Then Felicity.

Then Grace. 
They all became beautiful teens and young women.
This is Fallyn. She's a bit on the chubby side but she knows how to dress it, so she always looks slim. She also started to wear make-up as most teens to, although she found it hard to find anything that went with her skin tone. Fallyn also got a tattoo without asking, as well as a nose ring I was a little amazed at that, but she just looked at me so imploringly that I couldn't tell her off.
This is Grace. She also started to wear makeup, though hers has a blue theme to it so it matches her hair. She is stunning and was chatting up the babysitter who stayed for the party. He wasn't very flirty though so she just left him alone after a while.

And this is Felicity. She looks very much like her dad, but she has curious black hair. It suits her though. She is very adventurous and hardly ever still. Her eyes tilt as well so you're never quite sure if she's looking at you or not. She doesn't wear any make up, she thinks it wrecks her skin.
So then I aged up Xavier.

He grew up into a little carbon copy of his dad, I can't see any of me in him at all.

I left the room to check on the babies. I really do hope that both of them will live to play with their little dough tables and see all the little decorations I've made for them. There's only a couple of days until the surgery now and we are all really worried. I called Raines to tell him and he told me he'd come to the surgery with me.
3 Days Later
This is it little fellow I said as I walked into the hospital car park. I'd decided to walk so my little darling could feel the air on his face. It might be the last time he ever saw the sun. 9 hours of hell waiting for the doctor to come and tell me if my son was still alive. No mother should have to go through that, I thought. The surgeon came out, his face hidden under a blue mask and blue-gloved hands quivering. "I'm sorry Miss Everard. Your son... how can I put this he has to stay here overnight. His condition is barely stable. Were going to give him antibiotics and just keep hoping."
Thank god. I heaved a sigh of relief that my baby was through the worst. The next morning I came out carrying a perfect little bundle of joy. My baby was 100% better. I was told that he would always have SOME visual impairment and perhaps be a little behind at school but I didn't care. When we got home I aged both the youngest up. 
My garden was a little wilted so I went upstairs to water and harvest it and then I went to check on the toddlers. To my surprise Grace was teaching Einar(tumour) how to walk. It was adorable as normally I struggle to keep her away from a mirror. It will 
be a while before I have any more now because there is 7 of us in the house. So in the next post be 
prepared for more birthdays.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Baby 22+ 23 Worries and Rebirth.

Today I aged up everyone. I was going to have another baby soon so I needed the room. Xavier was the only one to stay as he was because I haven't skilled him up yet. Eragon was always a little strange. He decided he wanted to skip his teen years and become a YA early. I said it was OK but couldn't help wondering why. Eragon was very good looking. The girls are going to enjoy meeting him. After everyone grew up the new father came round. He was called Raines Clement, and he was pink all over. He was a bit of a jerk though and called all my kids ugly. The horror. So I told him to leave and went to visit Spring. She has 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl and she's getting higher and higher in the political career to fullfil her LTW. We also decided to move back in next door to her so she can have a well trained babysitter on hand. We moved into our old house and she moved to the one next door with her husband Wei. They are both vamps and very happy together. Meanwhile I got news from James and Ryn. They'd been on holiday to a really empty island and they figured maybe all the Everard's should move there and we could all have enough room. They've got a company to begin building but it could be a couple of years before there's enough houses. But enough of that, my baby bump just arrived! I am also very pleased because Xavier's skin got darker and he looks just like his dad. He also got his Dad's nose and oddly he got blonde hair with his Dad's purple tips roots and Highlights. All he has of me is my eye colour. Xavier is a really quick learner. It only took a couple of tries to get him to use a potty and he was smiling and laughing for hours after learning his new skill. I only got to teach him that though, before my contractions kicked in. These were REALLY painful, 'Perhaps something is wrong' I thought.  I rushed to the hospital and had to call a babysitter to look after everyone. It was a really long labour and I was right to go to hospital. I came out with twins, both boys. They were my perfect little angels, only one of them had a facial tumour. they hadn't been able to see it on the ultrasound because it had grown at the last minute. The doctors said that they'd have to take him for surgery or it would cut off his windpipe and he would die. But there was only a 30% chance he would make it through the op at such a young age. He gets to spend a week with me and then the surgery. This also means I cannot age him up, so he stays with me as a little baby. There will also be some facial scarring that will never go away. With all the stress I still haven't figured out what to name them. Brayan the name for the first. The one with a tumour and the second will be called Einar, which means lone 

Friday, 11 March 2011

Baby 21

The next father was purple all over, he had moved in in town and wanted to take part in as many 100 baby challenges as possible. His name was Purpello Violet and as you can guess he was ALL purple. We decided to TFB in the hot-tub and got the lullaby first time, I just want a single this time, so I'm just going to act as normal. So I did, and nothing really interesting happened, or at least nothing worthy of blogging about. I taught all the toddlers their skills and then sat back for a rest. Speaking of which, while I was training the children, Spring had another baby. She is now a mother to 3, 2 of which are toddlers. I now had a total of 4 Grandchildren, and I had met all of them. I sat down for a while to play the keyboard as I was very tired. My baby bump had arrived not long ago. 

That's day 1.
By now I was about ready to pop and I decided on a new philosophy. As soon as the baby gets home it becomes a toddler. As much as I love them as babies they are very annoying since all they do is eat and sleep and poop. 
Soon enough the labour hit and I went to hospital. I came back with a gorgeous little boy called Xavier. Sure enough I aged him up and had an adorable little boy on my hands. Unfortunately he looks like me, without his Dad's skintone or as far as I can see any of his features. Perhaps that will change when he reached toddler years.