Friday, 11 March 2011

Baby 21

The next father was purple all over, he had moved in in town and wanted to take part in as many 100 baby challenges as possible. His name was Purpello Violet and as you can guess he was ALL purple. We decided to TFB in the hot-tub and got the lullaby first time, I just want a single this time, so I'm just going to act as normal. So I did, and nothing really interesting happened, or at least nothing worthy of blogging about. I taught all the toddlers their skills and then sat back for a rest. Speaking of which, while I was training the children, Spring had another baby. She is now a mother to 3, 2 of which are toddlers. I now had a total of 4 Grandchildren, and I had met all of them. I sat down for a while to play the keyboard as I was very tired. My baby bump had arrived not long ago. 

That's day 1.
By now I was about ready to pop and I decided on a new philosophy. As soon as the baby gets home it becomes a toddler. As much as I love them as babies they are very annoying since all they do is eat and sleep and poop. 
Soon enough the labour hit and I went to hospital. I came back with a gorgeous little boy called Xavier. Sure enough I aged him up and had an adorable little boy on my hands. Unfortunately he looks like me, without his Dad's skintone or as far as I can see any of his features. Perhaps that will change when he reached toddler years. 

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