Monday, 28 February 2011

Back To Baby 18

I taught Eragon how to talk, walk and potty today. He was a very good learner.

When the kids got home from school today I checked their grades as we all watched TV. The girls, Summer and Rose are getting better grades than the boys, who have only B’s. Once they boys get home with their A’s tomorrow then I will have to age them all up. Little Eragon too. Otherwise there won’t be enough room for everyone, but the new semester starts tomorrow so I have to age up Rose today.

In the end there was a slight change of plans. just after they all got home the next day the contractions started. I left calmly for the hospital and came out with triplets. They were called Grace, Felicity and Fallyn. We held a birthday party for all 3 of them, and everyone else, but just as I was aging Grace a fire started! I had never had to deal with anything like this before, and I was really worried.


Luckily I had a fire extinguisher to hand. Ben and I extinguished the flames just as they spread to the counter, so we didn’t loose much.And then it was time for school. Eragon didn’t have to go, he had aged up at the right time but Summer did. Eragon went upstairs to his room and ate a slice of toast. Louie came up to me and told me he was going to move out now, he seemed like he had something to tell me…

“Mum,” he asked “Can I take Summer with me? When I move out now?” he asked. I looked at him, shocked, I knew he had a soft spot for her but taking her WITH him. I gazed at him in amazement, but I saw the love and sincerity in his eyes. “Ok.” I whispered in reply. Summer was going with him, she was obviously going to get turned into a vampire. the strange thing was, he loved her. He loved her as a wife-y love, so that was why he decided to go and get himself removed as a relation to me. So he could marry Summer. This was, odd to say the least. He would be moving out tomorrow, so I’d have time to tell Summer and spend a last day with her. She left as soon as she aged up and I’ll probably never hear from them again. Meanwhile, Ben also got married. He got married to Maxine Allard, who is now a 4 star celeb. He and Maxine left straight away, presumably to enjoy their first night as a married couple.


Those 2 are obviously in love.

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