Skyeley Shorts

A Collection of Snapshot from the life of Skye And Paisley.
"Remind me again why you HAD to put a shower like this directly down the hall from our bedroom?"
I grin, leaning on the archway separating the two rooms. "Because, my dear. Think about what you are wearing, compare it to where I am stood." Paisley chuckles quietly. "Okay, my turn for questions. How come you're wearing a swimsuit to shower in? I much prefer it when you don't." I step forwards, and cross the room before wrapping my arms around her. "Though, I have a feeling it is going to be a lot more fun this way."

"Skye. I've never done this before. You're going to have to teach me." says Paisley, quietly. I caress her lightly, running my hand down her face, over her shoulders and then taking it back to tilt her to look at me. "That's not true now, is it?" she frowns, the lines creasing her forehead for a fraction of a second, before making herself stop. "Ellie." I clarify. "She told me about what happened when the two of you were teenagers and I was in my coma."
Paisley nods, "Yes. But it wasn't what you think. And she wasn't the best teacher anyway. I just can't wait for a lesson from you." The warm night outside provides the perfect backdrop to our perfect evening. Today, I am going to teach Paisley how to video game. Properly.

"Hey Skye?" Paisley says as I hold her in my arms.
"Mmm?" I reply. Staring distractedly into the fire.
"Why do we always wear these clothes for our romantic moments?" she asks. I shrug.
"Probably Sarah or Annie's fault. They choose what we wear. Maybe it's just chance. And Paisley?

Where are the kids? I thought you had them."


  1. Last one: "Chortle chortle chortle"
    Because chortles are so much cooler than ha ha ha :)

    1. Thank you. I must agree with the haha commnent.