Monday, 4 July 2016

Gen 2 Says Hello!

Screenshot-29Hey, hi, hello. Y’all might not remember me, I’m Peggy Everard. I was baby 85 of my mother’s baby challenge, and my birth was one of the last she actively blogged about!That;s actually my claim to fame, that I was the final Everard baby whose conception got a backstory. I know, not much of a legacy—right?Screenshot-30So I’ve decided to do something about that. I’m going to be starting the A-Z challenge! It’s a lot like a 100 Baby Challenge, but with one big difference- I’m only having 26 kids. Once I finish that, then we’ll go from there. Maybe I’ll do another one until I reach 10 like Mum. Or maybe something else, who knows!
The rules of this challenge are pretty simple—I have to have a kid named for every letter of the alphabet before I die.Of course, since my mother has that nifty potion she got from her mother, via a secret and shady government agency, I think I’ll be alright. ; )

Just for kicks on my part, here’s Peggy’s traits:

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