Saturday, 30 July 2011

Baby 35- Further Phantom Baby

I began the day with some birthdays. First went the eldest, Darby, Skylar and Jude.
  Darby grew up with the same black hair, pulling it into a bun on the side of her head.  She had very high cheekbones,Screenshot-8 but large lips and my freckles. Her vampire eyes are the same colour as mine. Her lips are from her dad, as is the rest of her face, but I’m still not sure about the hair.

Screenshot (2)Jude had his Dad, Bey’s hair and face. Almost nothing from me. He will probably need glasses when he is older. Jude is very mature, but still likes to play with his little sister Solange.
Finally out of the triplets it was SkylaScreenshot-2r’s turn. He was a proper mini me. With the same hair and eye colour, as well as being similar in attitude. However he is a coward, scared of everything and anything. Even terrified of the kitchen fridge.
UP next were the babies, Raoul and Erik. You never met them last post, but Raul got Clement’s skin and my hair, Erik being the opposite. *Also points if you know where the names are from.*
Erik went first, as the eldest and most mature, Screenshot-3with traits Genius and Virtuoso. he has Clement’s flaming orange hair and eyes, my skin and also my mouth. He loved black.
Then Raoul. He was the opposite of Erik, Screenshot-4with orange skin, blue hair and purple eyes. He had the traits charismatic and friendly.  His favourite colour was orange as well.

After that I took a shower, enjoying the me time while the teens took care of the boys.
Of course I wasn’t expecting them to have taught Raoul to walk! I went downstairs to teach him and he came toddling up, followed by Jude and Skylar, who said they’d got bored so taught him.
Skylar had done most of the work, and Jude was a little upset about that.  They started to argue and fight each-other, but I quickly broke it up. Screenshot-12
They were fighting over which one had done more work. Jude was yelling at Skylar, “You think you’re so good because you’re a vampire, who gains skills quicker than everyone else!”
To which Skylar came back with “No I don’t Jude. All I ever wanted was to be like you. I don’t care about if I gain skills quickly, I want to be normal and play outside, or go to school and not be alone. I want to be you.” which really surprised me. I had an idea then.
“Skylar, do you want me to teach you how to drive?” I asked. He did so I led him towards the edge of town in the car, we ended up at the science facility, by the time he maxed his skill.  I asked him to go in and get me something from the facility. A potion to turn vampires into humans. Of course he was completely unaware of that.
When he drank it he looked at me in amazement. “Thank you mum.” he said.
Yes well, that’d better not be all he’s thankful for. I gave birth to him, fed him did everything for him. I glanced down at my watch, the next father would be coming over soon and I needed to get back.
I arrived at home just as he did. His naScreenshot-8me was Hayden Bolton, and he had purple hair, eyes and skin. IT was a little late at night, and we knew nobody would be there so we snook into the mayor’s office and ‘christened’ it as our own. The things that table could say, and the walls, and floor. BUT they weren’t all us. The latest gossip on the mayor is that he left his wife for his secretary!
I didn’t hear the chimes, but I have all the symptoms, nausea:
stupidity, i.e telling a toddler abou the time you went to the spa! The blue bar is his level of confusedness and boredom.
And my personal favourite, insecurity!

 I actually amuse myself!
After my issues I decided to do something with all the kids, well Darby and Jude, I owed them one. I let Darby go out to meet some friends for coffee. Little did I know she would be returning at 1 in the morning the Screenshot-6next day drunk! I yelled at her so much. I was surprised she didn’t start to cry.
It must have put a lot of stress on the baby(s) because they started to kick and all sorts of other stuff. But then it Screenshot-9was time to do something with Jude. He was a bit of a neat freak, so we cleaned the kitchen together. And I wanted to teach him how to sculpt, so we spent Screenshot-6a day or so ding that together. This was the mid-time  result:
And of course, what is the result of almost 3 days pregnant, BABY!
All it took was 1 trip to the hospital 7 hours of labour and 46 chromosomes? several million sperm and here she was. Christine.Screenshot-2

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Baby 33+4-Back To Skye for Phantom of The Opera Babies

Sorry about this guys but my laptop is fixed again now so we will be returning to Skye's point of view. I suppose I could get Liza to be around as another challenge mom, but obviously not blog about her individually. Tell me in comments.

I'd been out of action for a while, and I decided to up my challenge to 105 babies, to make up for some I'd lost. Last time I had a child my friend Liza had to be a surrogate, and she's doing a 100 Surrogate baby challenge, where she has 100 babies for other people who can't have them. 
The very first thing I did was teach Solange to talk, next thing I teach you will be walking, I told her with a smile. 
"Really maman, I'm gonna learn to wawk! FUN!" She was really happy that she was going to learn. 
And she was also an excellent talker, but L's were a little difficult and she called me Maman, like the French people say.
The entire family got an invitation to a party thrown by Sunny and Clement Colore, I figured Clement could be the next father, but made sure to check with Sonny if it was OK first.
He wasn't very OK with it. Sunny exploded in my face, yelling at me that I belonged to him, and how we were together now, forever.
Of course I wasn't having any of that so I yelled right back at him, 
"We were never together, I told you the rules of the challenge, NO COMMITMENT!"

I got really mad when he attacked me, starting a fight in front of his daughter. The adrenaline was pumping, and I knew I couldn't let him win, so I hit, punched kicked bit anything I could and eventually won. 

With that distraction out of the way, I could get on with what I was doing with Clement, babies. We got together under the covers and after the first try heard a lullaby.

I got up and did some laundry after he left. It seemed very repetetive, find clothes, put in hamper, move to washer, transfer to dryer, a never ending cycle of clothes. Forever and ever, and maybe I'm letting my hormones get to me a bit there?
After that it was almost night so I went back to bed for a full sleep, after reading a story to Solange.
Next morning I woke up really early because Darby was pulling at my arm. She'd been to get a shower and the shower had broken, leaving a big puddle of water in the bathroom.
But I got out my trusty spanner, hammer and plunger set the kids gave me for mothers day and got to work, while Darby mopped the floor. As a team we finished the job in half an hour, by which time everyone was awake and it was time to give Solange breakfast.
I put her in her high-chair and gave her some baby food, which she proceeded to throw all over the chair! I got really mad and started to yell at her, and Solange began to cry.
"I'm sorry!" I said as I tossed her in the air. "We can't have the birthday girl crying can we!" Because today was her birthday, I was letting her grow up into a toddler because she had her skills etc. 

I carried her over to the cake to age her up when I felt the first contraction! It was eally painful I decided to go to the hospital, leaving the triplets to age up Solange. I arrived home with two darling little boys to see a photo of Solange growing up, and her, all grown up!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Surrogacy and Baby (thirty) 1, and 2.

I would like to take this moment to hand his blog over temporarily to my close friend Liza Jones (sim). She wanted to do a challenge such as mine, but up until recently was too young. So now she has grown to a young adult and is doing a 100(-30) baby challenge. Because Skye Everard has been damaged she will be assisting in Liza's challenge but cannot continue her own so Liza is continuing from baby 31, and completing to 100. All is not lost, Skye will be returning, this is a 1 baby surrogacy or some game problems.
 On with the challenge!

Hi. My name's Liza and I'll be taking over from Skye for now. My traits are:
  • Natural Cook
  • Family Orientated
  • Nurturing
  • Artistic and...
  • Green Thumb.

I am pretty normal looking except for my eyes, which are a really bright aqua blue colour.

    You have to remember that this will be my first baby, so I'm probably not very good at this.

    'Cos geek is the new chic

    That right there is a photo of me. My clothes are gonna change due to some unforseen issues with generations, that's you Olivia,  but after my maternity goes everything will be fine and dandy.

    I took a trip to the park to scout around for any potential fathers, and I might have found one. His name was Stiles McGraw. He was so friendly and actually rather flirty, but in a shy way. So I spent some time getting to know him. 

    Then came crunch time, asking him to be in the challenge. Surprisingly he said yes first time! 
    Do you wanna be in the challenge. 
    So I gave him a kiss to thank him!
    Quite a good kisser actually!

    So I invited him home and we got down to business and woohooed. We got a lullaby first time and then sat down for a chat.
    "The child has to live with me as you know, but you are entirely allowed to visit. And Birthday gifts are fine too. Is there anything you want me to call the baby or babies?" I felt like I was babbling, but to be fair I had just slept with him.
    "That's all fine Liza, completely understandable. If it is a girl I want you to name her Alexandra. It's a very special name to me."
    "Absolutely," I replied with a shrug. As he rose to leave  I called out "Don't forget to come to the birth!"
    Over the next day my bump arrived and so did the nausea. I'dtalked to Skye about it but now I truly understood what she meant when she said sometimes, "In the first day you just can't help but wish you'd never started the challenge as the rest of your lunch decides to take a trip back to the outside world."
    By day two everything had levelled out and I felt good enough to start painting again. I'd mstered the skill as a child and had always been a natural in art at school, but I was truly surprised when I entered the Sunset Valley College Of art as a teen and had been offered a scholarship.

    By day 3 I was huge. As I sat down to wathc TV in the nursery I was worried the birth would hurt, I called Skye and asked if she would recommend a home birth, she said she would and that she'd come over if I was worried about the birth. I'd agreed because I wanted someone with experience there. No sooner had I said that then the baby decided to arrive, "Skye, get over here " between breaths.
    I staggered into the nursery and gave birth to 2 little baby girls, Alexandra and Rosie.