Saturday, 22 January 2011

Baby Number 10

The next father was Izzy Lazarus. I invited him over, and we got right on with it. I was downstairs with my man while upstairs, was Amethyst with hers.

Amethyst’s POV

I love Parker. With all my heart. That's why we were at my house, in my room relaxing on my bed. I’d planned on aging myself up to YA and getting pregnant, but I ended up getting pregnant first, and aging later. What am I going to tell mum?


I won’t tell her. I’ll go in the weight shifter, hide the bump, but I cannot let her know about the teenage pregnancy.

Skye’s POV

Amy was acting strange. She was avoiding me, and no, she couldn’t be, but she looked… pregnant. That isn’t possible, she is only a teen, but the I remembered Della Eve, Della’s child, she got pregnant as a teen. So apparently my daughter has a secret Boyfriend, who got her pregnant.

I aged up the youngest like I said I would. Will post rest later.


Ok, sooooo...
 Lots of news, and no pictures. Aged up Spring and Gabriel. Had twins, unless you already know about ameythist and autumn. they aged up into beautiful teens.  gave birth to another set of twins, toddlers now. the 2nd twind are France and November. Named after Della's Kids. That brings my total to.... 11? 10. yes 10. 90 kids to go.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Birthdays- Best Course of Action- Skip straight to baby 30 for best posts.

I have got 7 people in the house at the moment. I told the teens that as soon as they reached Young Adult they would have to move out, and they told me they WANTED to become YA's, well Sonny and Snow did . They had been unusually helpful recently, and now I knew why. I checked their grades, and when I saw they had A's I aged them up. Since it was a big birthday we had fireworks and a small family party with their older brothers.
This is Sonny Aging up. She likes black girly clothing. Snow doesn’t; she prefers suits and trousers.
Snow kept her love of trousers, and wore shorts and a waistcoat as she entered the Young Adult Stage.
The Fireworks were awesome.
This was a VERY HAPPY ^^ night.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

OOPS- and Multigender triplets.

I accidentally deleted babies 1  and 2. Ryn and James' blog posts. So they aren't on here any more. They moved out anyway. 
I got pregnant from Dennis and had triplets Sonny, Spring and Snow. It was REALLY hard work. I almost collapsed, but in the end I got them all their little toddler skills. Here they are as children becoming teens.

The triplets and Gabriel all had A's, so I aged them up to teens, as I aged up Gabriel, I achieved my lifetime wish! Just after that I started to show signs of getting a baby bump from my ginger father. All the children were teens now, so they all want jobs. I will think about it, but only if they are doing well in school.
My little children are all so grown up, I am worried about the eldest of the triplets, Sonny. I don't want her to get used, or abused, but her style of dressing is just asking for it. My baby bump showing, I was getting a little bored, so I went and watched TV while I waited for something interesting to happen. I watched for a while and the teens came home. They'd been home long enough to finish their homework, when the contractions started. I came out with twins, Ameythist and Autumn. They got aged to toddlers straight away.
And Autumn. 
They can both walk and talk, and potty.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Baby 6- and a surprise

The next father was a vampire named Dennis. We just went straight to the hot tub to get it over with. I really don’t like vampires at night. So he left and I taught and aged the babies.
After the party I was sat down after getting my baby bump and myself tired out from partying when Ryn walked up to me. He knew we could share anything and he wore that look he always had if there was big news. Recently I had seen him change. He cut his hair in a more feminine way, he also wore more female clothes. I had seen him sneaking away with one of my dresses, and often he wasn’t there at night when I checked on the kids in be. I gave him his space so he could tell me what he was doing himself, and I assumed I was about to find out.
“Mum, I- I I think I’m gay. When a pretty girl walked past me the other day I didn’t notice her at all. I only saw her boyfriend. On a night I sneak out and go to c-cross dressing clubs in Bridgeport and Pleasantview.” He stammered with tears in his eyes. “Oh, sweetie. You don’t have to worry about any of this. I’ll always love you, whatever or whoever you are. “ I kissed him on the forehead and he smiled for a second. He gave me a big hug and sniffed up his tears. I am so proud of all my children. “But darling, don’t get yourself into anything stupid now!” I said sternly, but my eyes were happy. “Ok mum. I think I want to be a doctor when I grow up. And another thing, can you age me and James, we both have A’s?” he replied.
“Of course. Let me go buy the cakes!” I added with a grin.

And so I aged up the boys. They were young adults now, so they got full time jobs. Ryn became an Organ Donor, and James became a stylist. They moved out straight away, and Ryn says next baby I have, he will tell me the gender. I taught Summer to walk/talk/potty. And then I got bored and read a book. I am having a break between babies this time.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Baby 4+_5

After the birth of baby 3 I had to find another father. This time help came in the form of Jack Young. He has flaming red hair, with black bits in it near the roots and ends.  I'd changed my look beforehand to make him feel more comfortable where he was, that and I wanted to try on the wings.
I Invited him over then told him what I was doing. Only I didn’t because he interrupted me. "I know," he said. "And I would be honoured to help you. I have always wanted children, but no-one will get past my scary clothes and looks." I had to stop him. "You don’t get to keep the child you can come and visit it though!" He grinned, it was such a sexy smile that we went straight to try for a baby. When we tried, we got lullaby first time.
Afterwards I gave him and Enormous kiss to say thank you, and he made out with me to show the feeling was mutual. 

 After he left I felt the nausea, but I felt it was time for a change so I gave myself a makeover. I cut my hair shorter, and changed my clothes. I looked more cityish and at the same time motherly but I was having some problems, so they aren't the same clothes as what I really wear. I started to paint my first picture and couldn't wait for my baby bump to arrive. And so it did, just before the children's birthdays. Ryn and James became Teens, and Gabriel became a toddler. 

Here are the photos:

after they aged up we all danced, except for James, who got the neat trait and decided to go clean the house for me. If he gets good grades as well I will age him up to Y.A early, and his brother.  James and Ryn went downstairs to work on their skills, so I went up to read a book to Gabriel. He really liked it, but unfortunately for him the contractions started half way through. I got up and called a Taxi to take me to hospital. I had a quick labour and came out with twins. They were both girls and I called one Sonny and The Other Snow. I decided to age them up straight away. Sonny is a perfect little replica of her dad, unlike Ryn who is a younger, male me!
And she likes black a lot.

Snow is exactly the same, but her sister's polar opposite. She loves pink and furry anything prettty. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Baby 2- Can you sell these things on eBay?

I was woken at 3AM the next morning by the cries of my first-born. I knew childcare was difficult, but nobody ever told me it would be this hard. Wearily, I slide myself out of bed and into a pair of slippers. Then, I begin the walk across my house to the nursery.
Ryn is sat in his cot, and an ominous smell is drifting across the room. I take a deep breath and speed across the short space between us. I remove the nappy and attempt to fir him with a new one, but find it a difficult task in my bleary state. Eventually I manage to get him re-covered and make my way back to bed. Just as I am slipping under the covers, there is another cry. I stand up and try and remember how many times this has happened already.
The next morning I am almost falling asleep in my cereal, but I managed to stay awake and call a babysitter to help with supervision. Once the sitter arrives I manage to fall asleep on the couch for a few minutes. Once I have replenished myself I get up to begin working on my newest project.
I pick up my paintbrush and begin to paint. It isn't a talent of mine, I am much more skilled at sculpting, but I don't have any money to buy a sculptors kit or any materials. I barely have a penny to my name. I am trying so hard to make money to give a nice life and things for Ryn, but it is so hard being all alone. I was awake until about 1AM last night painting. I'm worrie Ryn will hate me as he gets older because I'm neglecting him. But, I suppose he would hate me more if we had no money and we lost the little house we did have. After I finish the painting, I decide to spend the day as just Ryn and Me. I suppose that if I bump into Paisley she can tag along too, she was my closest friend. That day I take him to the beach, where I teach him to walk while the soft sand trickles between his toes.
He giggles with each step, and the feeling is wonderful. Hearing the tinkly laugh, I wish I could freeze the moment forever. But that would be cruel to all the other people, just going about their day with nothing to do with us, who find themselves frozen in time. So I settle for a picture on my mobile. We return home soon enough to eat, drink and nap. The napping is totally just for Ryn, I swear. I shower and brush my teeth before I have a brilliant idea. I flip open my phone, dial Paisley, and wait for her to pick up. When she does I immediately begin. "Hey, Parker. You paint, right? Good. Right. Could I claim I was a very famous, very secretive painter and make more money selling my paintings on eBay? Yes? Since when have I cared about legality?" I close the phone minutes later and proceed to go about my day. The only difference is that now I have worked out an way to boost my income.
 There is a knock at the door and I am greeted by a man named Angelo Leriab. He has just moved into town, with the aim of participating in my challenge. So we do the deed, a few times to make sure I am pregnant. I send him on his way after explaining the Laws of Participation to him.

Ryn wakes up not long afterwards, and I teach him how to use the potty. "Mumma, when do I grow big?" He asks. I shrug in response, but he is persistent (a trait he gets from me) Ryn refuses to potty train until I say, "As soon as you learn to potty, you can grow big." He claps his hands and sits on the small plastic chair. True to my word, I let him grow up straight afterwards. "Happy birthday Ryn. The first of many." I whisper. He ages into a (mostly) well adjusted child. Our celebrations are punctuated by the appearance of our next little baby, whom I am sure will be a girl. I guess we just have to wait and see. Ryn likes feeling the baby, but one thing he does not like is school. Apparently it is all too hard on him, and he hasn't got any friends. This is the case for a few months, until Ryn returns home with a girl. Her name is Rosie Burgess and she is tutoring him. It is one of the nights she is over, that I give birth to James Anthony Everard. That night, I sit down on the couch and stare at the wall. We haven't got TV yet, since I could never afford to pay the cable company. I pour myself a glass of wine and raise it to my lips. "Here's to number two." I mutter.