Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Baby 6- and a surprise

The next father was a vampire named Dennis. We just went straight to the hot tub to get it over with. I really don’t like vampires at night. So he left and I taught and aged the babies.
After the party I was sat down after getting my baby bump and myself tired out from partying when Ryn walked up to me. He knew we could share anything and he wore that look he always had if there was big news. Recently I had seen him change. He cut his hair in a more feminine way, he also wore more female clothes. I had seen him sneaking away with one of my dresses, and often he wasn’t there at night when I checked on the kids in be. I gave him his space so he could tell me what he was doing himself, and I assumed I was about to find out.
“Mum, I- I I think I’m gay. When a pretty girl walked past me the other day I didn’t notice her at all. I only saw her boyfriend. On a night I sneak out and go to c-cross dressing clubs in Bridgeport and Pleasantview.” He stammered with tears in his eyes. “Oh, sweetie. You don’t have to worry about any of this. I’ll always love you, whatever or whoever you are. “ I kissed him on the forehead and he smiled for a second. He gave me a big hug and sniffed up his tears. I am so proud of all my children. “But darling, don’t get yourself into anything stupid now!” I said sternly, but my eyes were happy. “Ok mum. I think I want to be a doctor when I grow up. And another thing, can you age me and James, we both have A’s?” he replied.
“Of course. Let me go buy the cakes!” I added with a grin.

And so I aged up the boys. They were young adults now, so they got full time jobs. Ryn became an Organ Donor, and James became a stylist. They moved out straight away, and Ryn says next baby I have, he will tell me the gender. I taught Summer to walk/talk/potty. And then I got bored and read a book. I am having a break between babies this time.

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