Saturday, 22 January 2011

Baby Number 10

The next father was Izzy Lazarus. I invited him over, and we got right on with it. I was downstairs with my man while upstairs, was Amethyst with hers.

Amethyst’s POV

I love Parker. With all my heart. That's why we were at my house, in my room relaxing on my bed. I’d planned on aging myself up to YA and getting pregnant, but I ended up getting pregnant first, and aging later. What am I going to tell mum?


I won’t tell her. I’ll go in the weight shifter, hide the bump, but I cannot let her know about the teenage pregnancy.

Skye’s POV

Amy was acting strange. She was avoiding me, and no, she couldn’t be, but she looked… pregnant. That isn’t possible, she is only a teen, but the I remembered Della Eve, Della’s child, she got pregnant as a teen. So apparently my daughter has a secret Boyfriend, who got her pregnant.

I aged up the youngest like I said I would. Will post rest later.

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