Thursday, 24 February 2011

Baby 18-

I was just doing the laundry after Rose’s dance class. She was a proper little ballerina and took classes daily. She only ever changed out of her dance outfit to change INTO another. So here I was doing another basket of laundry for her. I took the clothes out of the dryer and lo-and-behold there was a magic laundry gnome. I’d heard about these from comments on my blog they were supposed to move around. I decided to call mine BILL. I like the name Bill it reminds me of … nevermind.


I finished the laundry just as the kids went to school and my next father arrived. I called to let him in and he entered through the door. He walked into my kitchen and I crept up behind him and purred in his ear, “The babies are in bed, and the kids just went to school.”

“Oh, is that so… But I wouldn’t want to spoil your appetite for dinner.” He answered, voice low and hinting this dinner would be more than expected.

So he took me upstairs and lay me on my bed. just thenScreenshot-17 Rose came back. She’d forgotten her homework and thought she left it on my desk. I wonder what Mum is doing, she pondered.

She stood there for a second afraid to open the door and realised her brothers were calling her, they’d found the homework in her bag. She turned round and saw me and Goodwin and what we were doing. I would have to explain to them when they got home that day.  I was snapped out of my dream by the lullaby music and internally I was so happy. He seemed to be enjoying himself so we decided to “WooHoo” It was the first in a long time when I had been able to do that out of pleasure, not that trying for babies wasn’t pleasurable there was just that sense of duty. And so baby 18 was concieved.

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