Monday, 3 January 2011

Baby 4+_5

After the birth of baby 3 I had to find another father. This time help came in the form of Jack Young. He has flaming red hair, with black bits in it near the roots and ends.  I'd changed my look beforehand to make him feel more comfortable where he was, that and I wanted to try on the wings.
I Invited him over then told him what I was doing. Only I didn’t because he interrupted me. "I know," he said. "And I would be honoured to help you. I have always wanted children, but no-one will get past my scary clothes and looks." I had to stop him. "You don’t get to keep the child you can come and visit it though!" He grinned, it was such a sexy smile that we went straight to try for a baby. When we tried, we got lullaby first time.
Afterwards I gave him and Enormous kiss to say thank you, and he made out with me to show the feeling was mutual. 

 After he left I felt the nausea, but I felt it was time for a change so I gave myself a makeover. I cut my hair shorter, and changed my clothes. I looked more cityish and at the same time motherly but I was having some problems, so they aren't the same clothes as what I really wear. I started to paint my first picture and couldn't wait for my baby bump to arrive. And so it did, just before the children's birthdays. Ryn and James became Teens, and Gabriel became a toddler. 

Here are the photos:

after they aged up we all danced, except for James, who got the neat trait and decided to go clean the house for me. If he gets good grades as well I will age him up to Y.A early, and his brother.  James and Ryn went downstairs to work on their skills, so I went up to read a book to Gabriel. He really liked it, but unfortunately for him the contractions started half way through. I got up and called a Taxi to take me to hospital. I had a quick labour and came out with twins. They were both girls and I called one Sonny and The Other Snow. I decided to age them up straight away. Sonny is a perfect little replica of her dad, unlike Ryn who is a younger, male me!
And she likes black a lot.

Snow is exactly the same, but her sister's polar opposite. She loves pink and furry anything prettty. 


  1. I like the father of sonny and snow he looks awesome:p

    1. He is.

      I still have him (I think) if you want him. I don't mind putting him out there for download.