Thursday, 13 January 2011

OOPS- and Multigender triplets.

I accidentally deleted babies 1  and 2. Ryn and James' blog posts. So they aren't on here any more. They moved out anyway. 
I got pregnant from Dennis and had triplets Sonny, Spring and Snow. It was REALLY hard work. I almost collapsed, but in the end I got them all their little toddler skills. Here they are as children becoming teens.

The triplets and Gabriel all had A's, so I aged them up to teens, as I aged up Gabriel, I achieved my lifetime wish! Just after that I started to show signs of getting a baby bump from my ginger father. All the children were teens now, so they all want jobs. I will think about it, but only if they are doing well in school.
My little children are all so grown up, I am worried about the eldest of the triplets, Sonny. I don't want her to get used, or abused, but her style of dressing is just asking for it. My baby bump showing, I was getting a little bored, so I went and watched TV while I waited for something interesting to happen. I watched for a while and the teens came home. They'd been home long enough to finish their homework, when the contractions started. I came out with twins, Ameythist and Autumn. They got aged to toddlers straight away.
And Autumn. 
They can both walk and talk, and potty.


  1. I just recently came across your challenge (thanks to a link on Calista's blog) and I was searching everywhere for the update on the first two babies. I thought I was just overlooking them, but now I see that they were deleted.

    Ameythist's hair is adorable and Autumn is so colorful

  2. Amethyst and autumn are adoreable!

    1. Thank you. (And to Christy but you don't need to see that)

      I'm glad you like them and my blog.