Sunday, 16 January 2011

Birthdays- Best Course of Action- Skip straight to baby 30 for best posts.

I have got 7 people in the house at the moment. I told the teens that as soon as they reached Young Adult they would have to move out, and they told me they WANTED to become YA's, well Sonny and Snow did . They had been unusually helpful recently, and now I knew why. I checked their grades, and when I saw they had A's I aged them up. Since it was a big birthday we had fireworks and a small family party with their older brothers.
This is Sonny Aging up. She likes black girly clothing. Snow doesn’t; she prefers suits and trousers.
Snow kept her love of trousers, and wore shorts and a waistcoat as she entered the Young Adult Stage.
The Fireworks were awesome.
This was a VERY HAPPY ^^ night.

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  1. Short update, but I really liked the upside down smiley firework picture...or maybe I'm putting to much thought into it :)