Monday, 18 July 2011

Surrogacy and Baby (thirty) 1, and 2.

I would like to take this moment to hand his blog over temporarily to my close friend Liza Jones (sim). She wanted to do a challenge such as mine, but up until recently was too young. So now she has grown to a young adult and is doing a 100(-30) baby challenge. Because Skye Everard has been damaged she will be assisting in Liza's challenge but cannot continue her own so Liza is continuing from baby 31, and completing to 100. All is not lost, Skye will be returning, this is a 1 baby surrogacy or some game problems.
 On with the challenge!

Hi. My name's Liza and I'll be taking over from Skye for now. My traits are:
  • Natural Cook
  • Family Orientated
  • Nurturing
  • Artistic and...
  • Green Thumb.

I am pretty normal looking except for my eyes, which are a really bright aqua blue colour.

    You have to remember that this will be my first baby, so I'm probably not very good at this.

    'Cos geek is the new chic

    That right there is a photo of me. My clothes are gonna change due to some unforseen issues with generations, that's you Olivia,  but after my maternity goes everything will be fine and dandy.

    I took a trip to the park to scout around for any potential fathers, and I might have found one. His name was Stiles McGraw. He was so friendly and actually rather flirty, but in a shy way. So I spent some time getting to know him. 

    Then came crunch time, asking him to be in the challenge. Surprisingly he said yes first time! 
    Do you wanna be in the challenge. 
    So I gave him a kiss to thank him!
    Quite a good kisser actually!

    So I invited him home and we got down to business and woohooed. We got a lullaby first time and then sat down for a chat.
    "The child has to live with me as you know, but you are entirely allowed to visit. And Birthday gifts are fine too. Is there anything you want me to call the baby or babies?" I felt like I was babbling, but to be fair I had just slept with him.
    "That's all fine Liza, completely understandable. If it is a girl I want you to name her Alexandra. It's a very special name to me."
    "Absolutely," I replied with a shrug. As he rose to leave  I called out "Don't forget to come to the birth!"
    Over the next day my bump arrived and so did the nausea. I'dtalked to Skye about it but now I truly understood what she meant when she said sometimes, "In the first day you just can't help but wish you'd never started the challenge as the rest of your lunch decides to take a trip back to the outside world."
    By day two everything had levelled out and I felt good enough to start painting again. I'd mstered the skill as a child and had always been a natural in art at school, but I was truly surprised when I entered the Sunset Valley College Of art as a teen and had been offered a scholarship.

    By day 3 I was huge. As I sat down to wathc TV in the nursery I was worried the birth would hurt, I called Skye and asked if she would recommend a home birth, she said she would and that she'd come over if I was worried about the birth. I'd agreed because I wanted someone with experience there. No sooner had I said that then the baby decided to arrive, "Skye, get over here " between breaths.
    I staggered into the nursery and gave birth to 2 little baby girls, Alexandra and Rosie. 


    1. @cat thanks a lot. I didn't want to start with anything too out there if you know what I mean.

    2. I hope you don't mind if I don't read the older posts and start reading from here on...
      Rosie is a pretty name and I know a few Alexandras :P

    3. Carter, that's fine. my older posts are a real mess, and I really should sort them out, but I can't be bothered. My mum's nickname was rosie, and Alexandra is what my brother would have been if he was a girl.