Friday, 20 May 2011

Baby 30- In mourning.

We held a small funeral for the baby. It was a girl, and her name was Hope. I named her just after she was born, and I would use the name again, on a very special baby.  All of us wore black, and I even helped the babies into special black blanket. I buried my face in Cosette's hair and breathed in the cherry scent so I wouldn't burst into tears. As we put her little coffin into the grave snow started to fall. Being a strict Christian and bringing all my children up that way gave me a sense that my darling was with God and this was her way of saying she was OK. 

I looked around at the snow and realised that I had to help the toddlers age up today, otherwise it would be a house full of little ones. The only problem with that was that I'd have to look after all of them, and I just couldn't do it. But just as I was about to let them blow out the candles I got a call from Ryn and James. The island was finished! That meant we could move in and we should get packing right away. So I packed everything up and said goodbye to all my memories in Twinbrook. 
The new town was nicknamed Everard Isle. (AN: Find the world, Cherwood on the exchange. Just search for it.)
And as soon as all the Everard's are moved in the public can move there, but not too many. We had staff for nightclubs and service sims, but that was all so far. The girls settled right into their new homes, by celebrating their birthdays! First was Odette, who has pink hair nowadays because she spilled the bottle over her when she was playing in the bathroom.

Then Cosette and Colette. They were both rather girly. But now it's probably time for a tour of the house!

On the first floor I have the children's playground, complete with overly intrusive babysitter on swings.
We also have an indoor pool and a sun room where we challenge mum's relax.
Our first floor is mostly gym-y stuff for workouts and stuff like that. Except for the bar, adults only!
The second floor is our family floor, where we have a party room and our living,dining and kitchen.

Our next  floor is all skills equipment. We have easels and 
sketch tables and chessboards, everything we could want, even musical instruments.
Then on the next floor we have our bedrooms, and above those some more skills stuff.

The triplets started at school the next day, and made friends with all their classmates really quickly. We lived a little far away for any of them to come and visit for the time being, but I expect that will change soon enough, when more people move in, they'll have to move closer. 
I was proud of them, because as I walked past they had started doing their homework all by themselves. Cosette was struggling with her art homework. She had to do a self portrait and keep it as realistic as possible. She wasn't very talented with a pencil so I told her to try painting instead. 
All night she painted and was so pleased when she came back home with an A and a £1 the next day for good work. So when I checked her sister's reports as well and found they also had A's then I figured it was birthday time again. Cosette, Colette and Odette will be teens and Skylar, Darby and Jude will be toddlers.
Jude as a toddler. He has Bey's hair and eye colour, and my looks otherwise. 

Then went Darby. She had my eyes and really dark hair, I have no idea where from! I think it looks just like Elvira Slayers. She prefers to be alone rather than with her family, but barely lets go of me. She's also a vampire like her father, Bey and brother Skylar.
Last of them was Skylar. He has my hair and eyes, he also has traits quite similar to mine at that age, he's a loner as well and a virtuoso. He was paying the xylophone and quickly maxed his skill level on it.
My friend and another challenge mum, Ava Alden offered to take some photos of the teens for their aging up shots, and I think they turned out pretty well. This is Colette. She was a vampire, and I have no idea why. But I think she pulls it off perfectly, her skin looks lovely against her pale purple eyes and bright blue hair. She is sure to have all the boys after her. 

This is Odette as a teen. She decided to keep her pink hair and ties it up in braids unlike her sister who lets it hang loose. She gets bored very easily though, and has the evil trait so I make sure that she only babysits when she has one of her sisters with her.
And finally was Cosette. She had fallen in love with painting and spent a lot of time at the easel. Her hair was cut very short, apparently she wants to be a mum one day too and doesn't want kids pulling it. 
I got a call from an unidentified number and answered it, kinda worried as I don't know who would be calling me. 
"Hello" said a voice. "ummmm. Hello voice." I replied. 
"Ah, you do't know who I am do you. My name is Sunny Colore. " Said the voice. 
"Nice to meet you, Sunny Colore. How can I help you?" 
"Actually, it is more a case of how I can help YOU. I was wondering, i-if you still need a father for your next child. Could I umm, help?" "Sure Sunny. I'll meet you here at, say, 8:30 tonight? You know where I live, right!"
"Of course I do. I designed the place!" He laughed. I didn't believe him, but from the way he said it, I guess I had no choice. 
At 8:30 he arrived and we went to the bar and had some drinks  made by Cosette. I might have had a few too many though, in fact I can't quite remember how may I had? 12, I think. It was all a bit of a blur, though I'm sure Cosette will have some tales to tell her new boyfriend. In fact all three of the girls will. They all have partners's now. Cosette is madly in love with one of her classmates, a girls called Olga. Colette is dating someone called Tim Jacobson. And Odette has struck up a friendship with Sunny Colore's son.

And I have a BG, Baby Growing that is. Me and Sunny decided to try for a baby in the elevator.  I have to say though, he was very nervous about all this. Apparently he wants to come see the baby, and have it stay with him every so often. 
Anyway, after getting my baby bump I went to visit the doctor at the hospital, who was, incidentally, Sunny Colore's wife/sister, I wasn't sure which, Lilac Colore. Apparently I'm having a little baby girl. I figure her name could be, Solange, Angel Of The Sun.
The first thing I did when I got home was teach Skylar how to talk. It was the middle of the night so my teens were reading with the other 2 and taking advantage of the Vampire skills gaining. In 3 hours Cosette got her mixology skill up to level 5. And Odette was level 6 in painting, with Colette in the lead at level 7 piano.
Next I did some household chores.
Laundry, Cooking the next day's breakfast, gardening. 
Of course my boring daily life was incredibly shook up when I had my first labour in a completely new town. I raced to the hospital, not worried at all. I was very excited. So was the baby. No sooner had I left the hopsital than I came out with a beautiful baby girls. With the traits Friendly and Insane.


  1. Thanks for using Sunny! You downloaded him from my blog, correct?

    To bad his daughter didn't get his skin tone. Now his sons in my game have a new half-sibling!

  2. Yes, I did. I'm sorry I forgot to say that. You make me sound like a real idiot sometimes. But thank you for reminding me.

    Hey everyone, Sunny came from Catlover800!