Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Baby 27,28,29

Soon enough it was time for the babies to become toddlers and the teens young adults. I was shocked when I came home to see this:
just before the party. He wouldn't tell me who the girl was, or why she was NAKED, but I checked the CCTV. The camera's only turned on while I was out, as a safety precaution. And I could not believe what I saw... but that wasn't the first time, there was 2 different pieces of footage, one of them with another girl. And I was sure I heard a lullaby, which meant his girlfriend was pregnant. I put the thought out of my mind, but gave Brayan a look that I knew would tell him we would talk later about this. It would have been mean to kick the girlfriend out onto the street so they could stay teens for a while, but the babie are going to be big girls today!
First up was Odette, she has her Dad's hair, but his wig, if that makes sense, my eyelashes and eyes, his nose and mouth. She is the perfect mix of the 2 of us.And below is her as a toddler.   

Then came Cosette, she was a perfect duplicate of Shen. None of me is in her, not even my eyes which most of my children seem to get.  And finally was Colette. If her sister was her Dad then she was definitely me. 

I was watching Brayan and the un-named during the celebration, he seemed more interested in sucking her face off than anything else, so I decide they would have to move out, I don't care how pregnant she is. So Brayan and Einar left teen-hood. They moved out straight after and I didn't get the chance to take a photo of either of them.
But now the house was almost empty, so I needed some babies, the next father was a man I met on-line, and his name was Bey Blade. He kept his hair in a Mohawk, but even I could see the cool colours, then I saw his eyes were a really cool orange colour, and knew I needed some of his genes. So we woohooed, and I was pregnant.
Not long after, well 3 days after, I gave birth to 4 babies at the hospital. There had been a problem, and one of my babies hadn't survived...


  1. the girls are cute!and what was skye's son thinking?

    1. He's an ass. Let's leave it at that.

      I'm glad you like them. they grow up to be three of my favourite children. Especially Colette.

      thank you for commenting. I was so glad to log on and see all four comments, and I hope you come back soon?

      But OML, you made me re-read my old posts and I am SO glad I am re-writing them.