Monday, 28 March 2011

More baby 24,25 AND 26

Today I came home from China. I was buzzing with excitement and pleased to be pregnant. For the whole flight I was feeling nauseous though, so when I got home I had to go puke. Whenever I got morning sickness My hair got in the way so I decided to cut it down. It was taking too long on a morning anyway. After I was sick there was a little worry when the toilet half broke, so I upgraded it to self-cleaning. After that I got a bit hungry so I went to have dinner with the boys. they were all a bit jet-lagged so decided to have a nap, I went to check on her boys and could tell that Einar was in pain.

His scars ached sometimes and he would wake up screaming. It was since he returned to our old house, and the beds there. He wasn't sleeping right and I had a plan to help him. I was building a new home, far from the main road. After that I sat and drew for a while, until I was interrupted by the arrival of a baby bump! I called the doctor and I was having TWINS, not only that but twin GIRLS! I decided to call them Collette and Cossette, just in case it was triplets I also decided on Odette. I recieved an invitation to Selena Moore's party, so I decided to attend. 
When I got back the twins had to age up. I had a small birthday party, just us and then we went to go and have fun on our own. We would be spending lots of time as a family when the baby got here. 

I was upgrading the washer when the contractions started. They were coming thick and fast, so I knew this would be a long labour. I was worried after Einar's birth so I went to hospital so the professionals could look after me. After a long 8 hour labour I can now introduce the three newsest triplets...
Odette- 7lb 4oz- 20inches
Cosette- 6lb 8oz- 17inches
Colette- 8lb 0oz- 20 inches


  1. Congrats on triplets! I love their names and the turquiose hair color.

  2. @Catlover800- Thanks. I get triplets all the time, and the hair colour has a link to her name, cus its sky blue. wow. I sound like a dork when I comment don't I.

  3. Skye looks very cute with her new look