Sunday, 13 March 2011

Baby 22+ 23 Worries and Rebirth.

Today I aged up everyone. I was going to have another baby soon so I needed the room. Xavier was the only one to stay as he was because I haven't skilled him up yet. Eragon was always a little strange. He decided he wanted to skip his teen years and become a YA early. I said it was OK but couldn't help wondering why. Eragon was very good looking. The girls are going to enjoy meeting him. After everyone grew up the new father came round. He was called Raines Clement, and he was pink all over. He was a bit of a jerk though and called all my kids ugly. The horror. So I told him to leave and went to visit Spring. She has 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl and she's getting higher and higher in the political career to fullfil her LTW. We also decided to move back in next door to her so she can have a well trained babysitter on hand. We moved into our old house and she moved to the one next door with her husband Wei. They are both vamps and very happy together. Meanwhile I got news from James and Ryn. They'd been on holiday to a really empty island and they figured maybe all the Everard's should move there and we could all have enough room. They've got a company to begin building but it could be a couple of years before there's enough houses. But enough of that, my baby bump just arrived! I am also very pleased because Xavier's skin got darker and he looks just like his dad. He also got his Dad's nose and oddly he got blonde hair with his Dad's purple tips roots and Highlights. All he has of me is my eye colour. Xavier is a really quick learner. It only took a couple of tries to get him to use a potty and he was smiling and laughing for hours after learning his new skill. I only got to teach him that though, before my contractions kicked in. These were REALLY painful, 'Perhaps something is wrong' I thought.  I rushed to the hospital and had to call a babysitter to look after everyone. It was a really long labour and I was right to go to hospital. I came out with twins, both boys. They were my perfect little angels, only one of them had a facial tumour. they hadn't been able to see it on the ultrasound because it had grown at the last minute. The doctors said that they'd have to take him for surgery or it would cut off his windpipe and he would die. But there was only a 30% chance he would make it through the op at such a young age. He gets to spend a week with me and then the surgery. This also means I cannot age him up, so he stays with me as a little baby. There will also be some facial scarring that will never go away. With all the stress I still haven't figured out what to name them. Brayan the name for the first. The one with a tumour and the second will be called Einar, which means lone 

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