Sunday, 20 March 2011

Baby 24

Today the triplets were going to become young adults and I was going to get pregnant again. I worked long into the night and finally got everything set up. I got a call from Felicity, she was at her long-term boyfriends house and they wanted to age up together so I invited him to the party.
"Sure, you can come." I told him later when I met him he shook my hand like a true gentleman, mainly because he was. He was....
"Felicity" he said "You are my life, love and everything. Without you I am nothing. You can help me make the music of the night and to love me, is all I ask of you. Will you stay with me forever?" and Felicity said, "Of course Erik. I love you." And she asked me to make a video of their life together, with photo's I'd taken. There was too much love to just fit into 1 image. I gave a copy to Phantom as well, so they can always watch it again.
So after their small private marriage Felicity and Phantom moved out. They decided to move into his house, which was just down the road from me.
Then I said goodbye to Grace and Fallyn. I was surprised at how much Grace looked like me, but then I was surprised that any of my kids looked so much like me.

Fallyn married the President of the United States. They met when she was doing some security work for him, and now she's married to him AND his head of security. because of her job, I'm not allowed to post pictures of her, but I'm, sure you'll see her on TV sooner or later. Grace wants to be a Superstar athlete so she moved out nearer to the sports stadium and the gym. Fallyn left to go to some international affair in Afghanistan. So I had to invite the next father over. His name was The Ridlu. He had green skin and blue and white hair. When I rang I got a message saying he was out of town for the month, could I call back. So I got on with some chores. While I threw away newspapers Xavier did the laundry.

We'd all been fishing earlier as well and the fish had made me crave sushi. Thinking of sushi made me think of Asia,and that brought us to China. It had been a long time since I had a holiday and an even longer time since I took the kids, so I checked on-line and booked us some flights to Shang Simla. Just before we left I had to go turn on the sprinklers and look after the garden. Just as I was weeding I maxed out my Gardening skill and learned how to grow an omni-plant. WOO HOO!
But then it was onto the plane and off to China!
 Xavier's POV
Dear Diary,
Today I decided to go on an adventure. I had to go and collect some gems for somebody. To begin with I thought they must have been really lazy and worthless, but then I saw why someone else had to do it. The girl who needed them had broken both her legs. She was unable to walk unaided and had to complete her project. When I gave her the gems I was astounded! She was so pretty it was unbelievable. Her hair was jet black and her eyes were crystal clear pools of Tanzanite blue. I fell in love with her on the spot. She needed me to come back in the morning so I headed home to sleep. Upstairs I could hear a lullaby so I figured mum must have found another guy to be in her challenge.
Skye's POV

And Xavier was right, I had. His name was Shen Su, he was a cancer patient who was going through chemo. When we got upstairs I turned around to pick something up and when I returned to face him he had completely different hair. Apparently he had been wearing a wig because his natural hair was too thin, but he wanted me to know what I was letting myself in for. It was WHITE AND BLUE HAIR!!! I was so pleased because he had lovely eyes as well that would really go. So we got down to business. On the first try we got the lullaby and I was very excited because that meant an adorable little baby or babies was on the way!! Downstairs I had been very careful to make sure he didn't have AIDS or any other STD, I was always very careful about things like that.

Just after he left I got a call from Xavier. he wanted to age up so he could marry the love of his life. He wouldn't tell me her name. But I gave him permission, and he became a fine young adult.

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