Monday, 14 March 2011

Worries for Baby 22

Today was the first full day with my little babies. I will keep them the same age so they have someone to play with when they are older. The triplets could see I was a little worried and were really helpful. They did the laundry, cleaned the counters and cooked breakfast today. I figured they would want to age up soon but they always were helpful anyway. My suspicions were confirmed when Fallyn, the bravest of the three cam and whispered in my ear. "Mum, can we age up. To help with the kids and all that stuff. I'm fed up of being a kid and school is just so easy. I'm 12, I think I know what 3x3 is." 
"Ok honey. What kinda cake do you want." Ummmm STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE! My girls replied. I glanced down at little Xavier. "What about you bug boy what do You want? I asked. "cwokwok" he replied. He had a sweet tooth after all. 
So I aged them up.
Each made a wish and blew out their candles. First Fallyn.
Then Felicity.

Then Grace. 
They all became beautiful teens and young women.
This is Fallyn. She's a bit on the chubby side but she knows how to dress it, so she always looks slim. She also started to wear make-up as most teens to, although she found it hard to find anything that went with her skin tone. Fallyn also got a tattoo without asking, as well as a nose ring I was a little amazed at that, but she just looked at me so imploringly that I couldn't tell her off.
This is Grace. She also started to wear makeup, though hers has a blue theme to it so it matches her hair. She is stunning and was chatting up the babysitter who stayed for the party. He wasn't very flirty though so she just left him alone after a while.

And this is Felicity. She looks very much like her dad, but she has curious black hair. It suits her though. She is very adventurous and hardly ever still. Her eyes tilt as well so you're never quite sure if she's looking at you or not. She doesn't wear any make up, she thinks it wrecks her skin.
So then I aged up Xavier.

He grew up into a little carbon copy of his dad, I can't see any of me in him at all.

I left the room to check on the babies. I really do hope that both of them will live to play with their little dough tables and see all the little decorations I've made for them. There's only a couple of days until the surgery now and we are all really worried. I called Raines to tell him and he told me he'd come to the surgery with me.
3 Days Later
This is it little fellow I said as I walked into the hospital car park. I'd decided to walk so my little darling could feel the air on his face. It might be the last time he ever saw the sun. 9 hours of hell waiting for the doctor to come and tell me if my son was still alive. No mother should have to go through that, I thought. The surgeon came out, his face hidden under a blue mask and blue-gloved hands quivering. "I'm sorry Miss Everard. Your son... how can I put this he has to stay here overnight. His condition is barely stable. Were going to give him antibiotics and just keep hoping."
Thank god. I heaved a sigh of relief that my baby was through the worst. The next morning I came out carrying a perfect little bundle of joy. My baby was 100% better. I was told that he would always have SOME visual impairment and perhaps be a little behind at school but I didn't care. When we got home I aged both the youngest up. 
My garden was a little wilted so I went upstairs to water and harvest it and then I went to check on the toddlers. To my surprise Grace was teaching Einar(tumour) how to walk. It was adorable as normally I struggle to keep her away from a mirror. It will 
be a while before I have any more now because there is 7 of us in the house. So in the next post be 
prepared for more birthdays.

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  1. I don't think that Fallyn is chubby at all. I think she is beautiful and the make up she picked goes very well with her skintone. It makes her pop. Grace, on the other hand, might have gone a little overboard with the blue ;) Felicitiy is a natural beauty and Xavier is quite unique

    Glad that Einar made it through the surgery and is going to be alright.