Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Family Update

This is Brayan. He's the eldest of the twins and looks just like his Dad. He has only a hint of blue in his hair though.

And this is Einar. He was younger and you can probably see his scarring. Those are from the surgery he had as a baby. He also looks just like his Dad, but he has a bit of my hair.
Today I taught them how to walk...
Woops! Careful little guy! I said as Brayan fell over just as he finished learning to walk.

3 guesses what that little cutie will be doing when he grows up. From the look of his first few words all he wants to do is start a family.
And ,inevitably, potty...
I guess you can tell from my expression that this is my least favourite job. UUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!

I was surprised when I saw this though...

This is Felicity teaching her baby bro to talk. We'd spent all morning training at martial arts and now all 3 of my girls were at the same skill level, blue belt! I went downstairs to get he washing when I realised it had already been done, Xavier isn't allowed to do it so it must have been my girls. Why are they being so helpful. I don't know, guess I'll find out eventually. They are meant to be ageing up soon, into Young Adults, these 3 are going to be missed, even with all the banter and fights they had. They love each other really. I hope all my kids get along well, but I really also hope to get a BIT of sibling rivalry because always being perfect annoys me a little. When these 3 do move out I know who the next father will be. He doesn't want to be named but he has green skin and blue/white hair. 

After we'd finished with the boys we went back into the basement and I maxed out my martial arts skill. I was black belt! But now of course we had loads of laundry to do so I had to do it. I must have walked up 12 flights of stairs and down as many.

Updates from my kids:
November has married someone called Abigail. She is a vampire and they have 3 children. Tania(f),Kareem(m) and Shawna(f). 
Ameythist is still going out with Parker and she has 1 child. (f-Richelle)
Ben and Maxine are expecting.
Spring and Wei have 3, Lowell(m), Aspire(f) and Bryant(m). So I have a grand total of 7 Grandchildren, plus Ben and Maxine's!
Meanwhile work is slowly progressing on the island. My house for after the challenge is built with a playground nearby and so is the beach. Ryn is head designer and I'm glad to say it is all very flat meaning no falling down hills or having to push our little car up mountains like nowadays.

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  1. This post was a bit hard to read because of the coloring. I had to highlight it in order to read. Even with his scarring, Einar is very cute