Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My Baby’s in trouble, call in the army.

First gift
"Come on then Babies, you've got to grow up to come trick or treating!" I said. Calista, Avery, and Jesse:
Avery- Looking Suave And Sophisticated.
Calista Hadley-The Sculptor, designer and genius I remember her father for being.
Jesse is a little bundle of joy.
It was time we went out and enjoyed ourselves on Halloween night. We went all over town, unfortunately my camera ran out of battery, so I only got photo's of the first house! We went to all the challenge Moms and we saw them all in costume.(The ones from last post.)
Leilah always starts acting strange when she gets tired, so I knew she should go home when she started doing this, and sent her home
Leilah’s P.O.V
She really fell for that, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER, didn’t she. Thank god I've finally got away from the family to do something really fun. It's really important Mom doesn't find out about this. But I can trust you, right? See, I've got a bit of a secret hobby, it's easier to show you rather than tell you, so.....
Yeah, But let's get one thing straight here, I have NOT got a problem with alcohol.
It's normally so calming, but today I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched. It was impossible, because nobody knows about this place, I built it myself. But I really felt like there was someone here with me. In fact, I had since I returned home....
Neurotic Cartoonist
Hello, Leilah.” came a voice from behind me. I turned in my seat to see a man, his face hidden behind a mask stood behind me. He grabbed me by the wrist and shoved me against the wall. I pushed at him, trying to get him off me.
“’C'mon Leilah, we had a deal you know. You said I help you build me this, I get whatever I want. Well, This is what I want.”
“No, You can’t have that.” Screenshot-6
“You don’t get that authority, sorry Little Girl.” He said, and then he kissed me. I shoved him, off and slapped him.

He injected something into me during the fight, then left. Just like that.
The next fay I wasn’t feeling so hot. I threw up a few times, and I was having EXTREME mood swings.

What was wrong with me?…

Leilah- Hey mom, there's something I need to say to you. But I'm not gonna tell you yet. I want to be certain. SO you'll have to wait.
Skye- What on earth?


  1. I really hope you guys know what it was he wanted? Cos I didn't want to type the word.!

  2. No, the meaning is pretty clear, you just have to read between the lines... THAT IS HECTIC! O_O OMG, you need to post again, SOON! I think everyone knows what is going to happen to Leiah (the throwing up and all...), but still, I can't wait to see how it will all play out. :D

  3. Thank you Destiny.I'l, post soon, my game is loading as we speak. I'm not really sure how to make it different, with the throwing up etc. (I'm giving nothing away here) but I'll play as it goes.
    Thanks again for commenting and the gift Destiny.

  4. I really enjoyed this update. I agree with Destiny completely that the feeling you were trying to convey came across perfectly clear without you needing to state it. Leilah needs to tell Skye so that if the guy comes back, she'll be able to protect her daughter (and the reason for Leilah's extreme mood swings).

  5. I don't know why Christy, but something about that comment made me giggle. And don't worry, there'll be some explaining in the next post. And good. I was really worried some people wouldn't understand what I was on about, I'm gonna almost quote a book here, and it doesn't quite fit because I changed it a little,but I always wanted to say it,

    That'll teach me to underestimate Challenge Moms.

  6. awesome post! im glad you came out with another one! :D ooh poor leilah! i cant wait to see what happens!

  7. Thanks Violet! I'm guessing you know what he did? And I'd like to know what happens next too.

  8. I loved the pictures of Avery in the beginning. He's like, "I'm so cool." It made me smile. :)

    Ugh, that guy disgusts me. Poor Leilah. :( Can't wait for your next post to come out. I really want her to know what happened.

  9. Thanks Cat. The guy is getting his comeuppance, lets just say, he'll never see bunnys in the same way again. And, the next post might be a while. There;s a crashing problem .