Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Baby 39

******If everyone could please ignore the various outfit and hair changes in this that would be great.*******

I checked my email to see if I had any new messages. I had one from challengefathers@blog.com, the subject line was
RE:- Challenge Father,
We have a new father for you to use, Lenard Ryley, hope you decide to use him. NOTE: He’s a newbie, probably never done this before.
he looks like this.
All of a sudden I got a call from downstairs,
Christine- BYE MOM!
Me: Bye Kids, Have a nice Day at High/Primary(Elementary) School.
Leilah: Bye Mom. Have a nice day with the babies.
While waving,Erik: Remember Ma, you owe me a piano lesson! He glanced over to see Raoul sniggering.

Raoul: Shut it little bro, everyone knows she’d rather give me one. You’re just a loser.Screenshot-70
As I heard that my heart was breaking, until I heard Leilah coming to her big brother’s rescue.
Leilah: Listen up Raoul, I’m only gonna say this once, YOU DO NOT TALK TO ERIK THAT WAY, you hear me. Cos if you do there ain’t no-one in this house who’s gonna be talking to you.
Raoul- Whoa, calm down there little firecracker. I was only having a laugh.
Leilah-  Yeah right, and I’m the only sane one in the house. *Insert funny comment about Raoul not understanding sarcasm here because Leilah has insane trait.*
Leilah stuck with her brother the entire way into school, and because she was in front of him didn’t see him thanking God silently for her.
*Note: I personally am not Christian, and neither are any of my Sims, it just happened to be that he was looking up at that moment, so I rolled with it.*
But then the kids were gone and it was just me and the babies, for birthday time!
Calista Hadley went first: She was a beautiful combination of black and aqua, however favoured Erik’s genetics over mine. Her hairScreenshot-78 was my favourite of her features and the colour scheme was mirrored throughout her clothes. She had her father’s:

Skin +Hair base colour. +Eyes +Nose +Mouth +Eyebrows.

And My:
Highlights, Face shape, Eye shape, Nose shape.
Next up was Avery Everard:
Avery was the nearly complete opposite of Calista Hadley. He had blue and black hair, with the colour scheme one again mirrored throughout his clothing. He had mysterious green eyes, since mine are purple and Erik’s were brown. He had my:
Base hair
Erik’s: Eyes? Mouth, Eyebrows,
Highlights, Ears
and presumably everything else.

I got right on with teaching them to walk.


Skye- Come on Avery. Come to momma. That’s it. Good boy.
I said tossing him in the air.

While I was doing that, sensible Calista Hadley was playing with the block toy. And apparently getting very, very mad at it.
IT  was soon time for their nap however and I

cherished the few seconds I had holding her close to me. But soon it was time to lay her down to sleep, so I read her a story from the book, and waited for the big kids to come home.
When they finally did it was with a chorus of shouts and cheers from Christine.

Screenshot-6Christine- Ma, Ma, you have to give us another day as teens.
Skye- Why honey, I thought you wanted to age up today, you are all honour students after all.
Christine- I know Ma, but Prom is TONIGHT. Oh my god, I need to get ready, do my hair, my make-up, my DRESS.
Skye- Calm down honey, I have a dress that should fit you. Make-up is in the third drawer on the left, and Erik knows everything there is to know about hair.
Christine- Oh thanks Ma, you’re the best. By the way, are you and Erik a couple or something?
Skye- I don’t know, but I sure wish we are. He is amazing and just amazing really.
Christine- Ma, do you remember your prom?
Skye- Yes, do you want to hear the story.Screenshot
Christine- Yeah, of course.
Screenshot-2Skye- Well I got to prom, I was voted prom queen. Everyone was very pleased with me, except for Janey Apple, the most ‘popular’ girl in school. She pushed me into a pond on the grounds, then tore my dress.
And then came the really weird bit, my hair was in my eyes, so I couldn’t see. I was wondering all over, when BAM. I walked into a tree.
I woke up the next morning with concussion and a torn dress. But I had the most fun I’ve ever had at a party.
All in all, I’m not too fond of Prom. But you should go for it.

Unfortunately Christine’s worries were heightened when she fell opening the chest of drawers to get some clotes and the make-up out.Screenshot-3 She had no reason to worry however, as she looked stunning in the end.

Erik and raoul had decided to join the band, so their preparation was minimised. Christine was going with her old imaginary friend turned Girlfriend Angie.Screenshot-4 And here she is, in all her glory. She got a photo taken on the way in as well.


After she returned home it was nearly midnight, but she still had energy to tell her little sister that Angie had proposed to her that evening. She was thrilled, and couldn’t wait to age up in the morning with her brothers.



It was Christine, Erik and Raoul’s birthday. Angie had aged up at home and was coming over for the official proposal this morning.


Screenshot-40L-R: Raoul:

He always was a ladies man, and this time was no exception. He was in the process of growing a beard.


My Beautiful bride. She was stunning in her bridal wear and hair. She looked just like her father, it was so amazing to see her all grown up. I keep forgetting her and her brothers are not triplets and aging them up together they are so close.


A composer and insomniac at heart. He hardly ate, drank or slept while he was in composing mode, he was working on an opera for the theatre to perform, and it was already showing in his tired eyes.


We aged up Leilah so she could be a bridesmaid, and I was Maid of Honour, and of course the mother of the bride. Open-mouthed smileScreenshot-42Here she is pretending to strangle herself. Apparently she doesn’t like having her photo taken. Her style had done a complete 180 turn. From tom-boy to Victorian princess could be the only way to describe it. Screenshot-9After the wedding the father finally got here. He was as beautiful in person as he was in the photo. Apparently he was amazed at getting to participate in my challenge. He had always wanted to meet me. Apparently I was one of the big shots on the website, a place for challenge moms to find new fathers. Screenshot-8In fact, I was even asked for my autograph. He had a clean bill of health, otherwise he wouldn’t be on the website, so we were all set to go.


I had to hurry the business along, Erik was coming over and we were going to spend the evening together. It was a surprise, I really had no idea where we were going.

Turns out we were on the annexe roof. He has made it glass a few days ago, but it was strong. Enough to hold us, and some things. We sat down to talk.


We ended up doing a little more than just talking. I really felt a connection with him. I hoped he felt the same way. And I asked the big question, the major one, the one that could change the challenge forever. That’s absolutely right, “Will you, give me a massage?”

Ok, so I asked him if he would be my boyfriend as well, but I find the massage much more important. Screenshot-10Screenshot-11Screenshot-13

Beautiful piano music drifted up from below us. Leilah was there, playing the love song she wrote the day of Christine’s wedding. It was the happiest day of my life, until Erik ran off. I followed him to the beach. He was leaning on a bench, with tears in his eyes. I sat down next to him, knowing I would be the first to speak.Screenshot-14

Skye- Erik? What’s wrong?

Erik- I- I just can’t believe this is happening. I barely lived a day with other people, and you’ve already got my mask off. You weren’t even scared of me. And you want me to be with you. You make me feel alive, it’s like Christine Daae did with my Grandfather.

Skye- I’ve seen Phantom enough times to know it’s never the way forward.

Erik- Skye, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you since the day we met. I- I love you.

Skye- Oh my. Finally.

Then I feinted. On my new boyfriend, who just told me he loved me. Good god, he must have thought I didn’t love him, or I was dead, I’m not sure which is worse!Screenshot-16

He carried me home and laid me on the sofa. I woke the next morning with a sore neck, shouting,

“Yes mother, I’ll never fall asleep at the organ with my mask of again!” I scare myself sometimes, I mean, the amount of POTO related men and dreams in my life is just stupendous.


I realised what had woken me, in the next room Erik was teaching the kids skills, though not the conventional ones, he was playing xylophone with Avery, and teaching Calista Hadley to sing, using the doll she had as a base motivation point.

I went downstairs to prepare breakfast, humming as I did so. I was not long after disturbed by my baby bump’s arrival.Screenshot-61

I went over to Ben and Maxine’s house, they’d just moved into the area, and was shocked to find Snow there as well as their two little ones. They gave me several opportunities for photos and this was my favourite:


In the bottom left is Bambi Everard, above her, her father Ben (my son), his wife Maxine Allard, now Everard, and Bambi’s twin Yvonne.

I talked to Snow for a while, and she was amazed when I told her I was pregnant with baby 39.


By the time I returned, after a day of family antics I was huge, and my back was aching. It was all made better when Erik gave me a massage.Screenshot-84Screenshot-63







I figured I was big enough to go to hospital soon so I saved myself a labour drive, getting there early, maybe a little too early. Screenshot-86

Fortunately my quick thinking had brought me a book, so I read that and went for a walk. Suddenly I felt a pain and my water broke so I rushed back to hospital. The paparazzi were there and I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t even give birth in peace. Screenshot-87Screenshot-88




Eventually I welcomed to the world a little baby boy, Jesse Chrysler Everard. (Known as Jesse to the world.)




  1. The twins were so cute! I love Calista's hair with her skin tone, she's adorable and beautiful! I loved the wedding pictures too... and Erik. I know I should laugh but I thought it was funny that she fainted. Great post, I enjoyed reading it! :)

  2. May I ask to which Erik you are referring. And, thank you, and thank you again for he wedding pictures, and I was kinda going for the giggles with the fainting.

  3. Aw great post! and im honored you named Jesse after the Chryslers! ill have a new post out tomorrow.. sorry its been such a wait :)

  4. Erik is so cute. Your son that is; both as a teen and a young adult. Good for Leilah for standing up for her older brother like that. The youngest set of twins are so very different looking. It's hard to believe that they are even twins at all with so many differences.

    Congratulations to Christine. The wedding shots are very pretty and Christine looks beautiful in her wedding dress. Leilah is beautiful as a teenager. I love the picture of her strangling herself. It's funny! I love the family photo of Ben, Maxine, and their two girls.

    So many wonderful pictures in this update.

  5. Wow! Im so honored you named little Jesse after the Chrysler's. Great post!

  6. oops.. i just realized i commented twice.. silly me. just ignore one of them.. lol

  7. Thank you to everyone, I think this is the most comments I ever got on one post, so you all get another point.
    Violet C: I said I would, it just wouldn't fit in the box, so he's called Jesse. Oops.
    And thank's Christy for all the lovely compliments. They just made my day.

  8. Amazing post you should check out my challenge! I started last month and am currentally ( excuse my horrible spelling lol) on baby #6 (I think) I love comments like most bloggers/ challenge makers and follow me and stuff like that. I will def keep reading 

  9. Thanks Amiee. Sure I'll check out your challenge. I'm really glad you love the challenge. :D