Saturday, 3 September 2011

Baby 37+38- A Day Without Drama is all I ask.

Baby #37:
I was in bed, sleeping. One of the few times I could with a newborn. When I got a text. I jumped, the ringtone surprised me. It was music of The Night from Phantom of The Opera, and very loud. 
It was someone who called themselves O.G. I smiled at the joke, it was what the Phantom would call himself if he had a phone. 
The message read:
O.G: Meet me at park. Sat. 7:00pm. O.G.
Me: Who are you?
O.G: The Opera Ghost, The Angel of Music, Erik. The list goes on. But be there, you won't regret it.
What a funny conversation. I expected it would be a challenge father, one who was a little obsessive. After all how else could he know about my and my creator's obsession with POTO. 
I carried on with my life. Teaching Christine how to walk, and potty:

And caring for Leilah.
 Of course the rest of the family were busy too. Raoul was always playing with blocks, Erik barely left the library and Solange was building up as many skills as possible. Your eyes are not deceiving you, he really is dressed as a princess. 
My life was getting really busy. Our house had 
been furnished, so it was time to go. 
TOUR: This is the entrance to our house, and the rest of the bottom floor.
Quiet room. In noisy room all there is are some sculpting things and inventing things.
Laundry Room
Kitchen. With breakfast bar and dining room.

Now the Top Floor:
This is the nursery and deck. It's where I'll teach the kids all sorts of skills.
My room, where all the magic happens, it's right next door to the nursery.
This is the girl's room. The theme is 'wild grrls' :/? (still under edit.)
The boy's room. They wanted a really modern and cool room.
The gym, added outside the girl's room at Solange's request. She'd designed a room suitable for everyone except herself.
This is a better view of the hot-tub and a bit of the pool.
So that's the house. 
I spent the rest of the week looking after the kids, being the mother I should. The challenge was on hold until we were settled in. With only a baby and toddler to care for I had more time too spend with the kids.
I made dinner Wednesday night, hot-dogs for us, and tofu dogs for Solange, the vegetarian. 
We all ate as a family, 

 And did the dishes, I put them in the dishwasher.
And then we had family game night, we played video games and Solange got a foot massage in the new massage chair.
And then it was time for Leilah to grow up into a toddler!
I made sure to snuggle her before she grew up. It would be the last time I felt her little baby skin next to mine. 
And just like that she was a big girl. She had her father's hair, eyes and mouth. My Nose and face. And really beautiful tank skin. She was like an Italian, but better! She wears red, green and white a lot.
Christine and her kept separate, both preferring their imaginary friend dolls to the other.
Christine's I have nicknamed Ange De La Musique, because she is always singing to it. 
We went to sleep waiting for the day and night ahead. I'd nearly forgotten about my date, until I looked at my calendar Thursday morning.
It was only the morning though, so I spent the day looking after the kids. I played xylophone with Christine.
And then I taught Leilah to talk. She kept getting distracted though, and looking at he toys on the deck.
But by then the kids were home and I had to get ready to go out. I began by sorting out the kids, especially Christine, she's a big screamer. 
I LOVE this pic.
Then I had to gussy up, check I looked OK and head out.
I arrived at the park early, and there was no-one there so I sat on the swings and hung out for a while. Until I felt a hand on my shoulder.
 I turned around and the hand's owner smiled and waved. I was so surprised I fainted.

His face fell and I felt very bad when I woke up. 
He carried me underground, to a room under the park. He was very careful with me laying me on the bed until I was sufficiently woken up to talk to him. 
Me- Who are you?
Him- I'm Erik. 
I was amazed to be meeting the great grandson of my al time hero. It seems he had been watching me from afar. I cupped his head in my hands and asked him if he wanted to be in the challenge.
He said yes, quietly, then I kissed him before he had chance to decline. I swear if it was a movie there would have been fireworks.
But there wasn't the best the creator could do was a flashy heart in the corner.
It doesn't even flash :Z
We went to the bed, and I continued kissing him. My clothes were 'stolen', so I couldn't wear them, I just lay there and  relaxed, my eyes drooping. He couldn't keep his eyes (or hands) off me. 

Where'd my clothes go.

 Of course we had to do our business as well.

I was very happy to be talking to him. And asked him about his family. Apparently he inherited the deformity and the lack of social skills. 
I really felt a connection between us. I couldn't be in love, I just couldn't. After all, remember the other challenge mums and what happens when they get together with a dad, and then they get jealous. But for some reason I was asking him if he would like to go out again some time. A voice in my head was screaming at me.
Voice: What the hell are you thinking.
Me: But I like him.
Voice: That's not the point, for one his grandfather's a (hot) psycho stalker dude, and he's a challenge dad. It'll never work out.
Me: Voice, be quiet. His grandfather was amazing at what he did, and if I could have a chance with him. Anyway you aren't real so shut up.
I had to go home then, children were waiting to be cared for, and we set a next date to meet up.  I got home to Leilah, who needed the bathroom, so I jumped in and taught her how to go potty. She smiled at me, like she was really thankful for it.
Her pooping face was absolutely adorable in my opinion.I made it massive so you can see all the epic cuteness.
I was surprised to see Erik at the doorway, not 5 minutes later with a gift for me and the children. It was a photo album of all of them, made with pictures from my blog.
I invited him inside to meet the toddlers, and he and Christine instantly took a shine to each other. She even let him potty train her!
It wasn't long however before he had to leave, and I got back to doing normal things. Like, ageing Christine,
worrying about Solange,
and forcing my children to feel the new baby. Muahaha.
Solange had to learn to drive, and I should have known better than to teach her on my last day of pregnancy. 
because I had to run home mid lesson, and give birth to the baby. As soon as I arrived the kids were screaming, literally.
So I went upstairs, while they stayed down to talk.
A few minutes after the birth Solange came to see the baby and talk to me.
Solange- Mum, me and the others were talking, I think it's best if I move out now.
Me- But why sweetie, you don't have to you know.
Solange- I know but I want to, and you need the space to continue the challenge.
Me- Honey, you had me convinced at want to.
S- So I can! Oh YAY. Thank's Ma!
So just like that she became a YA and left. I was left to help all the other little ones grow up alone. *oh cruel world*
And welcome to the world:

Baby 37- Calista-Hadley Everard
Baby 38- Avery Everard.
just forgot- if anyone is viewing the blog and not leaving comments, please do because i don't think I got over 500 views from 8 people. That's like 40 views each if I did the maths right. But anyway PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ THE POST, EVEN AS ANONYMOUS.


  1. just forgot- if anyone is viewing the blog and not leaving comments, please do because i don't think I got over 500 views from 8 people. That's like 40 views each if I did the maths right. But anyway PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ THE POST, EVEN AS ANONYMOUS.

  2. nice post! skye just moved out in my game; her and hadley are great sisters~ esipicially skye! she cooks, change diapers, does laundry, and cleans the house! i thought i'd give you an update on skye since it's named after you! lol

  3. That's nice for her. And thank you. And something else as well that I forgot to say, yes, Jessi will be called Victoria Jessi. Or Jesse Chrysler Everard.

  4. I like the new house and the challenge father. Your kids are super cute!

  5. Thank's Cat. It means a lot to me, knowing you like the house. I'm afraid you ain't having my challenge father, he's too special to me. Also, (he's gonna be her BoyFriend. Shhhhh)

  6. Thank's Violet, I'm calling the next baby Violet Jessi, if I remember.

  7. Oooh, I like this one! Very original baby daddy!...and the kids are gorgeous!