Thursday, 11 August 2011

Baby 36- A Hell Of A Hangover Part 1

I have decided to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming post!!! I probably wont be finishing any time soon. 
There was an art gallery opening downtown and it needed some paintings. They asked me to paint some and I agreed, on the condition that the whole family got to help. So help they did. We gathered together in the sitting room and I explained what it was all about. 
 They'd always enjoyed helping me out, especially if it involved getting very messy. So of course they were all for it. We all changed into old clothes and got on with painting. Most of the kids had no artistic skill, so Myself, Jude  and Darby did the best, due to some books I read them. All the pictures were due in by Saturday morning.

We all painted like crazy. Darby finished first, her painting was a small one. So ever the tech lover she took my camera and took some photo's around town. 

After that of course there was the little ones to take care of. Christine was the hardest, she was very demanding. No sooner had I fed her than she dirtied her nappy (diaper in American) 
And then the twins were lonely, with low social so I had to play with them. By the end of that I was totally wiped out, but knew I would be needed soon, so I had a nap. 
It would be very late before the next father could get here. he had to take a boat over from Twinbrook.  
I figured I had enough time to age up the kids, all of them. We didn't have to teach them anything.
First- Jude:
He was actually rather stunning. If I may say so. He had a very defined face, and was quite fit (athletic)
Then Darby- 
She had grown into her face recently and had taken to wearing red oriental themed clothing. It was a nice change to her usual black, which she is wearing in this photo. I guess old habits die hard.
Last of the Three= Skylar:
He had really nice hair and the only one not to look like his Dad, with my face shape. He was RIDICULOUSLY muscular, despite the fact I'd never seen him training. 
Next, becoming a teen was Solange. She had long since decided that she wanted to start getting the school to have a prom, so always kept her hair ready, in case of a surprise Prom Committee meeting. She thinks best with her hair tied back, so of course that's how she keeps it.
Erik and Raoul became children. I think Raoul is becoming lighter with each birthday, by the time he's a teen he should become almost normal!
They were polar opposites, and Erik is already showing musical and drama skill. He's going to join Drama club at school. Raoul will join BoyScouts.
I got a call from Erik's friend Christine's father. He wanted to know if they wanted to go over to Christine's to play. I jumped at the chance, and a plan was already forming in my head as to what I could do with my free night. I was long overdue to host a Challenge Mom party, and since none of us are pregnant(artistic licence claimed) it was the perfect time. 

"Yay!" I cheered. A little later we all arrived at my second floor rooms, to have a party. We got it down on the dance floor for a while.

Catherine seems to be having a great time. 

In fact we all do!
I got really worn out so decided to go over to the bar. Calista came over as well and we got talking. It seems she liked my party, but if only from her expression.

While we were talking it occured to me that my drink tasted a little.. odd... would that be the word to describe it? Probably. It was a good odd, though and after one I ordered another, I ordered a round, so we could all have one. The rest of us thought the same. By the end of that we were all a little tipsy. (If anyone doesn't know its an English word for drunk, but not properly drunk, just a little. Unless the Americans have it too. Tell me if you do!)
We decided to return to dancing. One minute we were alone and the next we were being photographed by a paparazzi. I bought one of the photo's off her, as a keep sake a few weeks after. The best one was probably this one, which I chose.

It was a Friday night and I was having fun, so I took a trip to the bar once more. 
The mixologist was a little unusual to say the least.
Turn's out he's an elf. And he thinks himself a ladies man, he was trying all these chat up lines on me. 

And apparently they were working. Oh what was I thinking. "I don't know but I'd like to check out your library." In short the night ended up something like this.....

What's it ended up as, find out in next post!


  1. Aww, you kids aged up beautifully! I love their range of hair colors!

  2. Thanks Cat. I can't wait until YOUR next post. Seem's like its been forever since I had some new reading material, despite getting some yesterday!

  3. Darby is beautiful! I love the vamp look!

  4. Darby is beautiful. I think she really grew into her looks. Is she available for download? I have been looking for a female with her oriental like features for one of my sons.

    Skylar is ridiculously cute. Really liked the shots of the challenge moms at the club. It looks like they had a lot of fun. Oh and Americans do use the word tipsy, or at least the ones that I know do.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens in part 2. The challenge father for this update is very unique looking.

  5. Christy:I will put her up for DL if you like, and I always thought she would be beautiful in the end. Thank you for Skylar, again you can DL him once I put him up.
    My biggest thank you is for Tipsy, cos I keep forgetting to ask my sister's boyfriend.