Sunday, 25 December 2011

How Many? Babies 41, 42, 43, 44,45

“Poppy! Can you come here a minute.” I called.
“Coming!” she replied as she thundered up the stairs. “Yeah, what?” she said as she walked into the room.
“I have a date tonight, with the challenge dad, so you’re in charge. Ok? No going out and I want you in bed by nine.” I told her as I checked my make-up.

I sped out the door when I heard his car horn beep outside. “Have a nice EVENING” I said over my shoulder to Poppy.

We jumped in his car and sped off to his house, well more specifically his yard, well more specifically the tree outside his yard. We crept into a tree house that was abandoned many years ago.

We got down to business and well… the rest is history. After we’d made the baby he had a few rules to check up on.

Him- So I don’t get to visit the little squirt then? Or contribute to it’s upbringing in any way?
Me- Yep, no contact. I really wish it could be easier, but there’s been problems with visiting in the past, and it’s not really very good for the child’s upbringing. I can give you regular updates and pictures, but that’s it.

Him- Oh no. That’s fine. Regular updates is amazing, I never did think I’d be able to handle a kid.
I returned home with a baby, and great joy in my heart. “Poppy, I'm back!” She ran down the stairs and hugged me. It was only then I looked at the clock, I’d been out all day. “Why don’t you let me treat you to a meal at the bistro. Just me and you?”
“Really Ma?!” She replied. I nodded.

We arrived and decided to enjoy the crisp night. She had grilled Salmon and I had Angel Cake.

After our meal it was pretty late, so we both went to bed, and slept the night away. I curled up like a caterpillar under my covers. It was time to switch to a thicker duvet.

I really didn’t feel well that morning, and to make matters worse, Poppy woke up in a terrible mood.
I didn’t know that of course until she slid down the staircase dressed like, well I don’t know what like!
And then, of all the things she came up and decided to SCARE ME SENSELESS while I was cooking her breakfast.
I woke up from my dream with a gasp of shock. Poppy was kneeling above me, shaking me. “Mum, mum, wake up.” She said in a stage whisper.
"I opened my eyes and looked at her. “We need to put up the rest of the decorations. If they aren’t up, we’ll be the only undecorated house on the street. And what’ll that do for your image.”
“Probably nothing good.” I replied, yawning. So I got up from my nap and trudged to the cupboard where I keep the decorations. I pulled them out and we got busy around the house. But most impressive was the outside. I’d really gone al out this year, probably because it was my first year when I had kids in the house.

But by now, it was late. Poppy was tired and I had only stayed up so late to watch Russel Howard. She fell asleep half way through, her head resting on my leg. The next morning I woke her up and showed her my new baby.
“It’ll probably be born tonight. Christmas Eve. isn’t it exciting!”

She was really excited, so to work off some of her excess energy we had some dancing time in the garden. She was getting pretty good.

I barely realised we’d danced the day away until it started getting dark. And I was getting HUGE. It was like having triplets but, bigger!
Poppy went to bed and I went out on a little errand, I was searching for a puppy.

I got home, just in time to give birth to my beautiful little babies.
All five of them.

There was:
Della Everard, Vanessa Everard, cadence Everard and charlie Evard and Paisley Everard!

Poppy and I sat in the lounge, waiting for the clock to strike 12. Midnight, Christmas.
It was there, the final minute.

“Merry Christmas Poppy.”
“Merry Christmas Mum.”

I would like to wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas, and hope it is full of joy, family and also, presents.



  1. Thanks for naming a baby after me (IF it was after me). :D

  2. Oh lordy are you in for it! Awesome post tho...and I get to see it before Christmas because it's only a little before 7 here! Merry Christmas!

  3. Charlie, yeah it was after you. Thanks for commenting. I love your blog.

  4. Hadley/Cassie- cheat. But I love you anyway. I know I'll be busy. BTW has your mastercontoller layout changed?

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Yay! Im glad youi got a post out!! i loved it! Good luck with all those babies :O

  6. Thanks Violet. She's got her hands full all right, though I've not done much playing since I had them.


  7. Quintuplets, wow, won't Skye be busy!!!

    I love the new blog look!

    Merry Christmas!!!

    ~Calista Smith

  8. FIVE BABIES?! Ouch. Good luck on that. First off, I LOVE the new look for your blog! Is it temporary or will you be keeping it for a very long time? :)

    *Loving the very big "Merry X-Mas" sign the Everard family has*

    Great post, keep it up, and merry Christmas! Have a fantastic day.


  9. Cat/Calista-
    Thanks Calista. Yeah, she'll have her work cut out for her.

    The sign was my brother's idea.
    The new look is a little festive thing. I'll take it off on Jan 5th.
    Merry Christmas to you as well.

  10. Thanks for naming her after me! You made my day (as usual) (I'm just ASSUMING that's why her name is PAISLEY)

  11. Paisley, how many more of YOU could I know. I'd never sleep at all. As for making your day, I had to think of a way to do it on X-mas, when we weren't easily going to talk with each other.

  12. Well if I knew more than one Skye, I'd never LIVE at all.

  13. Are you saying I'm BAD for you? I'm perfectly unique in every way. And no-one else is as amazingly scary as I am.

  14. That's all true. You ARE unique, but more than one of you WOULD be bad for me. I'm good with just one Skye. :) (nobody is as amazingly scary as you are)

  15. Is that Sims 3? *outrage* HEATHEN! I fully support Sims 2!

  16. Shadow-
    As nice as it is that you told me that, MOST baby challenge blogs are Sims 3 now, and wouldn't Heathen mean you worshipped Sims 2?


    But otherwise, Thanks for the opinion!

  17. Eek! Well, um, good luck! And they're all girls.. looks like when they become teens, skye is going to put in seperate rooms