Friday, 2 March 2012

Baby 49 - Are We Nearly There Yet?

I've decided to post this missing some pictures, because it's taken so long to get out. SO I'll be updating it frequently.
You'd be amazed how easy it is taking care of only one baby and one toddler compared to 5. Or perhaps you wouldn't... it seems a bit obvious now I write it down. 
But Watson is one of the most easy-going babies I ever had. He hardly ever cries, and he's nearly always smiling. He's a joy to look after, and he loves going in his new baby swing. 
My calm mood seems to be rubbing off on Apple. She's being very good lately, and she finally let me potty train her, Paisley had already taught her to walk and talk a few days ago, so I was left with the worst task. Thanks for that Parker.
Apple seemed unusually perky, even for herself today and when I asked her why she leaned in close to my ear and whispered...
Apple- Today is my birfday!
I tossed her in the air, she remembered, and I thought she'd forgotten. I set her down while I went to make her baby food, and she did her business.
I could hear the sounds of excited pillow fighting from across the hall, though at 6:00 AM I was more than a little confused as to why the quints were already up. Though who could blame them. The sun was already peeking through their windows, and it was their birthday too.
Della and Paisley came trundling downstairs with smiles on their faces. You know the 'we want something and we want it now' kind of smile.
Paisley- Mother?
Skye- Daughter?
Paisley smiled at the joke. It was one we had together, and it was our 'special thing'.
Paisley- Can we age up now? Then go down to the beach for the day?
Skye- How did I know you were going to ask that?
Since they were ageing up anyway, I agreed to let them do it now, and got everyone ready for the beach. I figured we could make a day of it, and packed a picnic then went and got everything ready for Watson, his toys and such.
Paisley is a sunny little darling who doesn't care what you think. It's what she wants/thinks and she'll keep her opinion thank you very much. (She's also my favourite)
Della and Vanessa are beautiful. Everything they do has to be the same, and everything they wear matches. But Della wants Vanessa's figure, and Vanessa wants Della's hair. So I let Nessa dye the tips of her hair blue. Della.. well... Della has decided to work out and slim down.
Cadence is really into sci-fi and all the other stuff. Like me (being the Brit I am) she loves Doctor Who, Torchwood and the new BBC series of Sherlock. Her purple hair is really growing out, and it's getting so hard to brush when  it gets tangled so she cut it all off just after the picture.
Charlie is very shy. She still prefers to live in an imaginary world, free from the pressures of everyday life. She doesn't really talk to anyone, but she seems happy so I figure I should let her be. 
Watson was in my arms the whole time, and he was quite possibly the best behaved toddler I ever had. His black hair was a complete mystery, I just assume he got it from Señor Douchebag, AKA Bobby McGuire's side of the family. But his eyes are what get it for me. A piercing shade of green, it looks like he can see your soul. And he never misses a detail, even in this young age. He noticed that I was slightly sad as I aged his sisters up, and kept patting my shoulder with his little hands. 
Apple is a girly tomboy. She tends to wear dungaree dresses and nice tops, but she also loves climbing trees and ties her hair up in a messy bun to keep it out of her way.
Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, forgetting and losing things, we made it to the beach. Apple went off to build sand castles, and I set Watson down to play with his blocks. So it was just me and the teens lounging in the shade.
Vanessa and Della are still children at heart, both having exactly the same trait, (childish) so it wasn't long before they were running out to sea, and splashing around out there. Paisley was quick to join them, and Cadence soon followed so it was just me and Charlie left alone.
She turned to face me hesitantly and opened her mouth like she wanted to say something but shut it, as if she had thought better of it. I knew she was shy, but this was... extreme.
I stretched and gestured for her to follow me into the old beach hut, where I knew there was somewhere we could talk quietly.  She got up and came and snuggled up with me on the bed, just like when we were kids. I sat with her in silence for a while, until she finally spoke.
Charlie-"They don't want me."
Skye- Who don't?
Charlie-The rest of them. They never invite me to come places with them, and they just ignore me.
Are my daughters really like that? I'd never have expected it of Paisley and Cadence, I mean, Della And Vanessa keep to themselves, but the other 2 were so friendly to everyone else.
Skye- Charlie, what I want you to do is go and play with your sisters, and I want you to enjoy it. Okay. And  I'll have a talk with them when we get home. Mmm'kay?
She nodded in response. Wiping away tears she didn't know had fallen.
I was glad when she ran off and joined her sisters, and I almost cheered when they made a bit more room in their 'splash war' for her. I got up and went to play catch with Apple.
Soon enough I was being surrounded by hungry children nagging me to feed them lunch. They got out the food and I was instantly glad I remembered to bring some more burgers and hot-dogs in the cooler, we were obviously going to finish everything. Thankfully, Watson was happy sucking on a bottle. And obviously, was adorable doing it.
After lunch I stayed with Watson, deciding to teach him to walk for a while. He loved the feeling of sand between his toes, and giggled each time he put down his foot. It was ADORABLE.
Eventually it was getting late, and I figured it was time to return home.
2 Months Later
As everyone came home from school there was a chorus of groans and moans.  Prom had been last week for the girls, and now they all had A's and were on honour roll, I'd promised to let them age up. Besides which I needed to continue my challenge, and the only way that would happen was if they shifted out. Right now.
Charlie decided to be a School Councillor, to help other kids who were like her. She'd got a lot more confident in the past months, and she was dating a guy who adored her and moved in with him.
Della and Vanessa had a fall-out a little while ago over some guy, and for the first time ever, decided to wear different things to each other. Vanessa wants to be a teacher, and Della is well on her way to becoming a world renowned surgeon. They live together in an apartment in town.
Paisley has decided to become a Politician, I figure her charisma will come in handy here.
*cough and she's still good friends with Paisley Parker cough cough* *cough and still adores her cough cough* Yes. Even going so far as to stalk her at night when Paisley is asleep. She's moved in with Cadence.Her black hair and unique fashion sense shine above all others. She is a loving person who will not hesitate to beat you up if you hurt someone she cares about.
Cadence went into acting, I expect we'll see her on the red carpet soon enough. Or at least, SHE does. I don't have the heart to tell her it'll probably be a while. Her beautiful hair has taken on a life of its own and has really grown out recently. We just couldn't be bothered to cut it any more.
With them all gone I finally aged up the other kids. I didn't want Watson to grow up, he was so adorable as he was. But Apple made a beautiful teen. She was quite computer savvy, and really played it up for the crowds at school. She ties her hair up in buns like Princess Leia's (FAN GIRL SQUEE!) and those glasses with the thick rims.
I was admiring Watson. He was so cute. I just wanna snuggle him. Especially because he and his sister are so close. He's mostly his dad, but his hair is probably from my side of the family. His skin is an amazing dark brown, and from the looks of things, he has my face shape.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
Person at the door: Yoo hoo!
 Of course it would be her.
Skye- What do you want, Parker? 
Paisley- For you to let me in, obviously!
Skye- Well it's too bad that you came all the way here for nothing!
Paisley- Why am I friends with you?
I walked over to the door and opened it a crack. She smiled at me, so I sighed and opened it all the way. She stepped in and thumped my head.
Skye- What was that for? 
Paisley- For all the times you've mentally thumped me. What's for dinner?
I eyed her. She honestly came all this way for dinner? She couldn't make her own?
Skye- Why are you really here, Parker?
Paisley- To steal your chicken! And also, this fuzzy thing followed me here. Wanna keep it?
Skye- Of course. And what does this 'fuzzy thing' look like?
I stop talking as I see the adorable little face peeking around behind the doorway.
Without even asking (not that she needs to) Paisley went to my fridge, grabbed some leftover chicken, stuck it in the microwave and sat down on the couch to watch TV. Little did she know that when she turned on the TV, Sherlock Holmes would pop up. Mwahahaha!
Paisley- You have a real problem, you know that? 
Skye- So I've been told, mainly by you. 
She changed the channel to the one thing she knew would annoy me: Spongebob Squarepants.
I walked over to her and hit her with a pillow repeatedly.
Skye- You crazy, cheese loving freak!
Paisley- He's a sponge. 
Skye- As are you. You soak up stupid like no tomorrow.
Paisley- Hehe. Say stupid again. It sounds funny with a British accent!
I just looked at her while she giggled.
Skye- Wanna go for a walk? 
Paisley- In the woods?
Skye- NO! In the kitchen. Of course the woods.
Paisley- Yeah. I heard there was some creepy rabbit man lurking around. I want him in my challenge. 
When we got to the woods, Paisley plopped down and pulled out a picnic basket.
Skye- Did you just pull that out of your butt?
Paisley- You don't need to know.
Skye- o.O
After a nice lunch, we continued on our walk through the woods.
Paisley- Hey Skye, guess who showed up at my door after they aged up?
Skye- Was I drunk again?
Paisley- -_- Paisley did. 
Skye- You showed up at your own house? Why's that weird?
Paisley- Skye! Paisley JR. did.
Skye- Oh. That's nice. Was she watching you in the shower again?
Paisley- o.O I don't think I wanna know. 
Of course, as soon as I was getting bored there was a person stood behind us. A person with.... pink hair.
Paisley- Oh! Hey Ellie! What are you doing here?
Mystery Pink Haired Girl Apparently Named Ellie- Hey Pais! Aunt Sue said you'd be here.
Paisley- And just where did she get that information? Anyhow, this is my friend Skye. Skye, this is Eloise.
A strange tingling sensation went through me. Just like it did when I met Erik... Uh-oh.
Elosie- Hello Skye! I'm Eloise Honnette. You must be Skye Everard. I've heard so much about you! 
Skye- Do you have a boyfriend?
Paisley gave me her deathglare.
Paisley- No, she's si--
Eloise- It's okay Pais, you can tell her. I don't like boys. I like girls. 
Skye- You mean you're--
Eloise- Gay. I hope you don't find that weird... 
A thought suddenly hit me. Were Paisley and Eloise...?
Paisley- Gross, you perv! She's my cousin!
Skye- How did you know what I was going to say? Are you a mind reader now? Hmm?
Paisley- I've known you long enough to know what you're thinking. 
We're slowly making our way back to the picnic spot, where we all sit down. 

Eloise- I could give you my back-story if you want. I'm sure you're wondering why I have weird hair... and eyes...
I looked her up and down. She was... beautiful. And looked much like Paisley... which just makes the whole thing even stranger... And then I realized she was talking.
Eloise- My dad is Paisley's dad's brother. He and Trent were best friends when they were little... but when they grew up and fell in love with people, my mother made my father "break-up" with Trent because she didn't like him. So, since she obviously couldn't separate two brothers with a special bond, we moved to France so I could have a place to practice my art. 
Hmm. Interesting. I knew if I opened my mouth something stupid would undoubtedly come out, yet I did it anyway.
Skye- Wanna come back to my place and meet my kids. I mean, I have a rabbit to mate with, but otherwise I'm free all day. In fact, I'll be free all week if you want to get together. Not together -together, just maybe go for a drink. NOT a romantic one. Just a friendly one. Like me and Paisley have... minus the accidental pregnancies. I mean, if you want to that is....

Facedesk moment, RIGHT THERE Diary. And that is why I don't talk to people. Period. I followed the Rabbit guy home. Apparently his name is Albino. He can turn into a rabbit at will, but each time he takes on a few aspects of them.

2 Months Later


I clung onto her desperately as she pressed my back against the wall. God, if heaven had lips I was feeling them right now.
I knew I'd regret this eventually. I mean, I expect I'll be found out sooner or later. There was a clatter downstairs and the sound of keys being dumped on the table. Erik and I had broken up a few days after Eloise and I got together, so it couldn't have been him. I had no idea who it could be, unless it was Paisley. She was finally coming to terms with our relationship.
We flew apart like mad people. Turning on the TV, thankful that we'd been watching Sherlock when we got distracted. We'd been watching, because frankly, a hot guy wearing only a sheet, who wouldn't watch it. I sat on my bed and she lay on cuddled into me. Looking up every so often and giggling.
A few minutes later Paisley walked in.
Paisley-What are you two lovebirds laughing at now?
(Skye+ Eloise) Oh nothing. Just something funny on the show. 
Paisley- What's so funny about Sherlock's suicide?
Skye- Well, we were talking about how he did it, and Eloise said he'd jump into the rubbish truck. Then I said he'd smell bad. Then SHE said he'd still be hot. 
Eloise- THEN we both started laughing. 
Paisley- You're gay, why do you think a guy is hot?
Eloise- Meh. I don't know. Crazy world and all that. 
Not too long later we heard the call of a distressed Watson. Apparently there was a problem with his homework and Apple was busy looking after Ellie. So I sit on the counter and explain how to use the ninth circle theorem. Not that I understood half of what I said.
I guess I should explain how we got here.  

2 Months Earlier- Eloise's POV
...I have a rabbit to mate with, but otherwise I'm free all day. In fact, I'll be free all week if you want to get together. Not together -together, just maybe go for a drink. NOT a romantic one. Just a friendly one. Like me and Paisley have... minus the accidental pregnancies. I mean, if you want to that is....
Good lord. She's so cute when she's nervous. What am I saying. She's a challenge mother. She'd never be interested in me. And I'm pretty sure she'd never agree to a relationship with me anyway. But here she was asking if I wanted to go for a drink with her. Maybe I should say something instead of just standing here with my mouth open like a goldfish.
Paisley, Skye and I left the forest after a little while, those two to mate with a rabbit as they call it, and I was tagging along because, hey! Cute girl offering to let me to come with her, what kind of a person would I be if I refused?
*PLEASE Ignore the change of hairstyle, I had an issue half way through*
Unfortunately, Paisley knew us both well enough to work out what the looks me and Skye kept flashing each other were, and was quick to leave. Then it was us two alone. As the final cries of Goodbye echoed around my head I could feel her eyes on me.

I took a step closer to her.

And she took a step closer to me.

Skye looked up at me with those beautiful purple eyes. She was definitely cute when she was nervous.


I'd never felt like this before. With anyone. Not even Erik. I was so worried about if she loved me or not. I was looking up into those beautiful eyes of hers.
Skye-I-I've never really. 
she pressed a finger to my lips before bringing her own onto mine. In that one moment, everything stopped.
Nothing mattered except her and that kiss. We were the only ones on the planet and I was perfect to someone.
The only thing that stopped us was the arrival of my little one. I reached down to feel its kicks and I smiled happily. I invited Eloise over and she slept on the couch that night. When I got up in the morning it was to the smell of freshly cooked French toast, my favourite breakfast ever.
I sat down and took a bite. Wow. That was some amazing food.
Skye- Where did you learn to cook like that?
Eloise- I lived in France remember. How could I NOT know how to cook?
Skye- True. True. 

Paisley's POV- Written by Paisley
I'm really glad Skye gave me a house-key. After all, if she hadn't I wouldn't have been able to walk in at half past 8 on a Saturday morning and ruin breakfast. But seriously. My cousin was having some SERIOUS eyesex with my best friend yesterday, and I want to know if anything is coming from it. I smell French Toast and follow it to the kitchen, where I see them holding hands on the table. They quickly let go as I walk in.
Paisley- Hello my beautiful cousin. I'm guessing you'd like to cancel our plans for today?
Ellie- Uh... plans? Oh yes, I forgot. Well... no...
I smiled. I knew exactly what was going on between them. They didn't exactly hide it very well, it was pretty obvious.
Paisley- You two can cut the act, I know what's happening. You can see the romantic tension from a mile away.  I'm just...
I faltered, wondering if I should put this delicately.
Skye- Just what? she asked. The look of confusion was actually rather adorable.
Paisley-Just worried! What if Erik finds out? And you know pretty dang well Ellie that Aunt Millie won't be happy about this. She told you she's fine with you being gay as long as you don't "practice it." And--
I opted for indelicate. Ellie of course, HAD to interrupt me.
Ellie-Well she won't find out! 
I rolled my eyes. Ellie and Skye have no idea what they're getting themselves into. And I did? Well, that's a story for my blog...
Paisley-I didn't want to tell you this, Ellie, but if your mother finds out, I'll get in trouble, too. 
Her eyes widened.
Ellie- What? What are you talking about? 
Paisley-After you told your mom, she forced me to promise that I would make sure you didn't do anything that will get yourself hurt. 
Ellie-Well... I'm not going to get myself hurt.
I didn't want to do this, but I decided it was what had to be done. Its like when you see something but you can't move to stop it. I wasn't going to let tragedy pass me by. I was going to fight for what was right.
Paisley-Yes you will. Skye is not gay. You are. Am I the only one that sees this ending badly? Really? Because it will. I guarantee it. 
Ellie-I think you should leave, Paisley. 
Skye's POV 
 The pain in Pasiley's eyes was clear. She was begging me to take a stand. To choose between her and her cousin. I wasn't ready to make that choise. I looked at the floor, so I only heard the noise of the chair scraping the floor. I only heard the sigh of sadness from my best friend. I didn't see the tears in her eyes. She didn't see the tears in mine.
Paisley- Fine. Don't come crying to me when this all ends badly. 
At this point Apple walked into the room. Closely followed by Watson. They glanced at my baby bump before going straight for the food. Sitting down around the table we got to know each-other.
Skye- Kids, this is Eloise. She'll be staying with us a while. She's a friend of Paisley's. 
Apple- Cool. Did you know Aunt Paisley when she was little?
Eloise- Yeah. I did. She was a real dork. Well she's still a dork. I didn't see her often. I was always in France with my Dad.
Apple- FRANCE! Epic. I've always wanted to go to Europe. I want to see England, France and Germany. And Belgium. And Russia. But Russia's not in Europe.
Eloise looked at me with a theatrical grimace and I grinned. She was quickly growing accustomed to our strange little family. I snuck off to get dressed and finish getting ready. When I returned I could hear her talking to everyone.
Eloise-Hey Skye, Juniors. Want to go to the park?
I thought for a while. Wandering off to stand by the sink.m
The kids ran off and I took the chance to ask a question that was nagging me.
Did I ruin something between you and Paisley?
Eloise-Nah, I've always been a little hot headed and she understands. And I know she just wants to protect me... 
She trailed off, and it was clear she wasn't going to keep talking about it, so we headed to the park.
Of course, Paisley was there. Why wouldn't she be?
I call over to her, asking her to stop while Eloise was in the bathroom.
Skye-Did you follow us here?
Whoa. She was mad. I mean, single word sentences AND no joking. I should apologise, I decided.
Skye-I'm sorry, ya know. About not asking you to stay.
She looked at me, with her big green eyes so beautiful. I had a feeling that I've never really felt before... well, for Paisley that is. It was the exact same feeling I had for Eloise. Damn my hormones. This is what being constantly pregnant does to you! Falling in love with every other person you talk to.
It wasn't until I had finally processed these feelings that I realized she had been talking.
Paisley- You know Skye... I'm worried about her. We can all predict what's going to happen. Its going to end in tears. 
Suddenly I became very angry with her. I felt betrayed and angry, but most of all, I felt like I had lost the love of the one person who really cared about me,
I tried not to yell at her, but I couldn't keep it in any longer.
Skye- And just how is it going to end, Paisley?! I'm going to break her heart and run back to Erik? Well, it's not going to end that way! I- I love her. 
Paisley- Hmph! We both know that's not true!!
Skye- I don't want you in my life anymore if you're just going to judge me! Maybe you should just leave! After all, you OBVIOUSLY have another best friend you can cry to!
She looked hurt. Of course, I couldn't blame her. I would be hurt, too, if my best friend said that to me.
She didn't even bother responding, she just left. I have never seen her that angry before. Or that upset. I was instantly beginning to regret what I said. I turned. Not wanting her to see the tears in my eyes, and returned to my kids. Brushing the tears away with the back of my hand before they noticed, and asked them what they wanted to do next. Watson shouted
SEESAW! So I obliged him. We spent hours there, and everyone was happy, at least on the surface. 
And of course while the children were off entertaining themselves, Eloise and I spent some quality time together, with the baby. We kissed for a while and it was pretty clear that was all it was going to be.
After that, I didn't Paisley see for ages. It was just Eloise and I. And of course my kids.
It hurt me when Apple came up to me and asked something I wasn't expecting.
Apple-Where's aunt Paisley? I haven't seen her in forever. 
Skye-Uh... she's just been really busy recently. I wouldn't worry.
I bit my tongue, hoping it would slide with her, but I should have known she was smarter than that.  
Apple- I hope she's not mad at you. Actually, I'm like 95% sure she is! That would make the most sense.
Skye- How about you go hang out with Watson?

Apple's POV
Yeah, I was going to hang out with my little brother. Of course, I liked him, but I had something else in mind for my day.
I took out the little box and pulled out a cigarette. I walked somewhere far away from the house and stuck it into my mouth. It felt so good to finally be smoking. I had been doing it for months and was beginning to get extremely agitated when I couldn't have one. I was taking in the moment, hoping no one would see me. Because if someone did, my mother wouldn't be very happy with me, because if it were one of our snoopy neighbors, they would tell her.

And then, of course,  I got a text from my mom.
Apple! I'm in labor! Come and get your little brother so he doesn't walk in or anything...

So off I went, throwing the cigarette on the ground and stepping on it to put out the flame.

Skye's POV

After three hours (for some reason it was very short) I welcomed into the world one girl. Eloise. Eloise, of course, begged me not to name her that, but I ignored her. She was so like Paisley.  After they were born, I decided to go for a walk. It was beginning to get very dark after a while, so I turned around to go home.

When I was nearly there, a flash of black caught my eye. Yes, I realize it was already night, but this was really dark black. Shortly after I could make out some crying. It was Paisley.
She was sitting in the bushes, so I sat down next to her.
Skye- Hey, Parker
Paisley- Go away.
Skye- No.
And then I realized something. There was something I needed to do. To prove it. I planted my lips on hers in a kiss.


I probably shouldn't have done that. Who kisses their best friend!?


I'm so mean. Leaving you on a cliffhanger  like that. Feel free to glare at your screen.


  1. Oh dear GOD, that last paragraph had be coughing with hysteria. This is a really really funny post, and I love it! :)

  2. Hehe. Thanks Dessie. I'm glad you like it. Even without pictures.

  3. Wow I loved it, despite the lack of pictures. :P I love Paisley and Skye's conversations. They're so funny. XD
    I Lol'ed when Skye rambled on after Eloise's story. FUNNY! XD
    Great post Skye.

    ~Dawn Turner

  4. Thank you Dawn!
    Generally our conversations are modelled of our real conversations, so I think that's why they're so 'good'

    Skye rambles a lot. Especially when she's nervous 'hint-hint'

    Thank you Dawn.


  5. I'm jealous of you. Your posts are amazing, and you realize that you didn't delete the note I wrote, right? Just sayin'.

  6. I did delete it. Just now. Unless it didn't save.

    it isn't amazing.It's half finished and half yours, the good bit is yours.

  7. WOOOO! Albino Rabbit!? the one we made?
    your taste is exquisite

  8. Awesome post! Skye & Paisley conversations always make me laugh hysterically...which makes strangers stare at me and think I'm weird...but it's okay because I'm so entertained! LOL All the girls are GORGEOUS!

  9. Aww. Thanks Cassie. Your comments always make me smile.
    I'm glad you like the conversations, I base them of our actual conversations.
    The strangers don't know what they're missing.

    My favourite of the girls is either Paisley or Vanessa. They're the prettiest.