Friday, 29 June 2012

Back to Basics- Baby 50

It was like a breath of fresh air. Everything was perfect for once. Little Ellie was learning to walk. Big Ellie was sunbathing by the side of the pool. Apple and Watson were having a blast. And I was happy. 

"Come on Ellie. Come to momma." I beckoned for her to come to me. Learning to walk was a hard business, especially when your mother had been distant for so long. I'm sorry Ellie. I thought. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked around. Eloise was stood there smiling. "Let me take her" she said, and crouched down next to me and started calling to Ellie to come to her. And as she stood there, the sunlight glistening in her eyes, something someone said to me long ago came back to me, You don't love someone because they're beautiful. They're beautiful because you love them. And it was true. For the first time in my life. 
I snapped out of my musings and ran over to Watson and Apple. "Momma!" came the excited cries, as Watson jumped into my arms. "Momma, can we play in the slip 'n slide?" he asked. I looked at him like he was mad for a few seconds as his face fell then I said, "Sure kid. Whatever you want to do."  I walked around him and turned on the water jets for the slide before running to the end and sliding down. "Can't catch me!" I yelled, and Watson followed suit, chasing me. The game quickly formed into a kind of tag, whereby we pushed the other into the sprinkler or slip and slide once we caught them. 
In the mid-day heat I quickly tired however, and went to sit down in the shade. Ellie and Eloise walked over to me and grinned. "I got her walking." she said. As if to prove it, Ellie got up and walked up to the table with the snacks on it, pouting and pointing at the food. She was clearly my daughter. 
I got up, and walked over to my little girl, lifting her up. "Okay, little one. What do you want?" she pondered for a minute, then pointed at a bowl of candy. Typical child. "Okay, just one though." she grinned, and shoved it in her mouth, sucking on it for a good minute before she spat it out saying, "Yak." I sigh and bend down to pick up the soggy candy. "Kids will be kids, hey?" says a familiar voice. I turn around slowly and see Paisley and Jesse stood behind me. A very pregnant Paisley. "Hey. You starting the challenge back up?" I ask, nervously. "Mmmhmmm." she replies, rubbing the bump. "And let me guess who the father is." I answer. Paisley and Jesse glance at each-other, and I realise that they must have been... busy. "Surprise?" Jesse offers. 
I sit down. "But... but I'm not ready to be a Grandma." Jesse looks at me, "But momma, you're already a grandma."
"I KNOW! But not to my best friend and son's child." Paisley sat next to me and put an arm around me, quickly joined by Ellie on the other side. There was so many emotions flicking through my brain right now it was impossible to tell what. Joy quickly turned to excitement, which morphed into worry followed by disappointment. As if reflecting my mood, a large drop of rain fell from the sky, which only minutes earlier had been clear as.... something clear. I looked around as the rain started falling faster. It didn't look like a summer shower at all. "WATSON! Come inside dear." I yelled, and started towards the back door. Paisley quickly followed, covered by Jesse, and both Ellie's came through the door, one carrying the other. Once inside everyone looked around for something to do, when I remembered the fire in the middle of the sitting room. "Come on then everyone." I said, and walked towards the fire, gesturing for everyone to follow.
Silently I picked up a log and tossed it on top of the small pile of kindling, before grabbing a box of matches from the mantelpiece and lighting the fire. Quickly, I curled up in the nearest armchair, and waited for everyone to join me. They sat down, and I said, "Well, this is cosy." The lights went out with he first rumble of thunder about a minute later, and I knew that TV was now out of the question. I looked around for something to do, seeing nothing. Out of the blue, Paisley said, "Skye... why don't you tell us about your kids! The ones from the challenge, and all that." I think for a minute, and say "Okay."

“AARGH! Why did I ever sign up to this!?” I yelled, feeling the pain of labour for the first time. This was a feeling I did not want to repeat. As the searing pains powered through me again, something felt different. The baby was coming. I tried to find somewhere comfortable to give birth to my first child. Easier said than done. Not much later, I gave birth to a healthy little boy, who I named Ryn.
Soon after my baby boy was a bouncing toddler, who was getting up to all kinds of mischief. If I left to do the laundry, he’d end up in the washing basket pretending he was clothes.
By the time he was a child I’d had baby two, another little darling who I named James. James had his father’s hair and my looks. With beautiful green eyes. I knew he was a special baby.
Of course, then came Gabriel. He had such pale green skin. He looked like a leaf, but I loved him. I love all my children. Gabriel ended up being almost impossible to control, and he was always very rebellious. I had lots of trouble with him from his school.
Then came my first girls. Sonny and Snow. It was ironic, because they were also my first twins. They looked the same, but in personality they were polar opposites. Sonny was always more outgoing, and Snow more introverted, but they both loved each-other. They stayed close to me, one moving to the house next door, and the other moving across the street.
Of course, what followed seemed like a sudden burst of girls. I had Summer. She was such a lovely toddler, but I didn’t see very much of her because I had lots of trouble with her older sisters. I remember that she looked a lot like me, and she was my first vampire child. I was always amazed at how fast she gained skills.
My memory isn’t perfect after all these years, but I’d had about 9 babies. Ryn, James, Gabriel, Sonny, Snow, Spring, Summer, Amethyst and Autumn. Amy and Autumn were twins, male and female. They couldn’t have been more different. Amy ended up having a child as a teenager, and Autumn went on to a steady relationship with a vampire called Abigail, they had several stillborn children and they were devastated.
After that I had France and November. I named them after Della’s children, and I loved them so much. I hadn’t been able to post about the pregnancy, because I’d been on strict bed rest after an illness. ‘Vember was always very quiet, and I loved him for it. I’d never find him getting into trouble. France was the opposite. He was rowdy, and I couldn’t control him. Eventually, after he moved out he cleaned up his act, it was for a girl. The same girl broke his heart, but she changed him for the better.”

“Really momma? Did that all happen?” said Watson, incredulously. I nodded, and Apple got up. “I’ll be right back, I need to pee.” she said. Paisley followed suit, and I sent her off to my en-suite bathroom where she could have a bit of privacy. I got a text in this interval and had to excuse myself. It was the next father I was expecting. His name was Rellik. He was very odd. And he had some awesome genetics.
We got the deed done quickly and simply, now I’m with Ellie I don’t see much point in doing it traditionally, so I operate on a sperm donor basis for now. It’s much easier, and it allowed for me to return home before anyone noticed I’d been gone too long.
I returned to a teenaged Watson and Apple as a young adult. Apparently, they’d asked Ellie, and Ellie had told them that we were going to be holding a party for them later, except, that had gone down the drain with the storm. Seeing as they seemed relatively interested I resumed my tale of the challenge so far.

"Baby 18 was one of my least favourites. I’d just had triplets, and they were all very forgetful. Especially as children. Rose, the only girl of the set had come back because she’s forgotten her homework, and just HAD to see me… ahem. Conceiving… the next child. His name was Eragon, and he was adorable. But for his birthday, we had a fire.  I remember Ben the other of the triplets ended up marrying our Maid, Maxine. They went on to have 2 kids. And Eragon stayed single.
After that I had the triplets, Felicity, Grace and Fallyn. They were all so different it was surprising. I got to know each of them. And I was pleased that they all ended up very successful.
Then I had Xavier. He was a really unusual child. Purple all over, and he had a giant nose. It was amazing. I never really understood why he was so happy. Most children like that are really sad about their face nowadays.
After him I had Bryan and Einar. Einar had a tumour on his face, and it was restricting his breathing. They had to surgically remove it, and he was unfortunately left with scarring that pained him forever. Brayan had the remarkable ability to seduce most of his class, and this ended up  with him getting his girlfriend pregnant. I was really annoyed about that, and I ended up kicking them out not long after I discovered it in a fit of rage.
Then on a trip to China I made Odette, Cosette and Collette. They were all so different. But they all looked very much like their father. Odette had the same colour hair as his wig, and I have NO idea why, but she eventually got it dyed to a pink colour. Cosette had my hair. She was a vampire, getting turned one night after work. Collette had white and blue hair, which was beautiful. She probably looked the most oriental out of the three as well.
I’d been on a triplet surge at that time, and so it was to be expected that my next few children would be triplets too. I had Darby, Jude and Skylar. Darby was the only girl, and she spent most of her time alone. I remember that Jude and Skylar didn’t get along very well, they were continually fighting about everything, but eventually I found out why and sorted the problem.
Then I had Solange. She was a beautiful yellow-y colour, and very happy. It really was hard with her though. Her father decided that she belonged to him, and I did too. It was a real nightmare.
After that…. you’d have met everyone. They’re all still here.”

Yes. I had gotten tired of talking, but in my defence there was a storm. I looked around for something more interesting to do. Walking to the cooker I checked that it still worked okay. “Right everyone, what are we having for dinner?”
"Hot dogs?" asked Apple. I sighed. Apple ALWAYS said Hot dogs. Unfortunately, after checking the cupboards, what I found was a loaf of bread, a can of soup, and 3 cans of hot dogs. It was grocery day today, but that had been put on hold with the storm. The grocery store had shut down, since it was at risk of flooding. I got down from the chair with the cans of hot dogs and put them on the hob to cook. Jesse got up to cook them for me, while I returned to my bedroom for a well deserved rest. I leant my hand on the window and let myself sigh. I heard the door open and shut behind me and I turned around, expecting Apple or Watson to be there telling me dinner was done. Instead I saw Paisley and Ellie.
Ellie pulled me into her arms and Paisley stood around awkwardly. "It's okay. You're just hormonal." she said. It was true. I had no reason to be sad. Or did I? I had had 49 children, and all of them had come and gone in what felt like the blink of an eye. Was this what the rest of my life was going to be about? I sniffed, and freed myself of Ellie's arms. I hugged Paisley before walking out of the room and returning to the stove. Leaning around Jesse is stick a fork in and prod a hot-dog. They look like they're done, so I grab the rolls out of the freezer and stick them in the microwave to defrost. I sit on the counter and wait for them to finish, but the smell gets to me and I rush off to vomit before I can eat anything. Leaning on the toilet bowl for support I puke up the little breakfast I have left in my. To get rid of the bad taste I brush my teeth, and then leave the bathroom. This time I manage to finish my hot-dogs before anything else happens. I check my watch and see it is time for the younglings to go to bed. Apple stayed up with me, Eloise, Paisley and Jessie to watch Titanic. But apparently, she couldn't handle all the 'Kissy-noises' and left to sleep and pack up her things. As long as the power stayed on, and the rain let up overnight, we should be fine. I say should be, because really, I'm tempting fate here. With the film finished Eloise and I went to bed, and Paisley and Jesse were to remain on the couch. There'll be no funny business going on this way.

Yes. I AM talking about drug dealing.
I woke up. The rain had dwindled to a soft pitter patter and the sun was creeping slowly up the horizon. I watched it for a while before slipping off for a shower. The water was cool on my burning skin, and I realised what had woken me up. Overnight my baby appeared to have grow exponentially. I looked like I was in my third trimester. And I felt like I was about to pop. Walking into the living room it seems I wasn't the only person up and ready for the day. Jesse and Paisley were just making themselves presentable when I walked in. "Where do you two think you're sneaking off to?" I ask; startling them. Both jump and turn to face me. "We were heading home. We only live across the street, and the rain has all but stopped and- why the HECK are you in third already!?" says Paisley. I shrug my shoulders because I really don't know. "I'm going to the hosiptal to get it checked out today. Don't worry." I work on getting myself some breakfast, and my primary concern is giving the baby everything it needs. After growing quite so much, I was sure there would have to have been at least a slight problem with it's weight, or at least it would need some food.
I arrived at the hospital with Watson in tow. He had decided that he wanted to come, and I was getting to give him a free driving lesson with it all. As I opened the door to the hospital the receptionist looked up, before ignoring me and looking back down again. Now, there is one thing most hospital staff know about me, and that is that when I am pregnant I get angry very quickly. And this woman made me furious for some reason. I don't know of it was her stupid make-up, or the terrible hair but I wanted to PUNCH her. "Hey. I'm here for my appointment with Dr Fox." I said. WHAT!? I may have been furious, but that doesn't mean I can't show manners in front of my  son. "Excuse us. My mother is hear for her appointment." says Watson. Hmm. Seems he inherited my temper. While the receptionist ignores us, the doctor seems to have extremely good timing, and comes out of his office after finishing with a patient, just as we move to leave. "Ms Everard? It's time for your appointment." he says.

I follow him into the office and he shuts the door behind us. I let him examine the baby with no worries, until he gets out a stethoscope and places it on my belly. I laugh hysterically when the cold metal touches my skin, because for some reason medical equipment makes me ticklish. "Well Ms Everard. The baby seems okay, but I would like to deliver it here via caesarean section. It seems a little small. So a couple of hours later, I hold my new baby girl; Demi.

To my dearest readers. Thank you so much for being with me all this time. I can't believe any of you are still here. It's taken me just over a year to get to half way, and most of those posts are rubbish anyway. It's been an amazing journey, one I hope I will complete.

I have a few very special thank you's. The first- Ms Della Wriner 

She inspired me to start this challenge when I first read her blog (which I recently discovered I actually read from the very beginning).
Next- Amber Lights. 

This is a very strange one. Since I never really talked to Amber. But I read her blogs. And let me tell you, they are good. I used want to be a better writer. Amber's blogs have showed me how. So thank you, Ms Lights. 

Paisley, Cailsta and Destiny

Paisley.... you all know about my friendship with her (I think) she's a very special person to me, who doesn;t get enough credit for that. I really owe you a lot Shanks! Calista- she was one of the first blogs I read. I loved all the.... blue! She was so beautiful, and she was another great inspiration for me. Destiny- I just love you. 

This has been a great moment for me. Half way. 50. Just double this, and I'll be done. It;s such a strange feeling, so.... thank you everyone. You made this possible!

PS: Comment if you read. They mean a bundle to me. 


  1. This was an...incredible post. I loved how you brought up every kid Skye has had. It's nice to have a look back. And the writing, just... WOW. It was fantastic.

    Congratulations on getting halfway, and thanks for the shout out! ^_^


  2. Destiny!
    Hello, first of all.

    Thank you. I was kind of... stuck for ideas. So we saw all the old kiddies, I'm glad it turned out well. I had no idea my writing was that good. I didn't like it very much.

    I'm so glad to have gotten this far, and you're welcome.

    -Skye. :)

  3. I love how you decided to talk about all of the kids the Skye has had already. It was nice reading about all of them again because unfortunately, you seem to forget. Are you going to do the same thing for baby 100?

    Congrats on making it to baby 50 already!

  4. I don't really know... that's actually quite a good idea.

    I'm glad I got there! I feel like I really need to hurry up now (gotta keep ahead of Paisley)


  5. Wow, so many children! Congrats on making it halfway Skye! This was a great idea for your halfway point.

    I have to say, Ellie is my favorite. She's so cute and beautiful! :P

    ~Calista Smith

  6. Thank you Calista.

    I'm so glad I got here, though I honestly don't know what I'll do for the last one now.

    I'm glad you like Ellie so much, she's one of my favourites too.


  7. Great post :D You're challenge is one of my favorites and also one that inspired me to write my own. Congrats on making it halfway! I'm looking forward to future posts :D

  8. Thank you.

    I muchly like your posts too. And I'm glad I inspired you. It's strange being told that.

    I'm so glad I got here. I'd probably have this posted now, but it keeps deleting.