Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Baby 70+71 Part 2- Greetings

I’m sat in my seat awaiting the performance of a lifetime. I cannot believe I’m actually sat in Box 5 while watching a performance of Phantom. Paisley is on my left, reading through the last pages of the book (she doesn't believe it’s nothing like the musical yet) and Electra is texting on my right.
Paisley isn't very interested in what’s happening until the first notes of the overture begin, and then she’s pulled into the music. By her reaction to Point of No Return, I suspect that if I’d asked her to have kinky sex with me while Electra watched then she’d have been okay with it at that moment in time. But I didn't  See what a good girlfriend I am? Electra herself was rapt from beginning to end, because she was already familiar with the story and the music, and loved it almost as much as I did.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so after the performance was over, we left our seats and headed to the doors of the theatre. Outside, a light snow was beginning to fall; and the lights and sounds of Bridgeport had died down a little, but there was still a fair few people walking the streets with bags in their hands.
As I look around in wonderment at the snow and the lights around me, Paisley steals a kiss. “You’re bold tonight.” I mutter, and she chuckles into my lips. “Just enjoy the moment.” So I do, and I let myself melt into her, fully prepared to never let the moment end. But it does. 
 She lets go and turns me around, pointing down the street at a family of people with…blue…hair. They’re walking this way, and they’re almost here and it’s strange how much they look like me and HOLY SHIRTS PAISLEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING PUSHING ME INTO THEM? That’s about as much as I can think before I’m bumping into the blue haired girl at the front of the group. “Sorry.” I start to say, “My friend-“but the girl has turned to the woman behind her. She looks to be about forty, and the man with her can’t be much older. “Oh my God.” She says. “Are you Skye Everard?” she asks me, her voice catching. “Ah… yes. Are you fans or something?” I ask. She shakes her head.
“No. I’m your mother.”

I invited the family back to our apartment, but only so we could have somewhere to talk where I could yell at them in private. Funny looks from passing Bridgeportians was not high on my ‘Wonderful things that I love’ list.

And yes. I’m bitchy when I’m annoyed.
“You expect me to believe that? You’re my parents and my two siblings. Because it’s not like you can’t buy blue hair-dye and purple contacts on the Internet nowadays.”
The woman stays silent, and the rest of the family look at her. “As a child you were taken from us, and raised by other people who go by the names of Beef and Destiny. You thought you had a brother named Tobias and a sister named Janee.  When your brother was 18, he shot your parents and ran off. You caught meningitis, and ended up losing your memory of the years up to when you were around twelve.” I look at her, and resist the urge to sneer. “As if you couldn't have gotten that on my blog.” I reply. The woman shrugs. And I realise something. “I never talked about my illness on my blog.”  This is probably not my best plan in the world, accepting it on that alone, but I never did feel like I was part of my family. “None of that is true.” Says my mother. If she even is my mother.
I’m not even going to respond to th- “Whaddyameanitisn’ttrue” I ask, well, so much for not responding. “You were taken from us at age three, we worked for a government agency and we weren't allowed children, so you were taken and given to Beef and Destiny. You came back to us at age twelve for a short time, and were given false memories of them and all that happened to you, hence your memory of your illness, and the gaps in your memory. Your friend Paisley, however, we couldn't get rid of. Which was why when we had to leave you again, you were placed near her, and while you had no memory of her, you would be drawn to her.” I turn away from my parents (Gods above that’s a strange feeling) to stare at the woman I thought was the love of my life. “Is this true?” I ask, quietly. She doesn't say anything. “TELL ME!” I yell, and she bursts into tears. “Yes. I wasn't allowed to tell you anything in case something bad happened.” I can see what she’s trying to say to me. ‘I wanted to tell you.’
I sit down, trying to breathe, but not getting enough air. Electra pats my hand, and takes Paisley up to our room. Finally coming back to myself, “Thank you,” I find enough air to speak. “I need some time to think about all this. And as you can see, the love of my life just had one of the worst moments of her life. So get out please.” Opal makes no move to leave. “GET.OUT. OR I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR UPSETTING HER!” I yell, and my mother leaves, following my father and siblings who are already in the elevator. I watch them leave the room, “Why did you come and find me now?” I ask. Sapphire, my sister, steps forward. “ We've been looking for you for the past twenty-some years, sister.”
“You are not my sister.” I say, but deep down, I know she is and there is nothing I can do about it.
I rush up the stairs to our room. There, I find Paisley sat alone. She looks like she was crying, but right now she’s not. I run to her, and dive on her. “I’m sorry.” I say, then again “I’m sorry.” And press a kiss to her lips, fast. Followed by another apology. “I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry.” Paisley leans into me for a minute, resting her head on my shoulder. “Why are you the one that’s sorry? I hid your past from you, kept the truth all along, even when you had to go to therapy, and I could have fixed you. This is all my fault.”
She’s an idiot. A perfect, perfect idiot. 
“No it isn't ” I say, and stand up, stretching out my back. “Now, can we go to sleep? It’s almost 2AM.”  Paisley giggles, and grabs her pyjamas from under her pillow, walking off to the bathroom. “No peeking.” She says over her shoulder to me. I can’t help but laugh. She chooses now to try and flirt?
Yeah. Definitely going with idiot.
The next morning I am woken by the sound of Electra laughing. It’s kind of adorable, something between a giggle and the sound a bird makes. I walk downstairs, and Paisley is stood in the kitchen cooking French toast (must be a Parker family thing) while dancing along to the I-pod. I had no idea that she knew all the moves to Agadoo. I laugh and she waves at me while continuing to dance and cook. Without a word, Electra leans over to the docking station and starts to flick through the songs. With a victorious shout, she presses what I assume to be play- Apple products are beyond me- and we are greeted by the crooning sounds of Rhydian Roberts’ rendition of Bridge over Troubled Water.
When you're weary 
Feeling small 
When tears are in your eyes 
I will dry them all 
I'm on your side 
When times get rough 
And friends just can't be found 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
When you're down and out 
When you're on the street 
When evening falls so hard 
I will comfort you 
I'll take your part 
When darkness comes 
And pain is all around 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Sail on Silver Girl, 
Sail on by 
Your time has come to shine 
All your dreams are on their way 
See how they shine 
If you need a friend 
I'm sailing right behind 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will ease your mind 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will ease your mind

I take Paisley in my arms and we dance around the kitchen. It occurs to me just how much that song fits our relationship. First and foremost, we are friends. We belong to one-another in a way no others do. And we will both follow one another anywhere and do anything or each-other.  “Aww.” Says Electra and I let go of Paisley, but not before she manages to snap a photo of us.
And, of course, something has to come along and ruin the perfect moment. The intercom rings and I grab it, lo and behold, my mother is on the other end. Grudgingly, I let her in, and she spends most of her time apologising to me. The rest of it, she’s telling me all about how I’m going to meet the Avengers and have their babies for SHIELD. I am undoubtedly less certain about the second part, but it’ll be exciting to see what goes on.
She leads me to a small IVF clinic on the borders of town where a man in a rumpled purple shirt is standing, looking pretty worried about something. When he sees me enter, he walks over and offers me his hand. I take it, shaking firmly. “Dr. Bruce Banner.” He says, and I take a step back. I examine him again before replying. “Dr Banner. You’re really here. Skye Everard. Baby Challenge mother. I’m a huge fan of your research and everything you did for the planet.” The doctor laughs lightly, replying
“I like you already.”
A nurse walks through the door and asks if we’re ready to begin the procedure and less than half an hour later, I walk out fully impregnated. Or ya know, that’s the plan. My mother hands me a file containing the details on what is going on with the Avengers, who I can say what to and so on, and then passes me a post-it with her number and those of my family on to call them. Apparently I've forgiven them.
Yeah, right.
Okay. Who am I kidding? These people are my family.

Unfortunately, our time in Bridgeport is over, and it is now time to leave for the sunny shores of Sunlit Tides, or for Electra, wherever the heck she lives nowadays.  The flight back is subdued, and I fall asleep on Paisley’s shoulder while she hums to me. It’s everything I could have ever asked for in a trip, but I’m glad it’s over.
I’m glad when we get back to our house, because I need to throw up, badly. So I make my escape to the bathroom and do what I have to do. I send a text to Paisley, apologising for running off, and she responds with an apologetic looking smiley. The kids saw me arrive, and as soon as I leave my room they’re there. Asking me all kinds of questions. And I eventually have to start explaining about their new Aunt, Uncle and grandparents because they’re really excited about that. And really, I am too.
I call for pizza to be delivered to the house for dinner and then sit back on the sofa until it arrives. Most of my new found family are texting me, and I reply to them with new found gusto. The kids also inform me that Jesse has moved into town, which pleases me a lot. Loki and his room-mate (supposedly that’s all he is) are buying a holiday home out here too, so they’ll be coming to visit. I’m not one to pick favourites, but I might possibly love Loki and Jesse the best.
The pizza arrives, we eat it and then it is time for birthdays. First up are the triplets.
Then Evita ages up. She wants to stay with her sister, and I’m not one to turn down an extra pair of hands with a house full of toddlers and children, so I’m happy to let her stay. Not to mention it would be like trying to separate me and Paisley, not gonna happen. Victoria also ages into a child. She is very friendly with Evita, and in fact is very friendly with everyone. If I’d been anything like her as a child (who knows, I could have been thanks to my parents) then I’d have had almost as any friends as she has.
Haven ages up next, and she becomes a lovely teen.
I go to bed that night anxious for a new day to rise and more challenges to face. When I wake up, I decide to check my e-mails, since there’s always call for that, and I have a few from various members of the challenge community and one from Jesse.
I respond to the one from Jesse, and make a note to reply to the others later, when I hear a voice from behind me. “Ms Everard.” He says. I turn, and there is nobody there. I frown, “Uh… hello bodiless voice.” I reply, and the baby kicks my ribs. This one’s a kicker then. “Nick Fury. Head of SHIELD. I knew your parents. I’m here to talk to you about your future children.” I suppress a laugh.
“You’re not here at all. You got Stark and JARVIS to hack my speaker systems. But go on.”
“I’m only allowing this to continue on one condition. These children, upon becoming legal adults will be given into SHIELD training, should abilities similar to those of their parents present.”
This is a very sudden decision. Could I lead my children into this, possibly a lifetime of work in something which could kill them? But, should they survive the pension would be great. At the end of the day, I didn't have much of a choice in the matter “Okay.” I say, and the crackling at the other end of the line vanishes. Hm; must have hung up on me.  The baby kicks again, and I stand up. “Okay baby. I’m going. Is it time for breakfast? I think it is. I’m in the mood for oatmeal. The kids have to get to school. What a pity for them. But it’s okay. They get oatmeal before they go.”  I babble away to my growing belly and the child inside kicks with enthusiasm while I do. I could try and justify my complete stupidity, but there isn't one, so Baby-brain will have to do.
I cook the oatmeal, and eat it, before waking Haven and Evita, and getting them ready for school. I wave them off as they leave for the bus, and Carmen stands beside me, looking worried. “She’ll be fine you know. Haven’s there to keep her safe.” I say to the young woman who has grown from my adoptive daughter. She calms down a little, and walks back inside. “I’m off down to the shops!” I yell to her, as I slip my wallet into my pocket.
In truth I don’t need anything from the town, but I wanted to explore a little and see what the area had to offer. I find my way to the grocers and buy a few bits and bobs, before walking around the park. There’s a mother with a young toddler playing there, and I watch her contentedly while munching on one of my apples.
While at the park, I feel the pain of labour beginning. I don’t want to freak anyone out, so I call a cab and head to the hospital. There, I give birth to baby seventy and seventy one,
Banner Everard and Bruce Everard.

 Just ignore the pink blankets on the last picture. I was playing with them in Master Controller and forgot to put them back onto blue before I left. 


  1. Beef.
    I can't believe you were raised by Beef. This amuses me.
    You should have made me say " TO THE BARRICADES!"
    Keep that in mind next time you write.
    Great post.
    Still can't believe you were raised by Beef


    1. That's all you got from that? Not the fact that she found her real parents?

      I will. But you aren't visiting for a while.

      Love you!