Monday, 28 February 2011

Back To Baby 18

I taught Eragon how to talk, walk and potty today. He was a very good learner.

When the kids got home from school today I checked their grades as we all watched TV. The girls, Summer and Rose are getting better grades than the boys, who have only B’s. Once they boys get home with their A’s tomorrow then I will have to age them all up. Little Eragon too. Otherwise there won’t be enough room for everyone, but the new semester starts tomorrow so I have to age up Rose today.

In the end there was a slight change of plans. just after they all got home the next day the contractions started. I left calmly for the hospital and came out with triplets. They were called Grace, Felicity and Fallyn. We held a birthday party for all 3 of them, and everyone else, but just as I was aging Grace a fire started! I had never had to deal with anything like this before, and I was really worried.


Luckily I had a fire extinguisher to hand. Ben and I extinguished the flames just as they spread to the counter, so we didn’t loose much.And then it was time for school. Eragon didn’t have to go, he had aged up at the right time but Summer did. Eragon went upstairs to his room and ate a slice of toast. Louie came up to me and told me he was going to move out now, he seemed like he had something to tell me…

“Mum,” he asked “Can I take Summer with me? When I move out now?” he asked. I looked at him, shocked, I knew he had a soft spot for her but taking her WITH him. I gazed at him in amazement, but I saw the love and sincerity in his eyes. “Ok.” I whispered in reply. Summer was going with him, she was obviously going to get turned into a vampire. the strange thing was, he loved her. He loved her as a wife-y love, so that was why he decided to go and get himself removed as a relation to me. So he could marry Summer. This was, odd to say the least. He would be moving out tomorrow, so I’d have time to tell Summer and spend a last day with her. She left as soon as she aged up and I’ll probably never hear from them again. Meanwhile, Ben also got married. He got married to Maxine Allard, who is now a 4 star celeb. He and Maxine left straight away, presumably to enjoy their first night as a married couple.


Those 2 are obviously in love.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Past...

I used to live in a little house in Pleasantview with my parents. We started off as a very normal family. Take a look.

Name: Beef Everard- Known To Friends As Beef-E.
Age: 38(Believe it or not.)
Bio: He started out as a really nice guy, but being with mum got to him. 

Interesting Fact: Nowadays he is a bleary-eyed. Beer swilling jerk, who won't even get his fat but off the couch to get his own bleedin' beer!

Name: Destiny Everard
Age 47 (Believes she is 27)
Bio: Worst of them all. She had an affair with horrible guy and now sells her body willingly and works as a dancer at the Grind. She is still with Dad though you wouldn't know it she has been unfaithful so many times. She lives in Bridgeport now. 

Interesting Fact: Her hair is naturally purple and she has rumoured to have had over 100 different men in her bed in the space of 1 month.

Name: Janee
Age: 13
Bio: The favourite child of the 3. She is just like her mother only on a smaller scale. She is also FAT. Like her dad, who may just be a total stranger.

Interesting Fact: Janey is accused of having 32 boyfriends all who have gone missing. She is nicknamed The Fake One at school for unmentionable reasons.

Name: Tobias: Known As Toby.
Age: 16.57
Bio: Tobias is Skye's favourite sibling. In woodwork he makes toys for Skye and brings them home and in textiles he makes her clothes and bedding. He is told he must move out when he turns 18.

Interesting Fact:
Tobias owns a fully working gun which has 3 bullets, all in perfect working order. 

So, there's Skye's family.

When we first moved into our home in Pleasant view it looked just like any other. It was white clapboards and had loads of windows. Our life was quite good, until mum got her job. She started working as a criminal and in a week she'd already almost reached level ten of her career. One by one the windows were boarded up and night by lonely night Destiny started coming home less and less. At first she pretended she was working overtime, but we knew she was lying because our funds stayed hovering around the 1000 mark. Life continued until one night mum got tired of hiding where she was going. She came, or rather she staggered, back into the house making out with some total stranger. Tobias and I were upstairs in bed and Janee was in her little palace on the top floor. Dad was downstairs on the couch staring at the telly. He completely ignored her and carried on watching, meanwhile Mum and her stranger went and woo-hooed in Mum's bed. 

Initially there were no outward signs of distress from Dad, but gradually he started drinking. One then 2 then 12 bottles a night could go down his fat neck and neither of them gave a damn about me OR Toby Or Janee. Soon enough it was time for Toby to turn 18. He didn't get a party, in fact none of us did. We were left to our own devices. The night Toby left he snook back into the house to see us. I hugged him tight, now a teen and felt something in his pocket, I glanced down and saw the glint of black, it was his gun.
"Don't Tell Anyone." He said. Each word a single sentence. 
So at midnight precisely on Tobias Everard's birthday he became a murderer. Our parents lay on the floor, dying and we stood over and asked them how it feels to be the weak on, the helpless one. their answer was dying. Then the Grim Reaper came. He took their souls and my innocence. I was drunk, both literally and on joy that my parents were gone, so I ended up pregnant with the Grim Reaper's baby. Then came the illness. It was long and painful. I didn't loose the baby, though the story from my earlier posts is my cover story. And I vow,that the final baby I have in this challenge, will be from the grim reaper.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Baby 18 cont.

I was going out to my little garden and I paused for a second to get my breath back. My baby bump had arrived! Woo. It was about 4 in the morning so I would call my doctor, Nick Nack tomorrow morning.I also decided to age up the kids before school today, so they can have a day off and also because they are all ready. I was so proud of all my triplets, they were on the honour role!

I aged all of them up to teens, children, toddlers and took lots of photo’s of the party.


Rose, the eldest of the triplets was just as she was a a child. She asked for some highlights in her hair so she got them as a reward for being pre-accepted into college. she is also captain of the cheerleading squad and one of my perkiest children. Having said that, she does seem to be a hybrid of perk and emo though. Her haircut being a little less perky than expected, it takes forever to do on a morning. She has none of my features except my lips surprisingly?

Ben is a very stern child. He wants to be a teacher when he is older and I think all his students will like him. If you’re good to him, he’s good to you. His hair is just like his Grandad’s unfortunately.Which probably means that when he is older it will go all thin and a weird blue-grey colour.

Louie looks just like Gabriel did at that age, but he wears suits and is a bit of a genius. He got the evil trait though and his lifetime wish is to be EMPEROR OF EVIL! *queue dramatic music* He currently has kidnapped a vampire and is holding her ransom to the rest of the vampire community for all the gold they have. I had no idea about this until Ben came in and told me just now. He only has my hair and eye colour, though his eyes glow because he is a vampire.

Summer looks just like I did at that age. She is plump however and I wasn’t. I also cut her hair shorter than mine was because she likes to chew it.

Eragon is such a beautiful little toddler.He looks just like his namesake from the film and only has my eyes. I assume he got his hair from his dad. He is very good at learning things as well, so I should be in for a nice time teaching him.

I called my doctor, sonny, and I am going to have a boy, so I ate 10 watermelons and have not stopped watching Kids TV until I sat down to write my blog. The triplets were playing their instruments in the background. Rose is best at drums, Louie bass, and Ben Piano. They are like my own little band!

I felt huge from my pregnancy, this was taking forever. I remembered earlier that day when I’d been sat all alone, all the kids at school and Eragon asleep. I was remembering when I was little and would have given anything to watch these programmes or even HAVE a TV. Not because I couldn’t afford it but because we weren’t allowed.



read next post for Skye’s past. Contains a little violence and stuff.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Baby 18-

I was just doing the laundry after Rose’s dance class. She was a proper little ballerina and took classes daily. She only ever changed out of her dance outfit to change INTO another. So here I was doing another basket of laundry for her. I took the clothes out of the dryer and lo-and-behold there was a magic laundry gnome. I’d heard about these from comments on my blog they were supposed to move around. I decided to call mine BILL. I like the name Bill it reminds me of … nevermind.


I finished the laundry just as the kids went to school and my next father arrived. I called to let him in and he entered through the door. He walked into my kitchen and I crept up behind him and purred in his ear, “The babies are in bed, and the kids just went to school.”

“Oh, is that so… But I wouldn’t want to spoil your appetite for dinner.” He answered, voice low and hinting this dinner would be more than expected.

So he took me upstairs and lay me on my bed. just thenScreenshot-17 Rose came back. She’d forgotten her homework and thought she left it on my desk. I wonder what Mum is doing, she pondered.

She stood there for a second afraid to open the door and realised her brothers were calling her, they’d found the homework in her bag. She turned round and saw me and Goodwin and what we were doing. I would have to explain to them when they got home that day.  I was snapped out of my dream by the lullaby music and internally I was so happy. He seemed to be enjoying himself so we decided to “WooHoo” It was the first in a long time when I had been able to do that out of pleasure, not that trying for babies wasn’t pleasurable there was just that sense of duty. And so baby 18 was concieved.