Sunday, 29 January 2012

What was I thinking- Baby 46

*Hello there. My computer lovely as it is decided to delete all the pictures from Skye’s pregnancy, so congrats! You get a post-pregnancy post!

Writer’s POV
“Owwwwww.” Skye breathed through the last of labour before giving birth to a healthy little baby girl. She stared down, smiling. "Hello Apple" she said. As she smiled down at the new life in her arms she heard a cry from upstairs in the nursery. She glanced across at Poppy, who’d come in just after the birth and now stood in the doorway.
“We’ll have to age them up Mum.” said Poppy, gesturing upstairs with a sweep of her hand.
“You say that like it’s a bad thing Poppet. At least they can entertain themselves now. And we can give them food and look after another. My, I sound like I’m neglecting them. I’m such a TERRIBLE MOTHER.” cried Skye, looking down frantically at the new baby in her arms, like it would suddenly leap from her arms and scream out that it was off to live with it’s father. It was completely delusional, but she still thought it.

She was too shaken up to go with the quintuplets, so she went and changed into her sleepwear and stood at the foot of her bed, staring blankly at the wall.

She was tired, evident from the dark circles surrounding her eyes, probably the fault of the babies, AND the cause of her erratic behaviour. Poppy left her to lie down and decided to age up everyone, letting her mother get the rest she required.

Della and Vanessa did everything together. The second that Nessa aged up she went “ME HAIW WIKE DEWWA” Poppy thought it was too adorably to ignore. Because there was so many of them, she decided to dress them in their favourite colour, entirely!Paisley is dressed in yellow, and Charlie is in blue. Della is in all white, and Vanessa is dressed in green. Cadence is dressed

Poppy's Point Of View

I was downstairs when I heard the scream, blood-curdling, high pitched and… my mother’s. I placed down the book I’d been reading and raced upstairs.

 That was how I found her. Cowering in a ball from her own child.

 I grabbed my phone and called the doctors. They said they'd send someone round to pick her up. This was more serious than I thought.
Of course, the operator kept trying to re-assure me, but I was a bit distracted trying to get all the kids into the nursery where they couldn’t see Mum. As per usual with toddlers, they are madly annoying and refuse to go where they should. They kept sneaking out and causing havoc in an adorable way.
 The ambulance got here and took Ma to the ward. I was going to go with her when I realised that I couldn't leave this lot on their own with a sitter, I’d need help. I looked inside Ma’s room, to see if there was anything useful when I saw the note on her dressing table.
I grinned as I heard it ringing, this might just work!

Hello?” came the voice from the other end.
Hi. There, is this Paisley Parker’s house?” I asked
“Yeah. I’m Matthew. Her son. Do you want to talk to mom?”
“That would be great. Thanks.”
“Okay, I’ll pass you right over.”
“Hello. This is Paisley Parker.”
“Miss Parker. I’m Poppy Everard, Skye’s daughter. She’s gone into hospital and I need a hand taking care of the kids, it’s just there’s five of them and one of me and the house is a mess, and  because they’re toddlers they’re getting everywhere. So I was wondering, if it isn’t too much trouble, would you like to bring your family over to help out? We've got plenty of room for you, and of course food. We’ll pay you if you like!”
“Poppy, calm down. I’d be happy to help out a friend in need. I think It’ll just be me and Matthew coming. I can leave the rest of them with a sitter, it’ll be a nightmare getting everyone in a car. I’ll get there in about an hour. See you then!”

Skye’s P.O.V
“Doctor, there’s nothing wrong with me. I just got a bit overwhelmed. I feel much better now. In fact I feel young again. Almost like I’m a teenager again! Isn’t that weird! You know what, I’m, really hungry. I’m gonna go make a snack. In fact, I’m gonna go home! And THEN I’ll make a snack. Wow. I feel REALLY good doc. I don’t know what you did to me, but do it again!”
I was a bit hyper after the injection Dr Collier had given me I felt very good. Literally like I was a teenager, right down to the cravings and the mood swings.  And it was showing. I couldn’t sit still to talk to the doctor, and all I wanted to do was go home.  I was lying on the floor looking up at her as I said this, the same  way I sat WHEN I was a teenager.
 So go home I did. The doctors called Poppy and said I was OK to come, and she told me there was a surprise waiting for me. Little did I know, that that surprise, was better than expected. 
I walked into the nursery, expecting my kids, and maybe a sitter. But, Amazingly, what I saw was much better. 
"Hello, aren't you a big girl! Ooohh. Such an adorable little namesake I have. Aren't you just the BEST!" said the voice. 
"PAISLEY! Oh my god! Look at you. You're here,, like REALLY. And you aren't dead!"
"Who told you I was DEAD?"
"You SAID you had a brain tumour. I thought you'd died and stuff."
"Seriously. DEAD. We were talking on Facebook. or did I just imagine those? Honestly"
"I'm not really sure. But who cares, you're here! Wanna watch a film? I have the new Sherlock Holmes film."
"The one with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law? I'm SO there."
"Well then. I'll see you downstairs."
"Okay. And I've got something I need to tell you. Meet you down there."

And.... end. Because this post is SO long overdue.  


  1. I'm the best surprise anyone could ask for. ^_^

  2. Poppy is such a great daughter. :) I'm glad Skye's okay and yes, I agree with Paisley, Paisley is the best surprise Skye could ask for. ^.^

    ~Calista Smith

  3. PAISLEY! Don't publish your own comments. I got confuzzled! But yes, yes you are the best surprise EVER.

    Calista- Thank you. And she's not entirely okay. Lets just say her hyper injection is gonna have after-effects. And I'm glad you agree with Paisley. She's an amazing surprise.


  4. Woah! that was awesome! :D
    im so glad skye was ok. it scared me when she freaked out!
    lol, it was nice when paisley came over! poppy is so dedicated to her mother! :D

  5. AHHHH! Too many toddlers! No wonder Skye got overwhelmed! Thank goodness that Paisley was there. :)

    ~Dawn Turner

  6. I'm glad Skye is alright. All of the kids are so cute!

  7. @Dawn-
    Thank you for commenting. I have a famous challenge mother commenting on my blog! 2 in fact, now Charlie has commented.
    She did get a bit overwhelmed, but she's okay now. In recovery.
    I'm glad she is too, and thank you for complimenting her family!

    Thank you to everyone who's commented, new post will be out in a day or 2. Just have to take the pictures.