Sunday, 12 February 2012

Baby 48- Paisley! What have you done?

From now on, speech will be in different colours to show who's saying it. The writer is Purple. Skye is Blue, and anyone else will be whatever they are. 

I was leaning on Paisley's lap watching the film when a sudden thought came to me.
Me-Hey P?
Paisley- Yeah....
Me- What was it you were gonna tell me earlier? You said it was important.
Paisley- Yeah.... well me and Jack, we broke up. And then you called me over and I feel like a cow sat on my head, because I knew I didn't love him. 
Me- Hang on, I know I didn't like him, but seriously. You broke up? 
Paisley- Yeah... it's what people do when they don't love each-other
Me- Well, you know. There's a guy I know, single and he sounds really good for you. I'll set you up if you like. 
Paisley- Sounds cool. 
Me- Good, now shush, Irene's about to fall over.
I shifted my position and looked up at her. She looked tired of sitting inside and watching films.
Me- Paisley?
Paisley- Yeah....
Me- Would you like to stay over? For about a week? I have an idea what we could do, and I think you'll enjoy it. 
Paisley- Sure. I guess so. 
The rest of the post will be from Paisley's POV.
Skye had her head on my lap. It was a little strange. The only person that had ever done that was my sister Cassie. The more time I spent with Skye the more like Cassie she became. It was really weird. Anyhow...

Me- Hey Skye? Want to go somewhere other than here? 
Skye- Why? Getting sick of it here?
I smiled. Of course I was but I wasn't going to tell her that. 
Skye- Sure! Where do you want to go? 
I thought about it for a minute. 
Me- Would you like to go to a club?
Skye- Totally.
So to the club we went! We stood in the entrance awkwardly, neither of us wanting to be the first to order a drink. Finally my nerves got to me and I slipped up and ordered a round. 
Skye- So... what do you want to do? 
I was stressed enough that I was perfectly content with the answer I gave her.
Me- Get really, really drunk. 

That was the last thing I remember. The next thing I remember was waking up, moaning, on Skye's floor. Skye was half on half off one of her children's bunk beds.
Me- What the crap happened last night? 
Skye- Don't yell. My head hurts.
Me- I'm NOT yelling!
Skye- Oh really!? Cause it SOUNDS like it!
Me- Now YOU'RE yelling! SHUT UP!
Skye- YOU shut up you dingbat! 
Me- And now you're insulting me... GREAT... 
Skye positioned herself so she was laying properly on the bunk. 
Skye- All fighting aside, do you remember what happened last night?
I gave her my death glare that I only used when I really didn't want to talk. 
Skye- Whoa. Okay. Nevermind. Forget I asked. Geez.
Me- If I knew what happened last night why would I have asked? 
Skye- Hm... Good point. Well, shall we find out what happened?
Uh oh. What could she possibly have had up her sleeve? Something devious, perhaps? I hoped so.
Me- Sure but after we get some coffee and Aspirin. 
Skye- Good plan.
So we walked to her kitchen and she poured us some coffee and sent me to get the pain killers. 
Me- Why do I have to do it? 
Skye- Because. I'm cooler than you. Now go my slave and fetch me some pain killers. Go or I shall send you to the stocks! 
Me- Yes master. 
Two hours later, after we felt normal, we headed to the bartender's to ask what happened. 
Bartender- Well... You stayed until closing and then you said something about heading to Calista's house. That's all I know.
Skye- Perhaps we went to Calista's house! ONWARDS! 
I rolled my eyes. What information could Calista possibly give us?
When we got there Skye rammed on the door. 
Skye- Oh Calista-poo! Wakey wakey! 
Of course I giggled. Anything that has "poo" in the sentence is bound to make me laugh.
She opened the door, clearly just woken up. 
Calista- Oh hey guys
She rubbed her red eyes as a child ran behind her.
Calista- What do you need?
Skye- To know what happened last night. Did we stay long?
Calista- Yes. You stayed until seven in the morning. I tried to put you two to bed at six but when I came to check on you at seven you were gone. 
Me- Why do I get the feeling that you babied us like your children and we treated you like our mother?
Calista- Isn't that what you two do on Facebook? Anyway, not much happened over here. Just a lot of barfing on my floors and breaking my lamps.

Skye rubbed her neck. 
Skye- Yeah... sorry about that... That's the only part of the night I remember.
Me- Do you have any idea where we went after here?
Calista- Yes, I think I do. I think you went to Hadley's. 
Me- What gives you that idea?
Calista- I got a very distressed call from Paisley on Hadley's number. Something about cheese...?
Skye- Hehe. Cheese.
After thanking her for her help we headed over to Hadley's house. When we knocked on the door she opened it, clearly expecting us. 
Hadley- Well, well, well, if it isn't the "break everything Hadley owns duo."
Me- Yeah, yeah, sorry about that but we don't have much time. How long did we stay over here?
Hadley paused to think about it for a second.
Hadley- Until about nine I believe. I tried to kick you out sooner but neither of you would budge. 
Both of us giggled and asked her where we went after.
Hadley- Hm... I heard something about "the next challenge father." I'm not sure who he was for though. You or Paisley? Although I did get a call about an hour later from Skye asking me to come pick you guys up. She gave me the address but it just led me to the graveyard... 
Skye- Strange... Hm... 
Hadley- Oh wait! I forgot! Paisley's friend Anna-Leigh called to tell me that you two were alright and she picked you up. I'm sure if you call her she can give you the address to the challenge father. I wonder if you're pregnant Skye... or Paisley... 
We thanked her and left for Anna-Leigh's house. 
Me- You know, I'm getting really sick of this whole investigator thing. You may enjoy this but I don't. You can be Sherlock and I'll be Watson. Which means I'll be at the hospital. Probably from heat stroke. We've been walking around town all day.
Skye- NO! You can't leave now! Can't you wait to die from heat stroke for a little while longer? Anna-Leigh may have all the answers to this crazy night! 
I decided to hang in there for a little while longer to make Skye happy.
We finally made it to Anna-Leigh's house I banged on her door, severely sick of moving.
Anna-Leigh- What in the EFFING CRAP DO YOU WANT? 
Skye- Whoa. Someone's not happy.
Anna-Leigh- You woke me up from the best dream I have ever had AND I CAN'T GET IT BACK!
Me- Geez Anna, calm your butt down. Give us the address to the challenge father and we'll be on our way.
She squinted her eyes, probably thinking about it.
Anna-Leigh- Hmph. Fine. I wrote it down because I just knew you two would come crawling back for my help. Here.
We grabbed the post-it from her hands and headed to this father's house.
I read the address and realized something.
Skye's eyes went very, very large. She knew exactly who I was talking about.
Skye- No! I didn't!
Me- Well from the looks of things kid, you did. 
The man we were talking about is Bobby McGuire. He's the biggest douche that has ever walked the planet. This is an article that made me very, very mad and got me to have his children. And Skye granted his wish. Oh Skye...
I burst out laughing. I knew it was bad that she had his disgusting genes in her body now, but it was kind of funny...
She was trembling. About to scream, I assume.
Skye- I- I can't believe I did that. Oh no...
Me- HAHA! Sorry Skye, but look at it this way. Hadlee and Amber are cousins with your future children.
Skye- ...that doesn't help...
We knocked on the door and Bobby answered it.
Bobby- Ah, Skye. AND Paisley! You two just couldn't get enough of me, could you?
Skye- Shut it moron. Did I sleep with you?
Bobby- Why yes. You did. In fact, I reported it to the newspaper. It got it's own article. Here, take a look. 
He handed her a newspaper
.Skye- You're sick, you know that? I will get my revenge on you someday! I WILL! And Paisley will help! Right P?
Me- Um... Yes. Most definitely!

Since we knew what had happened the night before, we headed home. Skye chucked the newspaper in the garbage can before she fell onto her couch.
I walked over and sat on top of her.
Skye- Get your fat butt off of me. 
Me- But I'm dying of heat stroke. I can't move! I must. Stay. HERE!
We laid there the entire night without talking. That is until she felt the baby kick and she fell asleep on the couch.
I hopped off of her and realized that if she wasn't going to use her bedroom then I might as well. So I slipped into her bed.

The next morning I was awoken by the sounds of screaming toddlers. I walked out to see Skye had left and Poppy was about to pull her hair out.
Poppy- I am going to die Aunt Paisley! Mom left last night and I have no clue where she went! 
Me- Well let's age the kids up then!
Paisley, Charlie, Vanessa, Della and Cadence are quite the cuties! Paisley, of course, has taken a liking to me, the original one.
Vanessa and Della, well, if you want me to get straight to the point, they're exactly like the people they're named after. Vanessa is Vanessa Wood's clone and Della is Della Wriner's clone. They're best friends and I think they've sort of excluded the other three, but we'll see how it goes when they're older.
Paisley is MY clone! It's SO cute! She walks around copying me and doesn't spend much time with the other quints. In fact, she follows me everywhere. She even stands outside the bathroom when I'm in there. I'm not sure if that's creepy or sweet...
Charlie is the most imaginative kid I have ever seen! She makes everything into a game. When she's taking a bath she makes it into "a submarine adventure" and when she's relaxing on the couch she's a "street racer." The dress up box is constantly in use when she's around. She loves being princesses, dinosaurs, astronauts and even princes in every colour. She dresses up as the queen of the royal court during dinner. I don't think she has ever once touched something electronic. She's all about imagining.
And last but not least is Cadence. She's very shy and hardly ever talks to anyone. She spends most of her time outside on the spring riders, in the tree house, in the sandbox or on the playground equipment. She also enjoys playing in the sprinkler, slip n' slide and pool on hot days. These kids are the highlight of my visit, I would have to say.
Apple is quite the cute little toddler! She's always running around hitting people with blocks... I would have to say it's half annoying half painful. She annoys all the quints quite a bit and Poppy is thankful she's going to be moving out. Once I stuck Apple in the playroom and locked the door so that I could have some quiet time. Hey, don't judge, she had her bottle, a baby potty and some toys. It's not like it's child abuse or anything.
And finally there's Poppy. With all the craziness around here she booked it out the door the second she could. She didn't change much, except for the fact that she's gone insane with all these kids running around.
I stayed for a while, playing with Apple and hanging out with Paisley while the other four quints entertained themselves for the time being. It was stressful at first until we settled in and found a routine that fit all of our styles and personalities. I considered calling Hadley and Calista for help at first but decided against it. It turned out I didn't need to call them because it turned out just fine!
It was a quiet evening. Paisley was watching TV with me, Vanessa and Della were chatting, Cadence was playing on the spring riders, Charlie was having a "submarine adventure" and Apple was hitting the table happily with blocks. Skye hadn't been home since that night she found out she was pregnant. I heard keys in the lock jiggle around. Finally, I thought. Skye's back. 
She walked in holding a beautiful little baby boy, Watson. She named him that after our escapades in the "Drunken Night Case," as it came to be known.
Me- Where did you go this whole time?
She smiled.
Skye- Oh, you know, away for a while.
Me- Skye, come on, where did you go?
Skye- Thanks for helping out around here. 
So that's how it is, huh? Just gonna ignore me? FINE.
Me- No problem. Anytime. I'd love to do it again soon. Just not too soon, okay? 
After that I proceeded to tell her all about her kids and what they're like. Then I spent the rest of the week helping out and headed home, perfectly happy.
I just had an idea, so back to Skye's Point of View and Written by me.
Paisley was going to regret going home after she saw the surprise waiting for her in the Newspaper. Let's just say I'd left her and Bobby McGuire a little message they won't soon forget.  But this is only the beginning....

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