Friday, 6 July 2012

I miss you- Baby 53&54

My name is Ellie Everard. My mother is Skye Everard, famous challenge mother, and SHE is my hero. I have always admired her for her courage, strength and her loving nature. But what I most admire about my mother, is her determination, and that she isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Because not only is my mother a challenge mother, but she also dates both women and men. She is the first challenge mother to do this, and I'm not going to say everyone loves her for it. 

Most days, my mother is happy. But some, like today she greatly misses Eloise, my namesake and her partner. On those days she can lie around doing nothing for hours, but there's always been one thing we do to make her happy. Eloise and Skye have taken to Skype-ing while she is on a month long trip to her home country of France, and these sessions are one of the few things to draw my mother out of her stupor.

Because my mother is a 100 baby challenge mother, she has to have lots of children (no duh!)  And being the lovely mother she is, she let us choose the father. I'm currently the  only one old enough to make a decision, so I choose this man. Apparently his name is Payton Parkin. Skye says he looks a lot like her friend and our godmother Paisley Parker. I don't see it personally.

She drives herself to the hospital, where they implant the child via IVF and she returns home. Throughout the course of this assignment, I shall be studying, and reporting my findings on my mother, her new baby, and the effects of pregnancy on normally sane
I close my laptop without finishing the sentence and turn off the computer. Mom just called me down to lay the table for dinner, and right now I find it's best to comply. It was true what I wrote in the assignment, she is pregnant, and for the first day or so she has intense mood swings. So it's better I help now that wait until later and have her going ape on me. That's happened once before, it is not a pretty sight. I push back from my chair and walk downstairs. "Hey Mom. How are you?" I say as I enter the kitchen. She jumps a mile into the air, or she would, if the baby didn't stop her.
After she recovers from the shock she replies. "Good. I'm just great. I'm craving some sardines and oatmeal, but I figured you guys would prefer something 'hip' and 'normal' so I made you hamburgers." I cheer and sit down at the dinner table. We don't often get Burgers, since we try to eat healthy, but every once in a while we get one as a treat. Mom goes upstairs to get Demi, Luke and Leia and puts them in their high chairs one at a time. She grabs a packet of baby food for Demi, and a bottle each for the littler ones. I sit at the dinner table and interview Mom for my assignment. Every few hours I have to ask her questions on her mood, thoughts and the new baby's activity.
After dinner it's Birthday Party time for us. Skye brings Demi to the cake so she can grow up into a child. It's a wonderful process. Both Skye and I cheer and whoop as my little sister stops being quite so little. And she is B-E-A-U-TIFUL! Her hair is so long and curly, but she doesn't particularly like anyone touching it. But she has to sleep some time right?
Luke and Leia have to wait a while to grow up, they have to learn to walk, talk and potty yet, so we plan to do this over the course of the upcoming days outside. I've always loved Fridays, because that's family game night, and today we're playing Cleudo. I love Cleudo, but apparently my deductive powers are not needed, when the only one that could have done it is the victim. But it WAS the victim. I'm never wrong.

Evening Observations-  04 July 2012:
There's been a noticeable progression in the pregnancy today, and especially emotionally. The subject has experienced severe mood swings, and appears to be mostly happy otherwise. She was celebratory during the party for the other children, and managed to remain happy throughout the night. The subject has, however , been less active than in previous days, which my be attributed to the growth of the child restricting movement. Child has been more active today, even kicking and moving round. 
Subject has also shown first signs of cravings. Morning sickness and nausea have decreased, however are still present. 
I woke up at around 6:00AM this morning, and I could hear my Mother puking below me. I rushed downstairs to hold her hair, being the dutiful daughter I am, and I could tell she was grateful. "Mom. Would... would you like me to cut your hair?" I asked. Mother thought for a while, but then nodded. "If you want to do it, feel free. I was gonna get it done at the hairdressers sooner or later anyway. This is going to be much cheaper."  I sat her down in a chair then got to work snipping at her hair. A little over here, some over there. I'm finished quite quickly, and if I may say so myself, I've done quite a good job. My mother, apparently does not think the same as she promptly bursts into tears. "Mom? Did I do something wrong?" I ask. She just shakes her head and hugs me. At least she isn't yelling. Mom leaves to cook breakfast while I go write up what just happened. I have about 15 minutes, depending on what gets cooked today.

6:00AM Observation- 05 July 2012 
The subject woke up at roughly 5:55 and was immediately experiencing renewed morning sickness. To ease life, I offered to cut the hair of the subject. Subject promptly burst into tears. It is assumed they were either Hormonal, (or Happy? I must look into this further) tears. 
I close the laptop once more and walk back downstairs for a breakfast of eggs, bacon and... watermelon? I guess she's been wanting watermelon. Or maybe she wants a girl. This seems unlikely. There's more girls in this household than there is laundry, and we have a lot of laundry. After we eat it's time to begin the morning routine with the little ones and wake up Demi. I call dibs on Demi. I walk up to our room and lean over her bed, whispering "Demi...Demi..." this does nothing, so I poke her in the face. This doesn't do much, or so I think. Out of nowhere she jumps up and flails her arms around. "WHY THE HECK DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT?!" she screams at me. I stand there, too stunned to do anything.
"I was having the best dream EVER! And you went and woke me up. Now I'm never going to finish my first dream as a child." she crosses her arms in a huff and I walk away. "Demi. We're having bacon." My little sister stops sulking and rushes to get dressed. "Why didn't you tell me there was BACON?" yes. I do know how to manipulate a child into waking up quickly. When she starts removing clothing it's time for me to go. I walk into the nursery to find Mom dressing Luke for the long day ahead of him. She tosses him in the air and blows raspberries on his stomach.
I grab the still pyjama-ed Leia out of her crib and carry her to the dresser to find some clothes to put on her. I pick out a nice pair of jeans and a long t-shirt for her to wear, before following my mother and little brother downstairs to the garden, where Demi, after having eaten is playing on the playground.
My mother is waddling around after a now dressed Leia, and I scoop up Luke and take him away to teach him to talk. Every time he gets a word wrong my head falls into my hands, but I persevere, and by mid-day he's talking like a pro. He could go into... toddler debates! Okay.... not really. What would Toddlers debate about? Ah yes, clearly baby food it much better than either formula or breast milk. What-what. Yes. Clearly that will happen.
Mom has already taught Leia to walk AND talk. They've both been able to potty for a while. This is something she always does very early on in their days, it saves a lot of nappy money. I wander off to talk to Demi earlier, she seems to really like me. I have to let her hug me, because Skye says I need human contact. That's a lie. I've been fine without it, but she can see me, so I can't object.
While I'm off being hugged, I don't realise that my mother is going into labour, as soon as I turn around and see her grimacing in pain, I start freaking out. Who wouldn't, I mean, your parent is going through immense amounts of pain here.

Not much later she gives birth to her newest little boy, Jonathan, and his twin brother, David.
Post Birth Observations
Subject is still experiencing hormonal change as is expected. Both children are healthy, and normal. On the day of birth and during the subject seemed relaxed and happy. 

This concludes my report.


  1. I loved how Ellie referred to Skye as "the subject." That made me laugh.

    The whole post was so creative! I really loved it! :D

    P.S You have beautiful children :)

  2. Hehe. Yeah. She's very scientific about her work, if it means referring to her mother as 'the subject' then she will. It's actually very amusing.

    I'm glad you liked it so much. It was much easier to write tan normal, so I guess that's a plus, though I doubt I'll be writing many more like that.

    Thank you muchly for the compliment. I can't say I agree with you all the time, but the pretty ones are lovely in my opinion.


  3. Oooh, I like how you wrote this post. It was so different and awesome!

  4. Thanks a bundle!

    I'm glad you liked it.


  5. The cat shall be called Loren!

    But, nice job on the writing.

  6. Where the heck did that come from?

    In any case, no.