Saturday, 28 July 2012

Baby 55- I have no witty title. Part 1

Ellie grew up into a beautiful young adult. She wants to become a doctor, and has applied for a position at the local hospital. Apparently, she wants to become the fist challenge baby to reach the position of brain surgeon at the Cherwood hospital.
Next up was Demi. She had grown up to be a little chubbier than she used to be, but that didn't bother her. She chopped off all her hair and gave it to charity, so that was a plus for her. her hair was now really short, and almost impossible to control, but she said that if I gave it time it would get better.
I've had a lot going on this summer, meeting Eloise, my fight with Paisley, dumping Erik, moving house, being a test subject, Eloise leaving me to go back to France for a month. I've barely had time to think, never mind eat. Most of the time I just shove a few mouthfuls down before I'm off again doing something else for someone. I know I need to keep healthy for the rest of my kids, but between this, keeping everyone else happy and living life I feel like I'm someone else.
Jonathon and David are the cutest little toddlers I ever met, and everyone falls in love with them. With everything I've been up to for everyone, I was incredibly pleased when first Ellie, and after she left, Demi began helping to look after everyone. Luke and Leia tried their hardest to help out, but really they were too little to do anything other than their assigned chores. I miss spending time with my toddlers, but I hardly get chance to nowadays.
Luke and Leia always fight for the attention of David, because apparently he's more interesting. But I managed to keep both kids happy for long enough to take this picture of them. I've cut stuff out of my schedule recently to make more time for everyone, and it seems to be showing. Everyone seems much closer, and we even sit down for a few family dinners.
It's roughly a couple of weeks after Ellie leaves and Demi grows up that Eloise comes back, running into the house. She falls into my arms, and I lean in, breathing in her smell. (Vanilla and Raspberries.) "Skye, my Mother is here." she says as soon as she lets go. I blink in surprise. "It's not like that," she says, reading my thoughts. "My mom's a professional photographer, and she wants to do a shoot of us." I nod in shock. This first thing she says to me after a month away, no I've missed you, I love you, just 'my mother wants to take pictures of you'. What a warm welcome. Ellie pauses, and sees how sad I look. She presses a kiss to my lips. "I love you, and I missed you terribly. The shoot is tomorrow." Everyone comes downstairs right at that moment to see what all the noise is about, and immediately after seeing Ellie, rush towards her for possibly the biggest group hug I ever saw. I'm sat down that night, reading, and Eloise enters the room, hair wet from the shower. She smiles at me and pulls her nightie around her, probably because of the cold draught from my bathroom. It was mighty chilly in there. She turns around, bending down to grab something from a suitcase on the floor behind her and I glance up from my book to see her grabbing a pair of shorts and a stringy top from her case.
As she begins putting on a jumper I stand up and walk over. She glances at me, confusion in her eyes. But she doesn't resist as I wrap my arms around her waist. I lean in and press a kiss to her neck, whispering, "I've missed you." Eloise only giggles, the way only she can. There's something about that giggle which is so incredibly sexy I'm surprised Jesse isn't crawling all over her. She returns the kiss with one to my shoulder and I shudder. "I-mmmmmmmm." she cuts me off with a kiss to the lips as she presses her hips onto mine. I take a step back as she drops the towel from her hand, leaving both free to tangle in my hair. We fall to sleep that night wrapped in each others' arms and then wake up in the same way.  I slip our of Eloise's arms and grab the first clothes I find in the drawer, a shirt and a pair of shorts. Eloise wakes up slowly, looking around the room. "Skye?" she murmurs. I turn to look at her, wondering what I should to with my hair today. "Yeah?" Eloise breathes a sigh of relief. "I though last night was all a dream. I was still back in France." I chuckle at the thought. "I'm going to make breakfast. Mother taught me a divine new recipe for grape pancakes."

The pancakes, in the end, are in fact delicious. We have until ten to relax, which is when Mrs Honette-Parker gets here with her husband. In that time I aim to complete the book I am reading, I used to read quickly, but I barely get any time to read with so many little ones. I complete it in the half hour I have, owing to the fact that Eloise is entertaining the little ones and they all adore her too much to care where I am.
Eloise's parents knock on the door at five past ten, and Paisley is stood beside them. She waves and I ignore her. "Mr and Mrs Honette, I assume?" I greet them with a smile and Mrs Honette takes my  hand in hers and kisses me on the cheek like a daughter. "Please, call me Rosette" I nod and accept it. "Okay Mrs- I mean, Rosette." Paisley, who clearly cannot contain her excitement any longer, leaps into the air and hugs me. "SKYE! GUESS WHAT?" I humour her with a raised eyebrow. "It's your birthday tomorrow." Of course. It was my birthday on the 28th. How had I forgotten? Oh yes, I was too busy being overjoyed at the return of my lover. I was returned from my thoughts when Paisley started talking about a party. Apparently she'd invited Chloe, Calista, Laura and a few other people over. She refused to tell me just who these other people were, or where we were going for the party, but apparently it was going to be 'epic'. Paisley had been spending too much time with Caramel and Toffee. Mr Honette led Eloise into the room before starting work on my face. I hadn't known it needed work, but apparently he was going to give us a special look for the photo shoot. I had no idea Eloise's father was a fashion god, but I must say that he had rather good taste.
Eloise was brilliant at having her picture taken, probably because she had grown up with her mother, but I was a little less used to it. Apparently I was 'Stiff as a donkey's left buttock.' and I was not going to argue with the scary French lady telling me that. As soon as we got into couple poses I was okay, since being around Eloise felt natural. And then they got Paisley in on the act, so that was fun. My favourite pictures were from those times.
After the shoot, Paisley didn't bother to go home, since she would be coming over later that night anyway. We found a bunch of outfits which would be good for use at a party, and then managed to get Demi to babysit for us, not that it was much of a challenge; she adored her younger siblings. As night fell and we walked the short distance to the bar, it was time to Par-tay!


  1. Ellie is gorgeous.

    Jonathon and David are adorable.

    I know I've already said this but Skye+Eloise= cuteness :)

    I can't wait to see the party!!! :D

    Great post!


  2. Thank you.

    Thank you again.

    I know. I agree.

    I'm actually rather scared to do it. Lots of things could go wrong.

    Thank you.


  3. Aw, Eloise's parents are sweet. :)

    "...Stiff as a donkey's left buttock."
    That line was just fantastic. xD

    I can't wait to see how this party turns out.

    Fantastic post!


  4. Thank you for the compliment.

    I also loved that line. It was why I wrote it.

    I'm terrified of this party honestly. It scares the heck out of me.