Monday, 6 August 2012

Baby 55 Part 2: “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw?”

We walked into the small bar and the residents, only challenge mothers and a couple of other people (as far as I could tell) cheered a massive, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" my jaw dropped as I saw just how many people were there, other than the expected challenge mothers were a few others, people I hadn't really spoken to face to face before. I made a list and here it is:
  1. Chloe Moreau
  2. Calista Smith
  3. Laura Johanson
  4. Alina Taylor
  5. Becks Best
  6. Natalie Winfield
  7. Abigail Bell (A new mother)
  8. Christy Quinn, 
  9. Paisley Parker (no surprises there)
  10. Dawn Turner
I was most surprised to see Dawn and Christy there, I mean people had heard of them. Not that people hadn't heard of the other people, it's just more people know about them than say... Chloe. Who'd just started. (And she was off to a flying start may I add.) First of all came gifts, and I had explicitly told everyone not to get me anything, but they did anyway, which was probably Paisley's doing. Now not to say that I was negative about free things from my friends. Never look a gift challenge-mother in the mouth I always say. There was a few gifts, so I'm going to make ANOTHER list so I don't forget anyone. 
  • Chloe- A set of Sherlock posters.  I swear the girl just met me and she knows me like I know my way around Stark Tower. (Long, long story)
  • Calista- A new Sci-Fi novel by my favourite author. 
  • Laura- A black notebook. Leather. absolutely divine.
  • Alina- A hand painted picture of the challenge mothers. 
  • Becks- A Taser pen. Which I tested on the barman who was eyeing Eloise up. 
  • Natalie and Abigail- A necklace. 
  • Christy-  a book on yoga with an accompanying DVD. ('It helps me relax' was the explanation.)
  • Paisley wouldn't tell me her gift.
  • Dawn- A nice hat. I like hats. 
And so concluded the gift giving. That over, and with the barman still unconscious on the floor, we set about getting drinks. Paisley being the only one with any mixology skill took it upon herself to bear the heavy, alcoholic burden. Natalie was first one to start acting drunk. She got up onto a table and started dancing. And when the perverts in the corner whistled, I could have sworn she was about to remove all her clothes and do Gods-Know-What. 
Dawn and Christy sat in a corner quietly chatting over a couple of glasses of wine, and as the night wore on they started to get more and more giggly. Eloise and I, along with Paisley, spent most of the night dancing together.  The men in the other corner quickly got over their fear of the taser pen and quickly set to work flirting with everyone. Quite literally, EVERYONE.
At some point in the night, Paisley, Eloise and me returned home to a night of well deserved... stuff. I sit down at the desk, being utterly bored and decide to look up Johnlock fanfics on the internet, but I end up just reading Frostiron because I can't work computers after 3 shots of tequila. I believe I may have booked a holiday for two to Yorkshire in England too, but that might have been the Apple-tinis talking. After that we fall asleep in a variety of places, as we commonly do when intoxicated.
The next morning I woke up and heard a meow by my ear. I turn to see what it is and lo and behold, there is a cat by my ankle. I frown, how did a cat get in? Then, I distantly remember calling Calista and Laura and telling them to drop off the cats at my house. And they did. Wow. They're adorable. The larger one has paler colours and I assume it to be Isis. (Is it Isis? I forgot her name.) The smaller one is much more bright, and this must be Glowy's baby. He has no name, so I sit there for a while thinking, but no answer comes. In the end I decide to get up. Food which wasn't made in a deep fryer calls to me. I open the fridge and get out the ingredients for breakfast and begin throwing them in a pan.
The smaller kitty has since woken up everyone in the house and now they're waiting for breakfast sat around the table. They're discussing the cats, and out of nowhere I have an epic name breakthrough. "Lets ask my blog viewers. They can suggest names for him and vote, like you do." and so it is decided and we finish breakfast in peace. It isn't long afterwards before I am throwing up and I attribute it to the hangover. Or at least, I hope it's the hangover. I log onto my email after eating and puking and there's a mail from a travel company. I open it, thinking it will be an advertisement and it's the confirmation of my booking. I booked a holiday for two to York some time last night, and now if I cancel it I'll lose my deposit. And I was never one to turn down a holiday. I leave the room and talk to Paisley. "Hey, I booked a holiday to England last night some time for two."

Paisley looks at me. Eloise says, "I'm not coming. I hate England. Take Paisley." I nod. "Take care of the kids?"

Looks like I'm going on holiday tomorrow.

I am sorry for the short and crapness of this post, I just wanted to get it out. I hate this challenge with all my heart, but sometimes I have a good storyline and it redeems itself.  And I have  great idea coming up to hopefully make it fabulous. But I have no idea how it's going to play out. 


    I like this challenge.(yours)
    A lot.
    Y U HATE IT?!

  2. Pfft. I hate it because it is frustrating, lovely, maddeningly annoyingly time consuming and fun to do. It makes me want to bash my head against a wall, but somehow I feel like I'll still get joy from that wall.

    That is why I hate my challenge, and why I won't be giving up any time soon.

    That and Skye still has to sleep with Iron man. :P

    Sooo.... yeah.



  3. Oh goodness... Skye got some interesting gifts there. A taser pen? I want.

    Yayy! Kitties! They're both so cute. ^_^

    Oh goodness... Booking holidays when you're drunk. At least the money won't go to waste. :)

    Great post! I can't wait until the next one.

  4. WOO!!! Sherlock posters!!! :D

    I laughed so hard at the taser pen part xD

    KITTIES!!!!! ^_^

    And you don't hate this challenge. YOU LIAR! xD



  5. Laura-

    Lemme start with you.

    I'm sorry. You know what that is. Or I hope you do.
    Taser pen... you can make them. Easily. My family forbade it though, so no tasers for me.

    Your kitty is finally here. You can have it back if you're still pissed off at me.

    I'm going to have to stop typing now, it's annoying my mother. So bye!

    Sorry again.


  6. Chloe, what am I going to do with you?

    Those posters are pretty awesome.
    Every one seems to like the taser pen.
    Yes Kitties.
    I do hate it. I hate it more than I hate like Raoul. Which is a lot.
    You can see England shortly. I need to find a suitable world.

  7. Haha ...tequila makes ur clothes fall off! Love this as always! You got mad awesome gifts!

  8. Hehe, yes it is Isis. ^_^ Don't worry, I couldn't remember 100% either (I had to go look it up).

    Glad Calista and all the challenge mothers could go to the party. Lol, funny gifts. :P

    ~Calista Smith

  9. I had to check too, after I posted so I was lurking around on your blog. :D

    I'm sorry it took so long to get her in, I kept forgetting and then if I did the pictures would go wrong.

    I'm glad you like the gifts, and I'm sorry the pictures were less the brilliant, but Skye was most thankful for the gifts.

    Thank you for commenting.


  10. Thank you Hadley!

    I dunno if I should still call you that, but I will.

    Ah the joys of writing drunk Skye. She's the best kind of Skye. The gifts were fun to think of as well.


  11. Haha, totally still call me Hadley! I am never letting that character go away! Of the voices in my head, she is my favorite! LOL

    Yes, intoxicated people are fun to write because the world is funny through their eyes...which makes for even more hilarious posts!