Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Baby 75- You can imagine the Christmas dinners...

I look anxiously at the door to the large house in front of me. The paint is perfectly smooth, and it pretty much matches the rest of the house’s exterior in its neat perfection. I take in a large breath and steady myself. 
Unfortunately for me, there was no need to do that because Paisley knocks for me; three loud raps, which would have been heard throughout the house. I turn around to glare at her, and she shrugs amiably, like this is the best time she’s ever had.
The door opens inwards, and I’m not surprised to see my sister (still getting used to that one) stood in the doorway. “Hey Skye. Would you like to come in?” she asks, and I nod. My entire family- well not the entire one, that would be 74 children and too much of a fuss- walks into the house.
Just around the corner is my younger brother, Azure. He looks about as excited to be here as I am, probably because he’s a big star in the sports universe and he’d much rather be outside than in here. I wave at him, and he smiles back before Sapphire ushers us away. She shouts to our parents, “Mom, Dad! Skye’s here. She comes bearing grandchildren.”
My father is the next person that I see, he comes through an archway dressed in a shirt and a pair of jeans, which I guess must be a casual look for him. “Skye.” He beamed, smiling at me warmly. “And Paisley, and so many grandchildren.” He continues. He’s the first member of my family to actually acknowledge Paisley’s presence in the house and is quickly becoming my favourite. “Your mother is in the kitchen, cooking dinner. I hope you like pie, because Azure spent all morning making one for dessert too.” He continues and this time it’s my turn to smile. They made pie!
A small hand tugs on my arm, it’s Steve. He’s escaped from Banner’s grip on his hand and made his way over to me. “Mum? Can we go outside? It’s warm in here.” He asks quietly.  I nod at him. “In a second,” I reply. “Maybe Grandpa can take you.”
James eagerly scoops up Steve, and followed by Stark and Edward they walk outside. Banner and Bruce go to talk to Sapphire, leaving Paisley and I alone. We walk through the large dining room to the kitchen. It’s even warmer in there, and through a pot rack I can see my mother standing near a stove and glaring at a pan. “Hi Mrs Everard!” calls Paisley. 
My mother jumps a little and the baby in my belly kicks. I consider telling it off, but then I realize how strange that might look.  Apparently having recovered, my mother responds with a frosty “Skye, Paisley. How are you doing?” We both respond, making niceties and small talk, until Opal asks to talk to me alone.

“I said that you could bring whoever it was that you were dating for dinner, not some random friend.” She hisses quietly. I pause for a second, thinking about what to say. “Well I’m sorry to disappoint mother, but newsflash? I’m dating Paisley, so you’re just gonna have to suck it up and get over it.” I reply angrily. My mother glares at me for a second, but eventually seems to give up trying to be okay with it. “Just keep your hands off each other. I’m not having such a disgrace to my family in this house.”
I consider replying, but eventually decide that it’s not worth it and just walk into the lounge. Paisley, bless her, follows me without saying anything, and together we walk outside into the frosty autumn air. I walk around to the back of the house where I can see Sapphire and Banner talking together near a stable. I didn’t notice before, but her hair is now a white and red combo, not whatever colour it was last time, so I guess that she must have dyed it. She waves at me, and I return it, before taking Paisley’s hand and continuing to gaze around the large garden. My Dad and brother are in the other corner playing tag and raking leaves with Bruce, the twins and Steve. I lean on Paisley’s shoulder, and we sit down on the edge of the deck while he puts an arm around me. “One day, this will be our family.” I sigh, and Paisley hums a response as I drift into a light sleep on her shoulder. For once my dreams are normal and happy, there’s me and Parker on a picnic blanket in some park, and she’s leaning on me and we’re happy.  I wake up that way, but I can’t say I stay it for long.
My mother calls us inside for lunch, we’re having some sort of salad dish, but it gives me the most intense urge to vomit I've ever had. I was used to morning (all day really) sickness, but this wasn't fair. Opal was going to think I hated her cooking and never let me back into the house. As it was, I managed to swallow down enough that it looked like I’d eaten, and that was what counted.
We make our excuses and manage to get out before dessert, but James gets us to bring the pie home, and I can’t say I’m complaining because it’s free pie, but I do feel bad for taking their dessert.
My sister once again takes us to the door, and gives me a hug as we leave. While we’re close she says to me, “Don’t worry, mom freaked out the first time I brought a girlfriend home as well.” I look at her as if to say, What, you too? But she shakes her head. “I went through a phase.” She clarifies. I find myself hoping that Paisley isn't just a phase.
Fortunately for me, my not-a-phase girlfriend offers to drive home, and I manage to get some shut-eye. I’d slept at Opal’s, but Steve wasn't a huge fan of getting through the nights, and Paisley knew just how tired I was. I find myself dreaming about the events which lead to us visiting my mother in the first place.

Two Days Ago
The next of the Avengers to visit me (and the penultimate male) is Clint Barton. He meets me in a small IVF clinic on the outskirts of town and wait for our appointment. We chat quietly-despite being the only people in the waiting room- and he seems pretty friendly. Most of our conversation centres on Stark and missions, he seems to enjoy talking about those two subjects, though he’s not as fond of talking about the Avengers’ first mission and so far the only one a film had been made of. But regardless, we laugh a lot and have a great half hour until a doctor calls us in.
The procedure worked as normal, and an hour and a half later we both walk out, me with a soon-to-be child, and Clint with… well nothing. But he has the promise of a future child too.  The drive back to my home is long enough to be relaxing, and to top it off rain was falling gently from the sky, hinting at a large storm rolling in.
As I pull into the garage Bruce walks around the corner of the house to meet me at the gate. “You’re back!” He cheers, followed by a hastily added “Grandma Opal called. Asked you to call her back.”
And I do just that, though unwillingly. “Hey Mom.” I say when she picks up. It’s only moments before she’s freaking me out. “Skye, darling. It’s so good to hear from you, “ (she’d last spoken to me a week ago) “I was wondering if you and your boyfriend, whoever that may be, wanted to come to lunch on Saturday? It would be a really nice chance to get to know your family a little more.” She inquires.
Needless to say, I’m lost for words. “Uh… sure Mum. That would be great. I’ll see you on Saturday. I’ll bring the kids.” Then I hang up. There’s only so much crazy family I can take.  My next job is to text Paisley.
You, me my kids. Saturday, dinner at my mother’s?-Skye
Okay. Meet at yours before facing the dragon?-PP
Yep. PS: Got some news. Love you. –Skye
And that is the sum total of our conversation. I never said we wasted time on these things.
The baby chooses that precise moment to make it’s presence known and I giggle quietly before changing into a more comfortable maternity outfit.“MOOOOOMMMM!” yells Stark, and I head towards the source of the shouts.
“WHAAATTTTT?” I call back as I walk into the room.
“Steve pooped.” He says. I pull a face, but reach into the crib beside my son to pull out Steve. He wasn’t wrong. The smell coming from my child is overwhelming. “Come on you,” I mutter, “Time to get changed and potty train.” He just looks at me blankly before yelling “JUICE!” I sigh.
“And then you’re learning to talk.”
Most of the afternoon is spent doing just that. Every so often I’ll have to go and pee because being pregnant does that to you, and then I also tend to throw up as well because guess what- it’s ANOTHER side effect of pregnancy.
But after teaching Steve his skills, I find myself with nothing to do. Bored out of my mind, and suffering from extreme hormonal imbalance I make the executive decision to just do whatever. Whatever turns out to be working out while I watch a Twilight marathon on TV. Normally I’d hate it, but I was unfortunately lacking in the ‘things to watch on TV’ front. So I did that. And around 6:30, I went to start dinner as Banner an Bruce worked on their homework for the AP classes they were taking.
Of course, by then I was also tired out of all reason. I’d spent the afternoon working out, not something I did very often, and I was exhausted. So I took a bath, got everyone ready for sleep, and then went to bed myself.
The next morning was a Friday, so of course I have to get the kids ready for school. And of course today would be field trip day, so of course I have to pack them lunches. I get pretty pissed off whenever I actually have to do anything for my kids, probably because I was raised (if you could call it that) to be independent and free willed.
But regardless of that, they managed to get on the bus on time and I prepared myself for another lazy day. In a fit of boredom I decide that I’m going to try out the sauna on the back of my bathroom, which has so far sat unused and unloved. I honestly don’t know why. After an hour in there I’m more relaxed than well… ever!
Unfortunately, I knew it wasn't to last and Steve then decides to wake up from his sleep- an entire four hours after I first got him down. And that’s a long time for him. So I’m woken from a light doze and go to care for him, before we walk outside. Me with an easel to paint with, and Steve with a few toys and his imaginary friend doll. We pass the rest of the afternoon that way and it actually surprises me when the kids come home, I get so involved with what I’m doing. Sadly for me I’m not the best painter, so even something as rubbish as what I was doing took lots of time.

We sit around on the floor in my room trading stories of the day of the kids’ various antics. Of course Stark and Edward managed to get themselves locked in a prison cell. But it serves them right for sneaking in in the first place.

We go to bed that night happy and content. Except Steve. He refuses to sleep until around four in the morning and I can’t say I’m complaining. The longer I stay awake, the fewer nightmares I have. Lately they've been me and Paisley as teenagers, but there’s something wrong with the me in them and I’m just not right. They scare me so much that I actually relish staying awake.
Conveniently, morning comes soon and I manage to start getting ready to visit my mother. We need to be off by around nine AM, so I’m very pleased to have been awake since six, since there will undoubtedly be many kids for me to prepare for dinner. In the end I slip into a simple top and trousers getup, one of the few that still fits in my heavily pregnant form, and am doing my makeup when Paisley arrives.
She’s wearing orange, as usual, and more fall shades, and I can’t say I’m complaining. The colours make her skin glow an she’s the happiest I've seen her in a while. But something seems off and I can’t put my finger on it. I decide to let it slide for the time being and we gather the children ready to go. Thankfully I have enough sense to own one of the largest cars ever invented, so there’s no issue with fitting everyone in.
We set off down the country road to Eltham’s Drift, the town my parents are currently living in, and soon fields and orange-leaved trees are passing by us. I’m rendered incredibly thankful for the fact that my parents live near the bridge connecting our island to the mainland  because without that I think I would have freaked out so much. Less than two hours after we leave, I fins myself facing my parents’ door in trepidation, wondering why I managed to let myself be talked into coming here.
“Paisley, I just went into labour.” I mumble, still half asleep. She glances at me before looking back at the road. Quickly, she takes a turning to our old home of Sunset Valley, knowing that they’re probably the closest town with a functional hospital. She drives at break-neck speeds down the roads and we’re there in about forty five minutes, by which time my contractions are four minutes apart.
We get checked in, I’m sent to a ward and Paisley takes the kids home as quickly as possible. When she returns, I've just gotten back from giving birth to my next little baby girl, Calinda Everard.

Wow. I only have 25 babies to go. Rest assured, these next ones are gonna be drama, drama, drama. Literally. We have so much going on its ridiculous.
Thank you all for sticking with me this far, even if you just turned up. It means a lot that you’re even here. Now I doubt anyone will read this note, so just to test I want you to work in the word Sparkles to your comment somehow. Even if you just add it to the end, just to see if somebody actually cares what the writer has to say.
Oh, and what Skye said about being raised independently- that's pretty true to writer's life. They basically just leave me to get on with stuff, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to write Skye like, so I just write her like my parents are. 

Goodbye for now, my loyal minions- I mean readers. 


  1. Not digging Skye's mom. She seems pretty rude.

    MINIONS! Those things are so cute. :3

    1. Well you got the minions thing... if not sparkles. So I guess you read part of the note. And I assume you're referring to Despicable Me, or whatever film it is. Which was also not my intention, but derive from it what you will.

      Nobody digs Skye's mom. But she's just looking out for Skye, she had no idea where she was for almost 23 years, so she was expectedly protective. She eases off soon. I hope...

      Well whatever happens,


    2. Oh, darn it. XD I read it all, but I forgot to say that.

      Sparkles. :3