Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fancy a change-Baby 76, 77, 78, 79, 80.

Banner and Bruce have their birthdays almost as soon as I get back from the hospital.  They tell me that they’ll call me when they get a minute.  They were picked up from home not long after they aged up to go for S.H.I.E.L.D training. They’re the first of my Avengers babies to leave, and I have to admit that it’s hard to know I won’t be able to just call around and visit.
After they leave I decide to age up their siblings too. Stark is very inventive and keeps making useful inventions.  Edward is more into the art side of things and draws up designs and blueprints from what his brother makes.
Steve grows into a wonderful child. He’s really into drama and dress-up, and his favourite costume? Captain America. I suppose some things are genetic, like extreme patriotism, or whatever. Of course it could just be him idolizing his father, but my money’s on the first one.
Two weeks after their birthdays I am sat on the couch waiting for a visit from the final male Avenger, Thor. Stark is particularly excited, especially since his father’s visit, where he told him that visits from their ‘Uncle Thor’ would be great.  Unfortunately, I get a text around two PM that Thor was called back to Asgard on business, so they’re sending Romanoff instead.
Now I’m not one to scare easily, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn't terrified of the thought of this ultra-powerful and incredibly scary red-headed assassin running around my house. Though I doubt she’ll be there for very long anyway.
As if on cue there is a knock at the door, and the aforementioned scary Russian assassin is stood there. Fuzz-Nugget jumps out of my arms and leaves the room, as if to say “This is a scary lady. I’m going to leave now.” I open the door and stick out my hand to Natasha Romanoff and she takes it in a firm handshake. “Hello.” I mumble quietly.
To my surprise, she laughs. “There’s no need to be scared of me as long as you’re not working for the bad guys.” I nod again, still vaguely frightened, but prepared to believe her. Though it’s hard to trust someone whose face snaps back to eerily neutral so soon after that. I knew she was tight with her emotions, but this is something new. “So, are we going to get this over with?” she asks. I nod vigorously. “How is this gonna work?” I ask in response.
“There’s an experimental procedure being developed by S.H.I.E.L.D. And we’ve got an agent coming out to oversee it. We’ll be at your local hospital. Fury cleared it all with the officials.” Ah. So we’re going to the hospital. “C’mon then Agent. We have a hospital to get to.” I call happily. “Stark, I need you to watch your siblings!” I shout to the back of the house, where Stark and his brother are in the basement. “Okay Mom.” Is the response, so I grab my keys and get into the car.
“So how’s this going down? We just how up, they mingle our DNA and Bob’s your uncle?” I ask. She nods in response. “Something like that.”
Three and a half hours of long and complicated procedures later, I’m impregnated; Romanoff has left; and I am back at home. Once again I find myself with nothing to do, so I scoop up Calinda and carry her downstairs to the basement. Stark and Edward are back down here following dinner, so we’re bonding as a family too. Steve is sat about two feet away from me playing with a toy car, and I’m teaching my daughter to talk.
“Come on Baby Girl. Say ball for Mama.” I coo, but Calinda seems happy just to keep chewing on her fingers. My phone buzzes in my pocket before shouting “Hey Assbutt!” at me. I giggle, pulling it out to look at the text. On the other side of the room, Edward raises his head from where it was stooped over a design with his brother and raises an eyebrow at me.
Shaking his head, he goes back to his brother, and I check the text. Surprisingly, it’s from Erik.
How does dinner sound? –E
It sounds wonderful. Is Meg coming?  I reply. There is no response for a couple of minutes so I continue teaching Calinda. My phone yells at me again not long after I resume.
Yes. Would you like to bring Paisley? –E It reads. I consider it for a minute before I respond.
No. She’s busy tonight. It’ll just be us three.
Excellent. See you at the Coastside at 7. –E
I receive no further texts, so I continue once more with Calinda, and she finally seems to accept that it’s time to learn things. After this point, it only takes about half an hour to get her to a talking master, so I leave her with Steve in the nursery where he’s playing and go and get ready for dinner.

I run the bath with no bubbles, to wash my hair in and sink slowly into the warm water. I’m safe in the knowledge that my kids are safe with each other, so take the time to relax. I lather my hair before dunking myself under, and then repeat the process with conditioner.
Then of course it’s on to clothes, hair and make-up. I’m torn between a nice up-do and leaving my hair down for once, but eventually, I go for a continuation of my side ponytail. The restaurant we are going to is classy as anything, so I don’t want to appear out of place.
The dress I choose is much easier. For a few years now, there’s been a dark green evening dress with a slit on the leg just waiting for a classy restaurant to be worn in. Unfortunately for the both of us, I never got the chance. Until today that is. I take it from my wardrobe and manage to fit into it. Thankfully, my baby bump is still almost invisible, so I can fit into the dress with no issues.
I check my watch from its position on my dress in table. Half six. So I had better be getting to the car if I wanted to arrive on time. I leave the house without a jacket. Anthony and Stark know I’m going out tonight, and are expecting to have to look after their siblings. Not to mention that they almost always seem to enjoy getting paid for their endeavours.
With the door closed behind me, I jump into my car and head off for the restaurant; arriving not long later at 6:45. Erik and Meg are already there. I wave and walk over to their table in the far corner of the room. Erik stands up to greet me and hugs me warmly. After the obligatory ‘Hi, how are you? Oh I’m great thanks, you? Great’s’ we step apart, and then I meet Meg officially.
She stands up from her chair and we go through the same process, though this time with a handshake instead of a hug.

Edward Anthony
“Look Bro, all I’m saying is that it could work out really well for you.” Says Stark. I glare at him. “Stark I’m not interested in double dating some twin with you.” He hangs his head low. “Okay bro. Whatever you say. I guess I’ll just go call her.” He whimpers, and I think he even sniffles for a second.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” I groan, and Stark’s head instantly jerks up, revealing a huge smile.
“Thanks Ed. You’re the BEST!” he shouts, jumping up and running off. I sigh, internally. Great. Now I have to find an outfit to wear later.
Skye- Three Weeks Later
I returned home from my dinner with Erik without a hitch, though I’d had a really weird feeling about him. I made up my mind to be careful around him, just in case there was something wrong.

I had the babies as per usual, three days after I got pregnant, I welcomed two little bundles of baby girl into the world, in the form of Natasha and Natalia Everard. Even as babies they were feisty and demanding, so I’m not looking forward to them being teens, (or toddlers) particularly.
I get the kids to finish their homework early because then it is birthday time. We throw a small party, since Steve asked for Electra to visit especially for the occasion, and thankfully for me, she agreed.
 Edward’s girlfriend, Sally Anderson, is also celebrating with us. I have my doubts about that girl, but so far they have proved to be unfounded. She is one of a pair of twins, her sister Annabell is nicer, but didn't particularly hit it off with Stark. I don’t think Sally is the best girlfriend for Eddie, but he’s mostly happy, and a lot more popular and outgoing now, so I guess that’s what counts.
Natasha and Natalia grow up adorable. They both have Natasha’s red hair, and Natalia has unusual brown eyes.
Calinda is also pretty cute. She has mysterious black hair and my eyes, and she loves anything pink. Literally everything PINK PINK PINK. It’s absurd in my opinion.

I hate Sally. I actually, legitimately hate her. She’s always with Edward, which unfortunately means that she is always at our house making out with him. It wouldn't be so bad, if she wasn't the most horrible person in the galaxy.
I’d tried being nice to her in the beginning, even holding the door open for her a few times like my daddy taught me when he visited. But she seemed to have some kind of a problem with me. She always calls me names and glares at me, unless Edward is around. I hate that kind of person, you know.
It’s around four in the afternoon, and I am just getting in from school. I decide to go to my room so I can do my homework away from Tasha and Talia, since they like to eat it, but who else would be in there but my stupid-head big brother, and his girlfriend. I just happen to walk in on them while they’re… well you know. I’m like… 76% sure that all they do is suck each other’s faces and swap spit. It’s the most disgusting thing on the planet. 

“You should go Sal. It’s almost-” Kiss ”-time-” Kiss “-for you to be off.” Kiss. She sighs like she’s so hard done by then leaves the room, pulling up her skirt even higher as she leaves. Eddie stares after her like she’s the best thing he’s ever seen.
Ick. Teenagers.

I walk back into the lounge after I’m sure she’s gone and nearly trip over Natalia. When she’s not helping her sister get into trouble, she’s actually kind of sweet. “Hey Talia, if I ever do something as stupid as Eddie, just give me a good firm kick and help me see sense, kay?” I say. Natalia just nods and continues sucking on her fingers.
Edward chooses that exact moment to walk into the living room of course. He glares at me for a moment before yelling. “What the heck is your problem with Sally? You’re always lurking around us and glaring at her, and it’s creeping me out. Like, what the hell Steve. Can’t you give a guy some privacy with his own GIRLFRIEND?” he continues.
Unfortunately for him, I don’t buy it. I know the nerdy guy he was before Sally Anderson changed him, so it’s harder for me to be intimidated. “Oh come on. It’s hard to ignore the fact that she hates me. Plus, it’s kinda hard to avoid you when you’re swapping spit in the SHARED BEDROOM.” I stress. He tries hard not to show his realisation that I’m right. Unfortunately for him, he fails.
“Whatever. Just find someone else to watch.”
“Just wait bro. I guarantee that you’ll have found her making out with some football player before prom on Friday.” I leave the house and go to sit with Stark and Calinda on the jungle gym.
“Watch out Tasha. It’s THE CLAW!” I yell, as I bring my hand down to her. “Oh no, and it wants to tickle you.” I joke, tickling my youngest child fiercely. I stop tickling and let her laughter subside. “Do you know what time it is?” I ask, and she shakes her head. “It’s time to teach you how to potty.” I say.
I've roped Paisley into helping me teach them in short bursts. Fifteen minutes here, ten there. Little and often seems to be the best way of teaching this pair anything. So far it seems to be working, and I’m hoping that by the end of the day we can have the potty completely mastered for both twins.
Isis often comes and watches us, lately she’s been very lethargic, so I’m worried that something might be wrong, but there’s also a very big chance she’s just pregnant again. While she curls under on the rocking chair, Fuzz Nugget seems much more interested in sniffing Paisley. I’m betting that he can smell Michael on her, since I gave him to her a few weeks ago. Luci seems a little lonely, so I’m holding out hope that he’s in store for some new brothers and sisters.
Later that day, I get pregnant again, this time from someone not of Avenger stock. His name is Elderberry Angel and he has gorgeous pale lilac hair and eyes. I am excited to see the result of our children.
I invite Paisley and Electra over once again and we sit in my room on the bed watching re-runs of Supernatural for a few hours. My baby bump starts to show, and I find myself holding it gently with one hand, the other smushed between Paisley and me. Between episodes we talk about our kids, but mostly about mine, since they’re closest by. 

“You know, I didn't want to tell you this Skye, but I don’t like that Sally girl. They don’t seem very good together.” Says Electra.
“Why do you say that?” asks Paisley.
“Well she’s changing him, and you can see from the way she acts that she’s not exclusive with him.” Continues Electra and I find myself nodding.
“There’s not a lot I can do though. Especially with prom on Friday. It would break his heart if I said he couldn't see her. And you know that I hate to restrict my kids.” I reply, just as the commercial break comes to an end and we are once again treated to Sam, Dean and Castiel’s adventures.
I fall asleep sometime around when they begin watching episode three of Hannibal, a show Electra is determined to get Paisley into. I doubt they’ll have much success, especially Parker hates anything gory.
The next morning I wake up heavily pregnant. Parker and Electra left some time in the night, but not before tucking me into bed. The only reason I wake from my peaceful slumber is that I can hear a chorus of quiet meows and purring by the end of my bed. Not to my surprise, there are now four new kittens lying close to a tired but happy looking Isis.
I pick all the animals up and put them on my bed since the size of my bump makes it hard for me to lean down and examine each in turn.

 The kitten on the far left is the princess of the group. She’s very clean but she’s not afraid to get her paws dirty if one of her siblings is being mean to her. Beside her is the largest of the group, another girl. She is a very friendly kitten who loves people and other cats as well. Then there is the runt of the group. Lots of the other kittens are mean to him, but he keeps going, despite being the smallest. And on the right is a brightly coloured little boy who is almost as friendly as the largest one. The only difference is that he likes to play a lot more than his sister.

The twins have escaped their cribs it seems, and have walked their way into my bedroom via the bathroom entrance. They seem entranced by the new kittens, and thankfully, the cats are more than tolerant of the tiny hands playing with them.
 The next day around eleven, I am brushing my teeth after breakfast when I feel a pain in my stomach. Sure enough, it is a contraction, and I welcome three more babies into the world, electing for a home birth this time.
Baby 78- Castiel
Baby 79-Gabriel
Baby 80-Cael

Now obviously there is a bunch of kittens needing adopting. You can't have Lucifer, and you can't have the orange either, but all the rest of them are fair game. So if you comment on here or message/comment on my facebook page you can have a kitten. They can either be in kitten form as a household or as an adult alone. People commenting on here have priority. That's everything I have to say. Let's keep the Sparkles thing going too, work it into your comment somehow. 


  1. *spits out drink* Lucifer the kitten.


    1. o.O What the... Geeeroooo. You're not supposed to read my blog. I'll feel self conscious now about the fact that you know what I write and why I shouldn't write because it's awful.

      But yes. Charlton is a kitten named after an Archangel. How nice for him. If you tell him I swear I will tear out your insides and feed them to Charlton disguised as a lovely meal similar to the way Hannibal the Cannibal does to his victims.

      This comment just got very rambly. I'm sorry. Goodbye.

    2. Please don't tell me you've been watching Hannibal too...

      P.S. Charlton will know he's a kitten in your game before you can stop me. Muahaha.

      P.P.S. Don't feel self-conscious, I only read this because I heard that if I wanted kittens I should read it all the way to the bottom.

    3. Course I'm watching Hannibal. It's about a crazy guy and a guy who eats people.


      You- no REAL kittens foolish mortal. I don't even have a CAT.

  2. All of Skye's kids are so cute ^_^

    RE-RUNS OF SUPERNATURAL :D Now you're making me want to watch some... maybe I'll do that now xD

    I see you've changed cages back to cribs xD

    Awwww, I love the name Castiel ^_^

    Great post! :)


    1. Definitely do that now. Always watch the Supernatural.
      Damn right I did. Child protective services and all that.
      I also love the name Castiel. It's why I called him that.

      Thank you.