Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Baby 57- How You Remind Me Of What I Really Am

Okay, as you know I have had charger issue, so I manged to get a few pictures for this post. Not all of them though. And Right now I'm adding the ones for David and Midnight's conversation. 

I was surfing the web, looking up people I was considering to be challenge fathers when Electra messaged me.
Lecci- Hey Skye, how are you?
Skye- I'm good. You?
Lecci- Same. Listen, I know this is strange, but could you do me a massive favour? I need a father for my challenge, but your town is hopelessly devoid of beautiful men, unless I want to get it on with a baby Skye, which I don't, so, could you maybe find a place I can get fathers?
Skye- Yeah. Hold on a second while I link you to the website.
Lecci- Thanks. OH CRAP! I got to go. I was supposed to be doing something for Sarah's homework. TTYL Skye.
Electra Danton is offline
After Electra's sudden departure I decided to look for that link later. I was about to log off the computer and go see Thor and Sif when a friend request popped up on my Dashboard. It was from one, Derek Pleasant. We used to be friends in High School and had a couple of classes together. He liked me, but I guess the sentiment wasn't returned and we drifted apart when he went to College and I stayed at home to start my challenge and expand the Everard lineage.
I realised that I had been sitting staring blankly at the screen for almost a minute now, reminiscing about my past. I quickly click the accept button, and almost straight away a message comes through.
Derek- Hey! Long time no see, right?
Skye- Yeah. REALLY long time. What’s it been, 3 years?
Derek- 4.
Skye- Wow. So, what are you up to nowadays? You got a wife, kids?
Derek- Well I’m married to Lorna, you remember her, right? Geeky girl, green hair. But no kids.
Skye- Wow. No kids and here I am with 56.
Derek- 56!? HOW IN GOD’S NAME?
Skye- I’m doing the 100 Baby Challenge, twerp.
Derek- You’re doing the challenge? This is brilliant. Skye, sorry to be pushy, but the reason I have no kids, Lorna’s infertile. I’d love a little bundle of joy to call my own, even if I never get to see it. Can I be a father? Please, please?
Skye- Derek, we were friends for several years. I’d feel like a Bildschteim if I said no.
Derek- A what? In any case, we should meet up. There’s this coffee shop opened up, next to the library if you wanna go there?
Skye- Yeah. See you at 10, tomorrow morning.
I close the computer down and stand up; it’s time I was getting to bed, and getting the kids to bed. David’s over at his girlfriend’s tonight, so he’s coming back in the morning, so Jonathan has invited his best friend, James Hart, over. I walk upstairs and poke my head into the boys’ room, to find Jonathan and Jack locked in a passionate embrace, their lips locked together.  “I think I’ll come back later.” I say, as I close the door.
Leaving my son and his friend (if that’s still the right term to use knowing this now) to each other, I cross the small hallway to the nursery. 

 Inside, Ellie is looking after Thor, and Sif is already in bed. I consider reading them a story, but she’s close enough to gone that I see no point in doing it. Thor’s eyes are drooping even as Eloise changes his pyjama bottoms and puts him in the crib. I smile at her and we both walk out onto the terrace behind the nursery. It’s barely been used, and I know we should start putting it to good use.
“Hey. I’m meting up with an old school friend tomorrow morning and we’ll be having coffee. He’s gonna join the challenge. Want to come? I mean, it’s not like it’s a date, and you should have a say.”
She thinks for a second, before Okay-ing the suggestion and leaving for bed. “Coming?” she asks, with a flirty smile. “Gladly.” I reply.
I pull the car into the space by the side of the road and Eloise gets out of the passenger door. Eloise turns towards the grocery store, she’s going to get some food we need before meeting us, and I turn towards the shop opposite. As soon as I step inside the strong scent of coffee assaults my senses. I scan the room looking for my friend, and I don’t see him anywhere. Odd, he was always rather punctual. “Skye!” a voice calls out. I turn to its source. Over in the middle of the room, by the window stands a man who looks like Derek, but it can’t be Derek because this guy is… hot! Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Robert Downer Junior now, but he’s certainly better than his previous, nerdy self. “Hey.” I say, as I sit down on a chair opposite him. “You’ve changed.” I say. He winks at me,
“And you look just as beautiful as you did the day I met you.”  I frown. This guy is supposed to be married. I tell him this in no uncertain terms. “Ah, Lorna and I, we aren’t working out. She’s filing for divorce. I’m only over here because this is where my lawyer’s office is. I’ll be gone in a couple of days.”  So, we’ll need to be making this baby ASAP it seems. If he’s not going to be here much longer, and clearly he’s thinking the same as I am.
Suddenly, I’m jerked from my daydreams when Eloise comes in. “Hey love.” I say. Eloise presses a quick kiss to my lips, and I’m pretty sure I can hear a camera click off somewhere on the other side of the room. Eloise and I have been on the down-low recently, and the media loves PDA’s from the hottest (and rarest) couple on the challenge scene. Ellie drags a chair round to the table, and sits down, only for Derek to stand and leave. “I’ll be going now.” He says, practically running out of the door. I follow him, hot on his heels and stop him. “What the HELL was that about?” I yell, “My girlfriend arrives and all of a sudden you have to LEAVE?”
“Well yeah. I’d never have agreed to meet with you if I knew you were a c-“I know what’s coming and act before I have to. The slap echoes across the car park and I could have sworn a few people turn to look. Derek starts to unlock his car, then reconsiders and runs off in the direction of the nearest bar. Taking some initiative (and throwing back to my more rebellious teen days) I take out my keys and scrape them along the side of his car.
I return home with Eloise in the car, probably more annoyed than anything else and we arrive just as David’s girlfriend and Jonathan’s ‘friend’ James leave. “Hey Jonnie. Have fun last night?” I say, flashing him a wink. “More to the point, did JAMES enjoy himself? You’ve always got to look after the other person haven’t you?” Jonathan turns a shade of scarlet rivalled only by the red of his sweatshirt. “How the heck did you? In fact, I don’t even wanna know.” He says. David looks confused, turning to first his brother, then me for answers. “If he won’t tell you, neither will I.” I say.  “Driving lesson time David.”
David grins and cheers. He rushes out of the door and grabs the keys for my relatively new Audi TT and jumps down the step leading to the garage. 

It's not long before David is driving like a pro (or at least a Semi-Professional) and I feel it would be okay to let him divide his attentions a bit. "So, Honey. How's it going with you and Kahlia?" I say. David thinks for a minute before telling me. "Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. See, Kahlia's ageing up today, and we'll be becoming young adults, and I was wondering if maybe... wecouldageuptoosoIcanpropse." 
The last sentence is said as a rush, but I manage to decipher it. "Aww. Honey. Of COURSE you can. What kind of a mother would I be if I stopped the pursuit of young love." We've almost finished teaching him anyway, so we turn around and head for home. Once there, I begin the ageing process for my two boys.

David, it seems, has grown out of his phase of looking like Tom Riddle, which is a good things, because the resemblance was creepy. Jonathan looks much the same as he did as a teenager, but taller and he seems to ave grown into his looks.

Almost immediately, David invites Kahlia over. The second she arrives he gets down on one knee and proposes. "Kahlia, I love you. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" the girl looks down at him, turns around and flounces out. "No." she says. David is crushed, the girl leaves my house and wanders off down the street somewhere. Maybe she'll fall off a bridge and- no. I shouldn't wish that on anyone.

David waits until she's safely gone to start crying. I let him cry into my shoulder for a while before I lean back and say to him, "You know what you gotta do? You gotta not let it get to you. But first of all, you need to go to bed, because it's very late." And so, my sons go to bed, and I to my own, and we settle down for a peaceful night of rest.  Yeah, right.

As I'm sending David and Johnnie off, there's a ring of the doorbell and I open the door shouting, "Come in." to whoever it is. "I'll be right along. Just sending the boys to bed." I do so, and come downstairs where Derek is stood nervously by the door. "What do you want?" I ask. He looks around nervously for a few seconds, "I came to apologise. What I said, it was cruel. It just came as a bit of a shock. And you know what my mother was like. If they weren't Godly, she hated them."

I have to agree with that. Derek's mother was extremely pro-religion, bordering on obsessive. She didn't even eat sea-food. Not that I'm judging. TOTALLY not judging the prejudiced ass-hat. I barely notice that Derek is closer until his lips are almost on mine. I take a step back. "Look, I really hope we can still you know... create a junior." I'm probably still too tired to think properly, so I tell him to follow me to our Bedroom.

We get the deed over with as quickly as possible, then I usher him out the door. As he is leaving he can't help but make one last comment and I know we'll probably never be friends again. "You know, you do pretty well for someone who dates girls. You could make a living out of it. Heck, you do already." I shut the door in his face and glare at him. I think he know's he'll never be coming back.

2 days later and I'm helping David move into an apartment, or rather, I'm decorating and putting smaller furniture in while Eloise, David and Johnnie fuss over my  pregnancy and how I shouldn't be doing crazy things like moving furniture.
There is a knock at the door nobody seems to hear and so I answer it. "Hi there. I noticed you were moving in, so I brought you some Muffin- Oh, HEY AUNTIE SKYE! It's been ages since I last saw you."
I run through the list of people I know who live in the area and people who bake muffins and those who also call me Auntie Skye, it basically leaves Midnight Parker.  Paisley's daughter who makes the best muffins EVER. Before I know what's going on my best friend's daughter is rubbing my baby belly and rabbiting on about who knows what. David pokes his head round the corner.

"Ma, who's at the door?" he says. It's then that he rounds the corner and see's the girl. His jaw drops to the floor almost and he turns a dark shade of pink. "Midnight Parker." says Midnight brightly. David hurries to introduce himself, quickly followed up by an invite to dinner. "Ellie, Johnnie, it's time we left. David's gonna be fine moving in the rest of his stuff apparently."  They both leave the rooms they were in and follow me outside. "Was that what I think it was?" they both ask and I nod. "David's gonna get a girlfriend."

 Later that night Eloise is cooking dinner while I set the table. "Well done there. Getting David and her together I mean." says Eloise. I chuckle, "I don't know why you assume it was me. I had nothing to do with it. David just wanted a house near a bakery. I found him one. I had no idea it was next door to one of the Parker businesses." I stop talking when I feel a harder than normal kick. The next thing I know a contraction is ripping through me, pain flowing in waves over my body. "Eloise, keep calm and finish dinner. I'll be back in a couple of hours."
I slip into our bathroom and true to my word, give birth to Loki Everard not two hours after I leave. He's quite small, and from the looks of things he'll be a good reader, most notably because as soon as I set him down, he's nagging me to read to him, by thrusting what appears to be the dictionary in my face. I read the dictionary to him but before long my eyes droop and I fall asleep in my seat, Loki perched on my lap like a cat. 


  1. (/^_^)/

    Lecci rules

    And that guy was pretty good looking.

  2. Yes, and he is also a raging homophobe with a rather unusual fetish. I have no idea what, he just has one.

    Lecci is going to be all alone in Cherwood after my next post. I have a leetle surprise for everyone. And I need to work it with Paisley.