Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Baby 61- A Girl Worth Fighting For. No wait... that's Mulan

I return home after a date with Paisley late one night. The kids are all asleep, slumbering in beds and encased in a world of pure imagination. Just one look, and I'd see into their imagination, no wait.... That's Willy Wonka.

The house is silent, and all through the house, not one thing is stirring. Not even a mouse.

No wait. That's The Night Before Christmas. Lets start this again shall we?

I return home late one night and everything is silent and dark. Loki and his siblings are asleep. Or at least far away in the outbuilding over the garden. There is no noise, in fact the house is eerily quiet.  Not even pipes are creaking like they usually do. There is a darkness about the room that I have never felt before. It is almost like the pace is haunted. But that is unlikely. Since I built the place from scratch.
I swing a kick around behind me and connect with... nothing. Just my mind playing tricks on me. I go to sleep that night and wake up at my usual time of 6:15. It might seem early, but normally I have children to raise and teenagers to rouse in time for school. Takes longer than you would think. So I wake up on this average Wednesday and do average things.
I wake up my extra-ordinary son, and my non-magical but still wonderful son. And prepare them for school. I prepare an average breakfast of average quality waffles. Loki eats his in two mouthfuls before dashing out of the door for his bus like an average teenager. And Odin sits at the table and munches his way through with a knife and fork like an average child.
We grab his bag and I see him out of the door as he grabs his bike and cycles off to his average school like any other average child. I return to my house and walk up my stairs into the nursery.
I take Frigga from her crib and like an average baby does, she had dirtied her diaper over the night. So I change her before setting her down to care for Hela, who has also been average and pooped. I carry them both downstairs and prepare to celebrate their birthdays.
Hela grows up to have blonde hair and blue eyes. She's the shier one of the two and much more reluctant to talk to people. I'm not too sure where her looks are from, but she's adorable and so I don't mind.  And Frigga has darker brown hair and my eyes. She's certainly the more outgoing twin, but Hela seems to be the brains of the operation when it comes to toddler mischief with these two.
I take them both up to the nursery to play and teach them their skills. First I teach Frigga to walk,
and potty.
And then I teach Hela the same.
After that, my average day continues. I impregnate myself with an average guy's baby. Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Not overly pretty but not ugly either. Average. And I begin a standard pregnancy. First comes the nausea. I am puking by the time Loki and Odin return from school, so we call in for pizza. Just an average cheese and tomato.
Then, not long before I fall asleep I get the first kicks of my newest baby.
The next day the cycle repeats again. Only this time, instead of teaching my daughters skills, we go to the park instead. Like an average family. Nobody bothers us and I play with both of my girls. After that we have a picnic. It's good, like I'm not half way through a challenge and I haven't had 60 kids before the one I'm carrying now. I return home in the middle of the day and put the girls don for their nap. I can hear someone moving around in the next room, but I assume it is just Fuzz-Nugget and Opal (or was it Isis? I keep forgetting) or just one of those freak accidents. Regardless, I check the next room to go see what happened.
I walk in and sat on the floor is Loki, trying to hide under a bed. "What are you doing here?" I asked him, as any normal person would. "Hiding from you to avoid school." he replies. He's being honest, this is odd. Out of nowhere I am wracked by terrible pains across my stomach. "Thundercat are- no. Wait, that's Juno. Never mind. I'mma go give birth now. We shall continue this later. Don't go anywhere."
I leave the room and shortly after give birth to my next child, Fenrir Everard!


  1. Hahaha, I'm just laughing at the funny movie thingies. xD

    Lol, Loki looked so funny crawling around on the floor. I wouldn't have the guts to skip school like that.

    Gaw, people always say Calista's kids are cute but your kids are adorable also!

    Oh, and I believe you have Isis. :)

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Ah yes. I forgot about those. But I like them.

      Loki has a LOT of explaining to do and it will be more than a little amusing to see him having to do it.

      I'm glad you like the younglings, they're one of Skye's specialties.

      I forget every time, and you tell me EVERY time so I'mma go write it down. :p


      PS: Thank you for commenting. Really. Thank you.

      PPS: And for the cat name.

  2. Oh Loki...why ever would you want to skip school? And the poor kid can't even get a word out before his mama has to go pop out another puppy...the life of a challenge kid...shameful. LOL I like what you did with this still made it entertaining without cheap theatrics...I like. I can never pull that off!

    1. He has his reasons...

      I do feel so sorry for him. Especially since he is one of my favourite children. But then I love all of them equally (as far as the public knows) so that probably didn't need to be said.

      I'm glad you like it since I was really struggling for ideas. Hence the repetition of Average.