Saturday, 15 September 2012

Baby 58- Amidst the creepy silence of the night, With deadly feelings in the heart

Apologies in advance for A: he shortness of these next posts, and B: The fact that some appearances have changed. Long story short, I got a new laptop. 

Loki was a very well behaved kiddie. He did exactly as he was told to do, until I taught him to talk. After that he could worm his way out of anything with a smile and a few carefully chosen words. Even at such a young age.
Fortunately I was having Thor and Sif's birthday party today, so he would no longer be able to upset his siblings. Or at least I hope so. Either way, the situation could not possibly get any worse. Thor grew up to be just as happy as he was as a toddler. He loved swimming and listening to Storms, on the occasions that they happened. Sif was very rambunctious. She always made noise, and apparently wanted to prove to everyone that she was juust as good as the boys, so she was always getting into sports, or fights. Practically anything EXCEPT what normal girls do.
I had always loved how each child had their own personality which evolved as they grew up. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to sit down at the end of the day and say, I did that. And that was exactly what I did. Coseyed up by the fire; while my three children slumbered upstairs. I was almost too happy for words. Rain was pattering on the window and I could feel my eyes closing, closin- "Mother." says Sif. "I'm scared." I pull her close out of concern. "Whatever is the matter darling?". Sif bites her lip as if debating whether to tell mee. Obviously, she does since the next thing she says is, "We... we go to school in the morning but what if the other kids don't like me. What if they make me go away and never come back. Or they never talk to me and they don't let me do sports with them?"
She gets more and more frantic as the story continues, so I just keep holding her close and hope for the best. I move to sit on the floor, and she lays her head down on my lap. We sit watching the flames for a while, before there is a tap on the door. Eloise has arrived carrying Loki, who was apparently scared of the storm and couldn't sleep. I take him in my arms and rock him back and forth until I feel him relax enough and then his breathing slows. We have by now been joined by Thor, who also has pre school jitters, though us are much more focused on if he will be able to focus long enough to actually do any work. So... everyone has made it into my bedroom and is sleeping on or around, (or with, but that is inconsequential) me.
I gaze longingly at the bed, and Ellie twigs, picking up Thor and moving him to my bed and then Sif, who was on my legs and then I can finally move and it is much better. I grab Loki, and we join the group asleep. I am sure we make a real picture. Entire family all curled on one double bed. It is remarkable that we all fit. Ellie presses a kiss to my lips, before trailing them down my collarbone. I bite my lip and close my eyes. "Ellie. They will hear us and then I will be mad at you."
"What will you do? Burn my waffles?" She asks, with genuine concern. I shake my head. "Nope. I shall withold sex." Eloise gawks at me. I won this round.
The next morning is met with groans from more than one child. Apparently school is not going to be any fun. I have no idea how they know this, never having been but I rest assured that it will be boring and hard and all around terrible.
I manage to pack everyone into the car after breakfast in time for us to get there before the bell. I sit in the car and watch my newest children walk into school and I feel very sad. I am going through this challenge, but eventually it will all be over and then I will have none, and I will be alone. Since there is no way Ellie would stay with me when someone more interesting and exotic comes along. I start the car and arrive home sooner than I would have, had I been driving sensibly. But nothing came of it, and so there was no need to worry.
When I return home I begin scrolling through the challenge fathers, and select Lime Livana. He has some pretty cool features and also an unusual skin tone which I love. So I venture out to the hospital where they inseminate me with Phillip's future child. I get home in time to avoid puking in the taxi, but I barely make it too the loo. The sickness is almost as bad as it was the earlier pregnancies.
Eloise has managed to get Loki to nap today, and while the others are at school, Eloise and I have the place to ourselves. For once we spend the afternoon in one anothers arms, not needing to say anything, and some small part of me feels that Ellie is just a bit too desperate. I know this will be our last day together, for one reason or another.
The kids come home and I cook them dinner, before we celebrate Loki's birthday. He grows up to be a real charmer, and I cannot wait to see what he gets up to. He loves reading, and has managed to make his way through Anna Karennina and War and Peace. He is voracious and unstoppable in his quest for knowledge information. But nis other interests are less conventional. He has developed a love of chemistry, and more specifically solutions which affect the mind and body, but most interesting of all is his curiosity with magic. True magic, not the tricks by street performers you see every day.

I go to sleep that night in Eloise's arms. The next morning I awake and the bed is cold, neat and made up with military precision. There is a note on her pillow explaining that she had had to leave me because she, 'Just didn't feel it was working out.'
Skye, my dearest Skye.
Before you read this, know that I love you. More than anything. But you could see as well as I can, that we were not working out. I am too controlling, and your currwnt situation does not allow us to be like that. Although it was wonderful while it lasted, we must leave one another's company and I must return to my quest, making a living in America. So I am leaving you. Do not try to find me, it could not end well for you.
- your beloved, Eloise Honette.
 My beloved. She could never be my beloved anything. Hot tears of anger prickle behind my eyes but I blink them away. There is no way this woman will make me cry. I opened my heart to her like a fool, and for that I am to suffer. But no more. Skye Everard will rise above it and call Paisley because she needs someone to cry on. Really badly.
Most of my day is spent with Paisley, and by the end of it I am showing a baby bump which she immediately attempts to feel. "Don't you have children of your own? You know, in your challenge?" I ask, tearfully. She nods, but does not let go. And I am content to let her do what she likes. Her hands are soft and warm, and the feeling of them touching me is quite nice. Not in that way, pervert.
Thor comes and asks me for help with his homework, and I agree to help him. Just because I have had a few emotional issues, it does not mean that I can let go of my kids. Or let them fail in school. He needs all the help he can get if he is going to pass that maths test he is taking. Sif is coping just fine in maths, and she has at least a B in all of her subjects. In fact she us even on honour roll and taking after school classes to improve. But she wants to grow up with her brother, and so she is going to wait for him to get at least one A in his classes.
Thor comes home the next day after his test waving a sheet of paper around. He got the A on his test, and so it is time for his birthday.  They age up right away. Sif is a strong, independent girl who likes exercise and sports. She also fights a lot with her brother nowadays. Thor, he is a nice enough boy but he does not thing before he acts, so more often that not when he tries to do something to help anyone it ends up backfiring and getting him into trouble.
Not long after the party I go into labour and give birth to a little boy called Odin, to keep with my Norse God theme. Thor, who sees me go into labour, panics and starts freaking out, so I send him away and go into my room. It doed not take long for me to give birth today. In fact, it feels more like this child is my wake up call. Eloise left me, sure. But this child is my new beginning. A new, better Skye will arrive.
The phone rings. I answer it. Paisley starts to talk. I listen for a while, until she gets to the end of the sentence. The phone falls to the floor with a thud.


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